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Taking a smoke break between rounds...

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100 points13 days ago

This clip was from the High Rollerz tournament this past weekend. Gi + EBI rules. Everyone smokes before starting their matches and 1st place wins a pound of weed 馃槀

Original Poster59 points13 days ago

Round earth = disqualification

To make things more interesting they should smoke salvia :)

they should smoke DMT

fixed that for you

Gabriel Gonzaga
1 point11 days ago

rogan is dat you?

dude weed lmao

National Martial Arts
29 points13 days ago

Jeff Glover sort of gets to do what he wants.

Dude was teaching a gi class shirtless in his jeans while chewing gum when I visited lol

6 points12 days ago

soo much wining in single sentence

He was an aged merlot... better yet a Cabernet Sauvignon. But yes Glover is winning

Dude was teaching a gi class shirtless in his jeans while chewing gum when I visited lol

That's Jeff lol. I trained with he and Bill recently and Bill was teaching a nogi class in Xmas themed fleece pajama pants.

1 point12 days ago

I was at that exact class!

11 points13 days ago

We need a 420 Roll Fest. YA FEEL ME!!!

This event was pretty awesome to be honest, such a good time.

Gracie Porra
22 points13 days ago

You talking about weed, nephew?

5 points13 days ago

We talkin' that stank ass, dank ass.

2 points12 days ago

That dank, sticky icky cali kush...

The Great White Crane
23 points13 days ago

I clicked this post expecting to be filled with rage, what a happy surprise

23 points13 days ago

No idea what's going on there but I support it 100%

Bong hits for armbars

Easton Denver
14 points13 days ago

Typical day here in Denver. We have a grow house across the parking lot. During the summer we keep the roll up door open. It consistently reeks of that wonderful skunky smell.

The Great White Crane
16 points13 days ago

If you don鈥檛 mind my asking, how well or not does that jive with hosting kids classes?

Easton Denver
17 points13 days ago

Kids classes are earlier than I get there, so not really sure. I mean, it just smells like weed, it's not like you can get high from the smell. Hard to move a school because a grow operation moves in next door, can't leave the door down because of the 100+ sweaty BJJ, Muay Thai, Kick Boxers and Crossfitters all in the same room. Maybe the door is down early because less people are there.

The Great White Crane
7 points13 days ago

Oh okay, gotcha, I mistook your meaning as that you guys had a roll room in your gym to get your Jeff Glover on, not that it was coming from next door.

Easton Denver
6 points13 days ago

Nah, the reefers smoke up before coming to class. But yeah, the grow house's HVAC exhaust is skunky and ever present.

As someone who works at a grow op as a trimmer once you hit a certain plant count there really isn't much you can do for the smell no matter how hard you try

Purple Belt
3 points13 days ago

Why should it bother kids? When I was a kid I grew up watching cartoon characters smoke (like Popeye for example), never made me want to smoke. I just respected that was something adults do, like drink booze.

2 points13 days ago

or is Easton just a front for the green solution.... hmmmm

Easton Denver
4 points13 days ago

We don't need to hide it out here. Legal as a brewery these days.

1 point13 days ago

Yeah, but things could get a little dicey if you just up and start a weed plantation haha. I think westword or something had an article about a "bud bar" opening soon, where you can smoke the vapes and edibles but no "flower" and hang out.

Easton Denver
2 points13 days ago

Yeah, the regulations are strict, but I'm okay with strict regulation. I don't partake, but I'm glad it is as legal as it is. I'm not aware of the legalities of personal use home growth, but it's probably more strict than buying a homebrew kit.

1 point13 days ago

I'm not aware of the legalities of personal use home growth, but it's probably more strict than buying a homebrew kit.

Nah... go into the weed store and buy a plant haha. Individuals can have up to 6 plants legally. But that is way too much work!

3 flowering at a time just a FYI

Invisible Belt
1 point13 days ago

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the bud bar idea got struck down and is no longer opening. I believe it was a sort of "private club" idea where you had a membership and could therefore smoke while you were "out in public" except that you weren't considered in public because of the private club designation.

Sketchy way to try sidestep the law of no smoking in public places.

1 point13 days ago

Meh. That sort of thing isn't just used to get around smoking bans. That's the same way a lot of sex clubs operate - have a "private club" where you have to sign up for a membership, but then you can engage in whatever you want (with consenting partners) in a quasi public space.

Invisible Belt
1 point13 days ago

Yeah, I mean the cannabis industry didn't invent the loophole. Maybe "sketchy" was the wrong word to use...I think "cheesy" might have been better. It's a cheesy way to skirt around the law.

I used to have a training partner who was in his 40s and had lost like over a hundred pounds doing jiu jitsu but couldn't quite kick the cigarettes. Nice guy but sometimes hated rolling with him.

Kingdom JJ, TX
2 points13 days ago

Meh. It's not my thing, but if it's someone's happy place, good for them. Power to the pursuit of happiness.

