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The Swagger Sunday Megathread is an open forum, for anyone to brag or boast about any sort of accomplishment related to their BJJ training. Some common topics include but are not limited to:

  • Stripe promotions

  • Took your first class

  • A new submission/transition you landed

  • Weight loss/gain and/or strength gains

  • Something new you learned at a seminar

Or anything else that filled you with pride. Have fun and go train!

Also, click here to see the previous Swagger Sunday threads.

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8 hours ago
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I have gone through and updated the user flair options that should allow you to have your flair visible on both 'old reddit' and 'new reddit'.

They introduced an option to include emojis in your flair, but they 1) limit the size to a small square and 2) they don't allow for mod-assigned emojis (black belt flair, troll flair, etc...). The use of the emojis would be preferred, but because they don't support mod-assigned emojis, we decided not to use them for now. I have sent messages to the redesign team asking for that feature.

For now, the flair options on 'new reddit' are only text and background-color based. One catch appears to be that you will need to re-choose your flair on 'new reddit' to have the background/foreground colors set properly.

Caveat: the user flair system on 'new reddit' is a work in progress according to the redesign team. They may break at any moment which means we will need to fix them at any moment. Just a heads up.

As always, questions/suggestions are welcomed!


PS: Go train.


Here's a link to the convo, for context:

I matched with this dude on Tinder, and then proceeded to have a conversation that totally tripped me out.

He tried to tell me that brown belt was the highest level belt that you can get in jiu jitsu, after which is red belt. Totally skipped over black belt. When I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and asked more specifics, he said that he wasn't talking specifically, just generally. I'm still confused.

Minus the parts of the conversation where he told me he was an assassin ninja (probably as a joke? I don't even know anymore), I was just taken aback.

Am I crazy? Are there certain practices in jiu jitsu where brown belt is the highest belt level? I just wanna make sure I'm not missing something here.

P.S. I know this def isn't the subreddit for a fucking Tinder conversation, but I'm genuinely curious if I'm the dumbass here.


I've been training for a year, but I keep wondering if I should quit. I'm 112 lbs and 5'1" and the smallest person at the gym by a lot. I am exceptionally strong for my size and gender, but it just doesn't matter. I just get smashed. People are always like "well, you have to be better than they are," but I'm a white belt. I'm not good at this, and I just don't get the opportunity to train attacks or anything other than the same few defensive maneuvers.

I do strength and cardio training outside of the gym, and at this point, I think I'm just about as fit as I can be for my age and gender. I have a good base, but people just muscle sweeps. I get into a bad position and often I can't even get on my side. I can get into a basically impenetrable ball, but that's not enjoyable for anyone, so I'll put myself at risk and try something, and then just get submitted again. I can sometimes take people's backs, but everyone is strong enough to just peel my arms away. I know I'm supposed to count "not being submitted" as a win, but I wish I had the opportunity to try something.

I'm just venting. I don't know if there's any good advice out there for me, but I feel like quitting and just wanted to talk about it.


Welcome to r/bjj's discussion of #EBI16: The Female Bantamweights! Please keep the fight discussions in here.

If you do make a post about a fight remember to keep spoilers out of the title and add [Spoiler] or use the Submit a Spoiler button on the submit page. Please mark it NSFW if your thumbnail reveals the outcome.

Main Card: (Fight Pass) @ 8:00 PM ET - Fight card courtesy of and subject to change.

Feel free to also join the discussion on r/bjj's Discord channel.

SPOILER ALERT: Winners in bold.

Beatriz Mesquita vs Miri Niedrauer (Mesquita wins by Armbar submission in Regulation)

Amanda Leve vs Brooke Mayo (Leve wins by RNC submission in OT)

Pamela Boveda vs Talia Marie Vaughan (Vaughan wins by Arm Triangle submission in Regulation)

Luanna Alzuguir vs Jess Feliciano (Alzuguir wins by RNC submission in OT)

Bianca Basilio vs Kayla Patterson (Basilio wins by Toe Hold submission in Regulation)

Sophia Nordeno vs Liz Tracy (Nordeno wins by Calf Slicer submission in Regulation)

Tracey Goodell vs Nikki Sullivan (Sullivan wins by quickest escape time in OT)

Amanda Ribas vs Lila Smadja (Smadja wins by Heel Hook submission in Regulation)

Beatriz Mesquita vs Amanda Leve (Mesquita wins by Triangle submission in Regulation)

Talia Marie Vaughan vs Luanna Alzuguir (Alzuguir wins by Heel Hook submission in Regulation)

Bianca Basilio vs Sophia Nordeno (Basilio wins by Arm Lock submission in Regulation)

