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Posted by
Kwipke Kwippwuh
1 month ago
Stickied post

The Season 11 finale is here and it's Shamy's wedding day! Will everything go according to plan? Find out tonight at 8:00PM EDT!

Please note: To keep the discussion on topic, Young Sheldon will be discussed in the discussion thread on /r/YoungSheldon. Any comments about tonight's episode of Young Sheldon will be removed.


Where can you get jackets like leonard? I know there are the generic military ones, but where can you get them in the special colours like his? I wish there was a site that had similar ones, they are nice jackets.


Just watched the Bob Newhart episode. Wow, that guy is funny. Mary Tyler Moore was before my time but I know he is a legend. His deadpan delivery is spot on. Him asking Penny if she had any single grandmas, comedy gold.


What happened with Stewart? The first time he met Penny he was super relaxed and not crept, but now (season 9 ep4) he is creepy and awkward? Just seems a but inconsistent idk


One thing I've noticed about the show is that it's almost entirely white people, with the exception of the black HR employee and Indian folks. I like the show, just wondering how this happens. My other favorite show Mad Men was set in the 60s and they showed many black employees.


Sheldon's schedule is impressive. Does anyone want to have a regular life like he has? Laundry night sounds good.


The show means so much to the autism Community I belong to. I have a teenage daughter who has mild autism, she's excellent in math and science, straight As but is behind socially. We watch it together and I say Sheldon is like you, he has friends and he's married, you will be fine. I know the writers say Sheldon is not autistic, but his mannerisms are close enough that people identify with it.


I have suspected from the beginning that Sheldon is actually the least intelligent member of the group and the others just humor him because of his difficult personality. We know that Kripke and Leslie Winkle have shown themselves to be superior to Sheldon in certain contexts. Howard went to space and Leonard has delivered papers, visited the Hadron Collider and went on a Hawking expedition to the North Sea. Has Sheldon ever had an intellectual achievement that turned out to be an unqualified success?


I just started watching a month ago and I am hooked on it! I have to watch the shows out of order because they come on that way on TV. Why does Sheldon hate Kripke and do they mention anything about his speech issue?


I think Parsons plays straight amazingly well, as does Neil Patrick Harris on HIMYM. Must be a real skill for an actor.


My best guess is Raj.


Joyce Kim ()Sheldon interupted
Dr. Leslie Winkle
Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton 
Dr. Stephanie Barnette 
Priya Koothrappali


Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler


Dr. Leslie Winkle
Bernadette Rostenkowski 
Hooker Raj and Leonard got for him
Jeanie Wolowitz
Christy Vanderbel
Chubby girl at Comic Con 


Elizabeth Plimpton 
Penny (kind of)
Chubby girl he woke up with after party
Emily deaf girl
Emily Sweeney
Chubby girl at Comic Con 

Does anyone know if any of the cast are on snapchat or Instagram?


Comparing to the three of his friends, I think Leonard is relatively normal. (a little bit nerdy)


Just watching the sheldon wedding episodes and everyone has pinkeye in episode one, in fact it's a rather major plot point. Episode two was on right after it and i had to check i hadn't missed an episode as everyone was back to normal, bit weird isn't it?


I was in a comic book store looking at Spider-Man comics when I turned and saw a guy who looked suspiciously like John Ross Bowie. I brushed it off like, I never see anyone famous. Probably just looks like him from the side. Then me, being a curious person, looked again and he turned and I realized - that has to be him. That is Kripke. Then I freaked out and started shaking and attempted to casually look him up to make sure it was him and he had a beard so I was like, is it or is it a guy who looks like him? Like, a LOT like him? Eventually I was convinced and tried to text my sister to come down but after five minutes she didn’t answer so I walked past him to go upstairs and get her and he smiled at me and I was like, yup - that’s him. Being a teenager and seeing him (my first celebrity spotting) I was just freaking out (by the way as I’m typing this he walked by me outside the comic book store and I stumbled a bit). I got a picture with him eventually and just... AGH. He was very nice and happy to take a picture. I love New York.


I was thinking that his feminine nature could lend itself to this possible development. It would also explain his blatant transphobia. This can be quite common in a closeted person.


I can't remember her name and i think it was season 3-5. Did i miss something? Or is she just not in the show?


Hi! New to the sub because I decided to start watching the show from the beginning (I do that with shows I like and haven't watched all the way through when I can get a hold of them.) I've seen The Big Bang Theory on TV reruns and have always found it hilarious. I've only caught it live a few times back when it was still a new show.

I just wanted to quote something that I thought was hilarious. I recently had discussion about the reality of the info on the internet and Howard's quote from S2 E21 totally made me LOL.

Grow up Raj, there's no place for truth on the internet.


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