Pass that shit over here bois


Gracie Barra
1 point13 days ago

I have nothing against weed. I smoke it myself. I do however think this is a bad image, specially for kids.

meh, fuck the kids bro

Bet you're great at kids parties....

'Stay in school, Don't take drugs' and all that boring stuff

Hey! I'm just being honest and upforth.

I find it to be fucking awesome

1 point12 days ago

They should have invited Snoop. He's smoking all the time, maybe he might be interested in bjj.

watched the video. What a shit image to put on for the younger kids watching. Pathetic.


Thank god I hot keyed TF outta there lol

No it鈥檚 cool Jeff said it鈥檚 ok

-1 points12 days ago

People rolling on the ground half naked or with pajamas, dripping sweat is ok but this is NSFW?

Yes. BJJ, Judo or wrestling are recognized sports. Two dudes smoking a fat joint in a corporate workplace... not so much. It doesn't bother me, but Northern Wisconsin isn't known for being tolerant towards the heefer.

Renzo Gracie
1 point13 days ago


we don't do stripes
1 point13 days ago

A shotgun would be more effective.

1 point13 days ago

Straight to the top of the bucket list.

Comment deleted13 days ago(1 child)

You should probably read the top comment.

-14 points13 days ago(7 children)
37 points13 days ago

This is why you鈥檙e never invited to the bbq

The Great White Crane
4 points13 days ago

Send him to my house we鈥檒l sort him out

-5 points13 days ago(0 children)

Weed smells good though

Weed smells awful, really. It's like rotten eggs mashed with mud and earthworms.

Who the fugg is your plug Oscar the grouch???

Boo fucking hoo

-12 points13 days ago(2 children)

Are you joking or just really high?

Yeah fuck aspirin

-20 points13 days ago(0 children)
Easton Denver
27 points13 days ago

Yeah, just look at pro skateboarding and snow boarding. No way those people would touch the devil's lettuce.

Do they have competitions centered around it tho? Weed was the whole entire selling point of the tournament. Without the weed gimmick, it woulda just been some startup that no one would really watch or care about.

The tournament is trolling. It鈥檚 not a legit lasting format. But people who don鈥檛 know shit about jiujitsu are going to see this and think it鈥檚 real

Easton Denver
5 points13 days ago

People who don鈥檛 know shit about Jiu-Jitsu aren鈥檛 watching in the first place and they don鈥檛 care about it in the slightest.

1 point11 days agoedited 11 days ago

The video has 160k+ views in 1 day. You don鈥檛 get that viewership from a strictly BJJ demographic.

Also it was supposedly covered by Vice, which is the most mainstream media outlet I can think of that has covered a BJJ tournament.

So yeah, people who don鈥檛 know shit about jiujitsu are going to watch this.

Even the people who do know shit about jiujitsu are misinterpreting the video. The whole thing is just trollish.

4 points13 days ago

But people who don鈥檛 know shit about jiujitsu are going to see this and think it鈥檚 real

...are never going to see or hear anything about this because its niche af

1 point12 days agoedited 12 days ago

I disagree. It was supposedly covered by Vice which is a bigger media outlet to the public by a long shot than any other media coverage that BJJ gets. The meme potential is huge. This video already has 14,000 views in less than 24 hours on the High Rollerz instagram

Edit: and 150k views in one day from the repost from grapplersplanet instagram. These aren鈥檛 viewing numbers you get from BJJ posts. A rough estimate for views on other BJJ comp footage is around 11k-50k. Their must be additional viewers from some other (non-BJJ) demographic that account for this anomalously high viewer count. Which means it鈥檚 not 鈥渘iche af鈥 it鈥檚 reaching the eyes of non-BJJ people.

13 points13 days ago

Thank you for the concern, grasshopper.

I agree. It鈥檚 going to get a lot of exposure for a Bjj tournament since it鈥檚 getting covered by Vice and it makes the sport look like a joke. It is being MCed by Renato Laranja who is literally a comedian but a lot of people don鈥檛 know that he鈥檚 doing a bit so they鈥檙e going to think he鈥檚 being serious. Also the whole concept just seems like trolling. I think it鈥檚 hillarious and it probably won鈥檛 have too much of a lasting effect. But short term, it鈥檚 going to make the sport look goofier to a spectator than it already does.

-2 points13 days ago

u and those people are the minority. quit being so sensitive about everything.

Lol I think it鈥檚 funny. It鈥檚 a troll concept that has potential of going viral.

The video has received 160k+ views in 1 days. You don鈥檛 get those viewership numbers from a strictly BJJ crowd (I would actually speculate that the BJJ crowd is a minority of that 160k).

You underestimate the stupidity of people. It鈥檚 not a stretch to say someone鈥檚 going to misinterpret this as an actual legit representation of jiujitsu.

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