Nikki Sullivan vs Lila Smadja (Sullivan wins by Toe Hold submission in Regulation)

Special Combat Jiu Jitsu Match
PJ Barch vs Mikey Gonzalez (Barch wins by Kimura submission in Regulation)

Beatrice Mesquita vs Luanna Alzuguir (Mesquita wins by Triangle submission in Regulation)

Bianca Basilio vs Nikki Sullivan (Basilio wins by Armbar submission in Regulation)

Combat Jiu Jitsu Welterweight Title Fight
Richie Martinez vs Bobby Emmons (Martinez wins by Darce submission in Regulation to retain CJJ Welterweight Belt)

Women's Bantamweight Title Fight
Beatrice Mesquita vs Bianca Basilio (Mesquita wins by Armbar submission in OT to win Women's Bantamweight Belt and $15,000)


I competed at 190 yesterday at the Mountain Range Open and won both my matches to take the gold. My first match I won 14-0 and my second was 2-0, both went the full 5 minutes. I was extremely nervous but really excited at the same time, I really could not believe I won. Thank you to all at r/bjj for the help!


Here's a short story from "The Basic Writings" by the Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu, who lived around 4th century BC. The story is about a butcher cutting up meat, but once I read it, I have not been able to train without thinking about it.

Cook Ting was cutting up an ox for Lord Wen-hui. As every touch of his hand, every heave of his shoulder, every move of his feet, every thrust of his knee — zip! zoop! He slithered the knife along with a zing, and all was in perfect rhythm, as though he were performing the dance of the Mulberry Grove or keeping time to the Ching-shou music.

“Ah, this is marvelous!” said Lord Wen-hui. “Imagine skill reaching such heights!”

Cook Ting laid down his knife and replied, “What I care about is the Way, which goes beyond skill. When I first began cutting up oxen, all I could see was the ox itself. After three years I no longer saw the whole ox. And now — now I go at it by spirit and don’t look with my eyes. Perception and understanding have come to a stop and spirit moves where it wants. I go along with the natural makeup, strike in the big hollows, guide the knife through the big openings, and following things as they are. So I never touch the smallest ligament or tendon, much less a main joint.

“A good cook changes his knife once a year — because he cuts. A mediocre cook changes his knife once a month — because he hacks. I’ve had this knife of mine for nineteen years and I’ve cut up thousands of oxen with it, and yet the blade is as good as though it had just come from the grindstone. There are spaces between the joints, and the blade of the knife has really no thickness. If you insert what has no thickness into such spaces, then there’s plenty of room — more than enough for the blade to play about it. That’s why after nineteen years the blade of my knife is still as good as when it first came from the grindstone.

“However, whenever I come to a complicated place, I size up the difficulties, tell myself to watch out and be careful, keep my eyes on what I’m doing, work very slowly, and move the knife with the greatest subtlety, until — flop! the whole thing comes apart like a clod of earth crumbling to the ground. I stand there holding the knife and look all around me, completely satisfied and reluctant to move on, and then I wipe off the knife and put it away.”

“Excellent!” said Lord Wen-hui. “I have heard the words of Cook Ting and learned how to care for life!”

If you've ever rolled with a really good black belt, then you know that they are not forcing anything. They let you do all the work, and they simply glide right through every gap in your game while you struggle against them. The best jiujitsu player is just like the butcher in this text; he uses his technique so that doing his job is effortless. If the situation is more difficult, instead of falling back on using his strength, he keeps calm, slows down, and continues to use technique with patience.


It's weird because I remember that I was chasing purple hard as a blue belt. I was blue for about 5 years total, but I kept taking breaks. My longest break was 1.5 years, which is when I actually thought I was going to quit for good due to loss of interest. Thank god that I got my a** back onto the mats though.

That was about January of 2017 that I came back. Since then, I've been training about 4 to 5 days per week consistently. When I came back, I was so pumped to get my purple belt. I kept trying to "show off" every time that I saw my teacher watching me roll. I was 100% "chasing" that purple!

It's weird though. Now I've been purple for about 6 months, and I'm still super motivated to train. However, I have no desire to prove anything to anyone, If I get tapped out by a white belt (some of the whites in my school that have been there for a while are no joke!!), I don't care. If my teacher sees me "rolling badly", I don't care! I'm not looking to "win" when I roll either, For instance, if I have a sub opportunity, but it requires too much strength/yanking/force, then I just let it go because I don't consider it to be good jiu-jitsu.

Bottom line is that I feel like I'm content being a purple belt forever. I love this feeling!

