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The pleasure of drowning - Sam Harris ( No-Gi Jiu Jitsu highlights )


Doctor told me to shower less and stop using anti-bacterial soap after every training to prevent staph infections

He told me I was also washing away the good bacteria and therefore lowering my immune system. Is there any truth to this?


Is there etiquette for handling this type of behavior or is etiquette to ignore it?

This is a young man who trains at my gym. He has been training for a few months and has his first stripe on his white belt. We are proud that someone so young (17-18) is coming to the gym but a friend recently sent me this. The account reportedly has dozens of similar posts.

I am all for self improvement and positive thinking, but I feel annoyed that he is referring to our training partners and fellow gym members like that.

Griping begins He is an aggressive roller, which is okay, but he often goes for leg locks though he has only been shown them once or twice. I have asked him not to do this, but he will still aggressively try to jerk my foot (while I am standing over him), claiming he has 'knee control'. Maybe knee control is something I will learn later. Anyways,
End griping

How would you recommend I approach this?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Csw/Erik Paulson's gym

Does anyone know how often Erik teaches, what the average no gi class is like and how much they charge a month? Did training there help your takedowns and improve your bjj?

Posted by
Andrew Smith (AKA goatfury) - Revolution BJJ
21 hours ago

3 Different Types of Partner Drills for BJJ

New stuff! Hope this gives you some ideas:

Happy Sunday!


First Competition, got stomped

Hey guys, first tournament today as a no stripe, 8 month white belt, no gi and gi - not unexpectedly, I got smashed and submitted in about 2 minutes each time. I'm not too disappointed, but it stings a little, especially since no one apart from my coach medalled and I didn't really get a chance to play my game, any words of encouragement? I'm definitely glad I did it, it's been a great learning experience, just feeling a bit down!


ImmortalFriends Podcast!!

Hey guys!


My name is Z and I've been a lurker/rare contributor here for a while. I train at GB (please don't hate me lol) and I happen to be friends with ImmortalChoke (who does BJJ comics) and his brother ImmortalBarbell (who does office humor/powerlifting comics). We've been recording a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants podcast the last couple of months and have a few episodes out, and we finally got approved by Spotify! I thought I'd throw this out in case anyone is super bored and has nothing else to do. And I mean LITERALLY nothing else because we rant about everything. A lot of it is BJJ related though, and we occasionally interview BJJ people that are friends of ours and talk about semi controversial topics in the BJJ world. If you guys take a listen that would be awesome, and you can be part of the TENS of listeners we have. Thanks everyone!


New blue belt

Recently received my blue belt 2 weeks ago a few days before my bday so that was pretty cool.

My question is what should I focus on generally as a blue belt? Should I obviously keep improving on the basics, try something I usually don’t do? Thanks again!


Finishers/Show the Art - Superfight List - EBI, Polaris, Sapateiro, Kasai Vets

  1. John Battle vs Ashley Williams

  2. Junny Ocasio vs Rey De Leon

  3. Frank Rosenthal vs Jordan Holy

  4. Eric Sherman vs Eric Medina

  5. Joey Haus vs Brian Demuro

  6. John “Thor” Blank vs Keith Patterson

  7. Merlin Ramos vs D-Boy Massington

  8. Alex Nemeth vs Adam Collarie

  9. Tom Clare vs Alec Hooben

  10. Francis St-Armour vs Michael Kastroba

  11. Sam Micale vs Jack Stapleton

  12. Cory Guitard vs Anthony McGlynn

  13. Fabian Ramirez vs Robert Parish

155 Pro Bracket - Competitor List Coming Soon! 


Starting to teach classes, anyone have nuggets of wisdom to share?

I'm going to be teaching a basics class twice a week as a contractor at an unaffiliated gym. I'm wondering if any experienced owners and instructors have any advice on things such as insurance, pay, or things you didn't expect.


Suggestions for recruiting members

The owner of my BJJ & boxing school has these periodic freakouts whenever membership takes a dip. I just got off the phone with him, when I suggested things like joining the local business development association, picking the brain of a new member who has owned karate schools(!), and asking members to bring in friends.

I've also done stuff for him like dropped off flyers at all the local police and fire/rescue departments and a military armory (to whom discounted memberships are offered) and spearheaded getting a booth at a community fair (where kids could punch a heavy bag, make their own "belts" out of white ribbon, and pick up gift certificates for free lessons). I also taught an 8-week self defense class at my kids' school, which I concluded with participation certificates and gift certificates, all branded with our name.

We're in a small town of 20,000 residents, competing against a karate school and a TKD school. Despite all these efforts, it's hard to compete. None of us do this full time.

So that's our story. Do you have any suggestions? What do you do to recruit members?


What's the best hold to restrain someone?

Say I was able to get a rnc and have a combatant pass out. What position should I put him in right away so that when he wakes up I have complete control until the police arrive?

Edit: Being mindful that the dude is completely passed out and you would have to use a hold that doesn't require much body positioning on his part.

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