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What is more important to you? The awesomeness of having a full man bun or training BJJ?

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A dilemma for the ages.

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Man buns are a sure way to make me never ask or remember your name.

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This is from two days ago. I just put mine in a high bun.

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Was trying to remember this exact post. Kudos

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Thanks this post really helped!

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I had shoulder length hair when I started, I quickly reverted to the ole buzz cut and kept it that way since. We have a blue belt who keeps a tight ponytail, but eventually every session, it comes undone. Either cut it or deal with tying it up and getting it pulled accidentally.

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Same. I get wanting to have a flow but for people who train fighting I think its not as practical as having no little to no hair at all, which is why I cut it. I maintain a beard but i dont let it go past a fist. My 2 cents

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Shoulder length hair is the hardest to manage since it's too short to put in a proper bun. I have very long hair, I put hair ties in every few inches, then roll it into a bun.

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Long hair woman here. Honest truth, if I could cut my hair short and still feel confident and feminine. I would. I've tried braids, two buns tied together, buns, pony tail(the worst btw) they're all shit and a hassle compared to having short hair

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There's a guy goes to the same place as me with the most fabulous hair I've seen on anyone, male or female. He doesn't really do anything with it, just lets it fly free.

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If this is even a question then BJJ is not for you. This coming from a guy with a full beard that often gets ripped out during training.

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Is it long all over or long top with shaved sides? Shoulder length when it's down?

edited to add: Here's what I do to mine if I don't feel like braiding.

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Many women have long hair and roll all the time. You have to be prepared to be constantly fix it, and to deal with inevitable breakage. I personally put it in a messy bun because I don't like the possibility of getting scalped because someone knelt on my ponytail while I was moving. I now have an undercut, and what's left is just over chin length, so it's much easier to deal with

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Training for two years and my hair is below my shoulders. Best thing to do is put up a high pony tail with a heavy duty hair elastic. The last time you loop the elastic around, pull your hair only halfway through so it makes a loose topknot. It's held tightly enough to stay mostly in place, but it isn't uncomfortable to roll onto as with a tight bun, and it won't get caught under your shoulders like a braid or lower pony tail.

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Legend has it that the old vikings grew out their hair and beard to signal to others that they were so good at fighting that hairpulling was not an issue.

Question is, are you really a viking?

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I use Goode Slide proof hair bands. It stays put for usually 3-4 rolls before I need to take it out and redo it. Before that I just used regular hair bands and I was always having to fix it. BJJ is bad for hair and there's really no perfect way around that. I wish you and your man bun luck in finding a good solution that works for you :)

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It’s fine, just put it in a braid or a bun. The problem with a ponytail is if someone pins pieces with their knee, for example, you’re way more likely to get hair ripped out since individual strands aren’t nearly strong as a braid. Also, if it keeps coming out, use multiple hair ties. I use up to 3 to put my hair back in a braid, and I might have to redo it once or twice a night — compared to every roll when I used less hair ties.

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well mate, im gonna tell you what i've been doing... its silly but it makes it easier, i wet my hair before training then tie it, it still gets out but its easier to re-tie. You could also buy a rugby hat/helmet?

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High ponytail with one hair tie. Wrap it all in a bun around the ponytail base with second hair tie.

I've tried other styles, but this one causes the least breakage and is the easiest to readjust after every roll (which you will have to do a lot).

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I was growing my hair so I can donate it, but once I got my blue belt I decided it was enough.

My experience was that I used to tied it right in the middle of my head (like Kurt), it doesn't look cool but it seems to be the best in order to not disturb your team mates chokes. Always keep lots of rubber hair in your back pack, once they lose the tightness you will need a new one. Expect to work on your pony tail after every roll, every drill or even after every technique. I finally decided to cut my hair to be a better team mate and could completely focus on tying my belt and not my hair :)

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I trained with a man bun for years before I cut my hair short.

one time it was loose and someone kneeled on it in north south and there was a chunk on the mat. so tie it up.

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Prepare to have it ripped out a lot. Prepare to rety it frequently. Prepare to explain to people every match that it's okay if they rip a bit out, it doesn't hurt. And prepare to sometimes get stuck because people are posted on a huge chunk of your hair and you can't move. Or you could just cut it

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I have above shoulder length hair, I told the guys at my gym that if their going for a choke or a sub and my hair is in he way to just go for it. They do and I’ve lost a fair bit of hair, slowly learning how to braid it as it’s too short to stay in a ponytail or a bun.

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a few months ago, we were drilling the mount escape by trapping one arm, lift your hips up and turn diagonally to the trapped arm's side. a purple belt was walking by and stepped on my hair just as soon as i bridged and felt like all the hair on top was ripped out. there was the biggest chunk of hairball on the mat. you would think i would cut my hair after that..............i havent lol. theres a guy that wears this helmet thing that wrestlers wear and it keeps his hair from flying all over the place.

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Man buns are lame af. Don't be a douche.

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If the question starts with "I have a ponytail.."
The correct answer is almost certainly, "Cut it off"

*Unless you are actually a pony.

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Just cut it off bruh.