This was not the case with white or blue. Did anyone else have similar experiences as a purple belt?


When first starting BJJ practice, a common recommendation is to focus on your breath. This is something most neewbs to meditation are advised to do also. 

Have you tried meditation before? 

I ask because it changed everything for me. 😊 

It all started 12 years ago during a very difficult time in my life. It was before BJJ, I was having all sorts of problems switching off, anxiety was rampaging across my life. I had just witnessed a murder, and the only antidote seemed to be running. I ran daily. More and more. The longer I ran, the better. The harder and faster I ran the more I found all these difficult feelings went away. I was consumed by the efforts of keeping my two legs moving on the pavements of East London. But the body can only take so much.

I burned out.

Soon it dawned on me that I could find the same peace by giving 100% focus to my breath.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute recruited more than 200 adults who were new to meditating to participate in a nine-month mindfulness training program. 

The simple findings: not all meditation is created equal; pick the right one for you.

Here's the link 

How to Choose a Type of Mindfulness Meditation by Kira M Newman

I still meditate, especially so before and after BJJ.

Let me know if you have tried meditation and if it supplemented your training?

See you on the mats,

Check out the BJJ Journal here


I recently went to a Jonathan Thomas passing seminar and it was awesome. The seminar consisted of going over some toreada variations and knee cut variations. John explained in detail why he does the passes a certain way and explained how you could combine them in a systematic matter similar to a boxer throwing combinations. John’s instruction is clear and concise and I would highly recommend attending one of his seminars.


Would anyone be able to explain these bullet points to me for the new Gracie Barra Loyalty Program? I understand the basics like “new uniform package” But I don’t understand “30 days notice” for law enforcement”

It also looks like you pay for stripes...


Which effective game of jiu jitsu transitions best to MMA and self defense ? For example, I assume playing berimbolo and single leg x are not you’re best bet in MMA.


Despite my username, I have quit doing BJJ for a little over 6 months now due to being a poor college kid. In the process I have been growing out my hair and it is now long enough to put in a man bun. Does anyone have experience rolling with a ponytail. This black guy in my old class tried to but it would always come out. And he had like small dreads that would sometimes end up on the mat. Does anyone have experience rolling with long hair? Thanks


...which might explain why I have such trouble getting out lol. I'll be asking my professor soon, of course, and probably scouring youtube, but is anyone willing to share their favorite escapes? Bonus points if it's effective for smaller people (I'm a 5'4 woman, most of my partners are larger men) and if you include a youtube link!

Posted by
Atlas Jiu Jitsu
11 hours ago

So in the beginning of this month I joined a Jiu Jitsu school. I signed a 1 year contract so I’ll be training in Jiu Jitsu until June of 2019. I’ve been training about 2-3 times a week. As a new white belt, what should I be focusing on?


My girlfriend and I have been training for several years at the same place (we are both blue belts). There is a man who trains there (4 stripe blue) whos notorious for going hard on women when he rolls, to the point that some women wont roll with him. On the flipside, he wont roll with me or other guys who he knows will steamroll him (he was blue when I started but I train wayy more than him and can now dominate him easily, he turns me down everytime I ask him to roll).

Anyways my girlfriend is the type who isn't afraid of rolling hard with big guys and knows what to expect when rolling with him. The thing is, he also has a history of "touching" odd places, especially when showing a move, for example, "move your ass a little to the left" and then a slight spank or something. Other women have expressed the same thing.

Last night, he grabbed my girlfriend's breast (i believe he had her back) very aggressively (she is not the type to whine about physical contact so I believe her when she said it was a grope not a normal lapel grab)... she was initially gonna just write it off, but after class he commented "wow, youre like a man you have nothing there!...

I wasn't there because I have a minor knee injury but she came home and told me about it. I was furious, he's been like this for awhile but we would always jokingly write it off... not this time. We were meeting up with a bunch of jits people that same night, including him, at a bar. I told her she had to call him out or I would.

She confronted him at the bar, he immediately stopped making eye contact and insisted it "wasnt like that.. thats just jiu jitsu.. and we have a joking dynamic anyways" he also said "I'm a married man if I wanted to cheat on my wife I'd do it outside of jiu jitsu".. she said bullshit you know exactly what youre doing and he said "well I'm sorry you feel that way but its not like that thats just how jiu jitsu is"... the thing is, my girlfriend has rolled with DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of guys at all different schools and has never once felt that they were trying to grope her or anything. Other women feel the same but generally they dont call him out.

She messaged our head coach on Facebook but we haven't heard back yet.. In my opinion this guy should not be rolling with women, and perhaps shouldn't be allowed at our school.

TLDR: Older large blue belt who routinely goes hard on women but wont roll with the younger killers gropes my girlfriend, comments on how her breasts are small, then blames it on BJJ when confronted.

EDIT: For people saying my girlfriend is insecure and why am I posting this... this is a BJJ Reddit and this is about a very important issue that can arise in BJJ.

UPDATE: Our head coach called my girlfriend and talked to her for awhile. He knows her very well and trusts her judgement. The individual in question will no longer be allowed to roll with the (3) women at our school and depending on his attitude may not be allowed to train there any longer.

Update 2: my girlfriend really appreciates all the positive support. It’s really frustrating to see the guy laughing with all our teammates (mostly males) carrying on etc drinking with the team when we know deep down he’s a creep. Her biggest desire is that other women would come forward should a situation like this occur to them.

Thanks /r/bjj

Update 3: Not sure what planet some of you guys live on, but generally speaking “beating the shit out of a guy” after the fact (I was not at that practice) or even at the time is not an option in this society. To me that would show supreme lack of maturity and would likely get me put in jail and ruin my life. It’s very easy to be a tough guy over the internet when you have nothing on the line, so all you keyboard warriors please get real.

To anyone calling me a pussy, I don’t care. I’m an aspiring professional fighter currently 1-1 in amateur MMA. I have a long journey ahead of me to reach my goals in martial arts and my skills at this point are limited but growing. That being said I know I toe the line where it matters, legally, in the cage. I posted my first win earlier in on this sub and anyone can look up my post history or follow me on Instagram: @mrstraightedge170

My girlfriend asked me not to confront the guy. She did it herself and chewed the guy out so bad he could barely look anyone in the eye after. I have nothing to prove to you guys. I make my mark in the cage and I have no interest in proving how macho I am outside of that arena. This is an issue for the head coach to deal with as it happened in his school.

Get real.


So my boyfriend has a competition this summer, but he's stressed because he needs to lose quite a bit of weight (about 8kg)

I'm more familiar with how weight loss works in regular fitness regimens and endurance sports, but in the case of BJJ i'm pretty clueless. I normally wouldn't recommend him trying to lose so much weight in just 4 weeks either, as i don't think it's healthy or will help him long term, but i know that with martial arts gigs like this it's just part of the industry and not meant to be long-term.

About him He goes to the bjj gym to train about 1-2 hours 4-5 days per week after work. Outside of that he is mostly sedentary, because he works an office job.

He's pretty ignorant when it comes to nutrition and calorie counting and stuff so I really want to help him out, since I'm more knowledgable/experienced in that realm, and don't want him to slip into weird eating habits (or try some messed up fad diet he learned from some dumb bro-science on the internet). I also don't want to put him on a good diet but that ends up causing him to lose a lot of strength or muscle or be fatigued so much.

I'm on summer vacation from uni so I also have the free time, and i'm planning a cut myself, so its not really a hassle and I like this idea of this mini challenge. I think helping him figure out his eating and lifestyle habits will be good for him in the long term, and strengthening our relationship as well.

He's 173cm tall (so about 5'8"ish???) and 84kg (185lbs) and he's got some decent muscle on him already, he's not squishy at all. He really just needs to lean out, in my opinion. I've calculated via IIFYM for him that his BMR is around 1800 and his TDEE around 2311....however this doesn't seem right because i'm tiny compared to him (153cm/5ft0", 62kg) but my TDEE and macros aren't much different....I am much more active so maybe that's why.

So my questions are mainly this: 1. Should he doing anything outside of training on the mat, such as extra weight training a couple days a week or cardio? If so, what do you recommend?

  1. Aside from the basics -calories in/calories out, cutting out processed foods and sugar etc, and keeping protein intake higher to reduce muscle atrophy, are there any other specific diet/nutrition related things that have worked for you during cuts pre-competition to maximize weight loss but not get weak?

  2. I know this is mainly up to him, since it's his goal and his sport, but I want to help and he knows that I can, so if there are any other tips - ie scheduling to balance work and training and other stuff, recovery, meal planning, sports massage - anything I can help out with - that you might have please feel free to share :)

It's his first competition in a long time and he is a higher belt now, and with managing work and stuff I feel that he's really stressed and has a lot of pressure on himself to do well this time, so I want to be there for him in any way I can.

Thanks guys in advance.


Rolling with a newish blue belt today and the dude proceeded to repeatedly try and choke me with his belt from mount and side. I decided not to let him get a tap like this and just went into survival mode, but it left me wondering if belt chokes are generally considered ok or not outside of competition?

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