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LEGO portrait with a “Stark” contrast.

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Moderator of r/blackmagicfuckery, speaking officiallyScore hidden·5 days ago·Stickied comment

Upvote this comment if this is truly Black Magic Fuckery. Downvote this comment if this is a repost or does not fit the sub.

The amount of time and work that had to be done to complete this is insane. I wanna see how they buit it.

With lego


No need to yell






Comment deleted5 days ago

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In a cave.

Out of scraps


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But howd they buit it?

Have you never played with lego you just snap them together


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I believe this was also recorded using a lego

*an lego

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He said how not what

They built it by connecting LEGO together

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Don't they limit the colour pallet in photoshop on both images to know exactly what colour to use with the Lego. Then have the portrait be in 3D. Right side of the "3D" is the armour, and left side is Tony.

Well, yeah. But how did they build it?

138 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

There is a part known as a "cheese slope", it's a 1x1 slope available in dozens of colors: Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3

Alternating which direction these face allows you to do a dual image like this. Here's an example that makes it obvious.

There's a famous Israeli artist named Yaacov Agam that really pioneered this type of art, to the point where artists now refer to these painting/sculptures as "agamographs".

Hmmm cheese slope 🤤

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Excellent explanation! What just seemed very strange suddenly seems very easy. You just have to fiddle a little in Photoshop to align the pictures and get the pixelation right first.

Nice. Thanks!

7 points·5 days ago

You really know your bricks

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I hope RDJ knows or has seen this or owns it by now.

Brick by brick

Tock by Tick


In a cave with a box of scraps?

6 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Using one of these methods:

and to explain better how it works for the eye,

Basically the images are interlaced within each other, probably the lego rows are placed in "triangular" edges.

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In between, he turns into Adam Jensen from Mankind Divided.

He never asked for this though.

Doesn't matter online.

I wanted this to morph from Iron man to Ned Stark, dunno why lol.

Same here lol

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I saw a combination of Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt.

Ah, the Chris Triumvirate.

For some reason, this makes me feel sad for Chris Pine.

5 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

That’s okay, he could be Mr.fantastic if they offer it to him.

But what about the Emily blunt and John krazinski dream casting?

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Great word.

If you look really close, it’s John Snow for a second, with Olly hanging out behind him.

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Also matrix-era Keanu Reeves.

Neo didn't have a beard in the matrix.

The expression and 90s sunglasses was enough for me to see Neo

Nor a mustache, but the facial structure looks about right to me.

It's Shane Falco, from the Replacements

Thats what I first thought.

Matrix-era? There's only one era for Mr. Reeves, and that's the Reeves-era. Counting for 400 years and still going strong.

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Wasn't just me that spotted that, was interesting to see wasn't it?

I came here to see how long I’d have to dig to find the comment mentioning Adam Jensen but was pleasantly surprised it was at the top.

Nah it was Shepherd from this video -

Never gets old

I saw Freddie Mercury

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who saw that... Most people are going to see this as a lego portrait of Adam Jensen... with side notes of a couple iron man movie characters as they walk away

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Looked like the guy from half life 2

Morgan Freeman was the best in that game

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Does he look different in that game than he did before?

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I’ve been there! That’s at the LEGO USA main office in Connecticut. Next to the bathrooms for some reason.

277 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Makes sense, cause it's a high traffic area so you'll pass it often, and get to enjoy it. If it was across someone's desk they wouldn't get the full effect from their chair

Right! Plus I have this weird thing where I suddenly feel like I have to pee when I see Robert Downey Jr.

Makes sense to put it near the bathrooms.

So i'm not alone...

Wait what... there's an office in Connecticut?? Do they do tours or is it more just an office location?

Original Poster19 points·5 days ago

It’s their USA HQ up in Enfield on the Massachusetts border. No tours I’m afraid.

It's really not all that exciting tbh. My step dad worked there for almost 20 years and brought me in a few times and ven as a kid it was just pretty borning looking factory with mundane offices. The robots were pretty damn cool though - I remember an elephant shaped robot that moved boxes with it's trunk - but I doubt there are much for robots left since it's no longer a manufacturing plant

Well that's disappointing, thanks for the info though!

Why have you been to the LEGO office? Is it as cool as I imagine?

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I like this concept.

I want to be in the screenshot

Me too maby?

This man waited 4 years for 10 upvotes :(

10 upvotes? More like 110 buddy. I've made it!

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As do l

A man after my own heart.

As opposed to?

As opposed to not liking this concept

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I like the halfway point where Iron Man has a mustache.

I Ron Swanson Man

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Adam Jensen from Mankind Divided



I read that in a fake British accent, too

I also read that in a British accent. I read most things in a British accent now that I think of it

13 points·5 days ago

Are you British? By any chance.

No Mexican.

Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?

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169 points·5 days ago

Probably different colors from the two perspectives. It's not a flat picture, it has ridges with the colors of one pic on one side, and the other on the other side.

33 points·5 days ago

But Legos are the same color on their adjacent angle. Did he paint them?


I have a serious answer for you!

Some people build models out of Lego and they need this one piece that doesn't come in the same color as the rest of the model, or that piece in that color is exceedingly rare. In those cases, sometimes, you might paint and/or dye a piece to try to match the rest of your model.

I don't think it's anyone's go-to first choice, and everyone I've ever known to do it cringes a bit, but every now and then, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I forgot Lego is ABS and not HDPE, in which case carry on, those plastics turn out alright with dye or paint.

Honestly? The people that make portraits/mosaics using LEGO. Getting thousands of bricks in one color, only to find that it isn't uniform, is a real issue for this type of work. A quick layer of paint fixes this.

I don't make these, but I had an idea to use the cheese slopes to make this type of effect before.

Source: LEGO collector with over 100k bricks for projects. Color can vary a lot with age, especially before LEGO mixed their own colors (around 2006ish is when they started)

Same kind that kragles them

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34 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

They are sloped LEGO bricks, placed back to back and face to face to create these two sided hills and valleys. Where from one perspective the other side is completely flat and you can’t see it.

Edit: it’s called a lenticular

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Comment deleted5 days ago

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Yup, it's essentially how a lenticular works, just without lenses. Google image "accordion paper picture" and it'll show a few pictures on accordion folded paper. When you look from one side, you see the 'left fold' and when you look from the other side you see the 'right fold.' one image is on each 'side' so at the right angle you only see one or the other image.

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Lego fan here- we call em cheese slopes. They're a 1x1 triangle shaped piece with a 33° slope in one direction. Set them up back to back, facing in opposite directions like this: /|, and you have a lenticular image where you can display two images at once.

Here I thought the magic was done by removing more and more pixels from the gif. needsmorejpg

I helped build a couple of lenticular mosaics like these in the LEGO Users' Group I'm in. I can't speak to how this particular mosaic was made, but we used multiple cheese slopes on top of two plates aligned in alternating rows, showing their sloped face to either the left or right side. That way, when you stand from the left side, you get one picture, and from the right, you get another. The construction of this one looks pretty similar, so I'm fairly certain that's how whoever made this did.

I think OPs real question was, since lego pieces are generally uniform in colour, did you paint one edge of the pieces or what?

12 points·5 days ago

You place two different colors of slope back to back, so one is visible from one angle and the other is visible from another angle.

Nope, no painting. The different slopes point away from each other, so you see different images from different angles.

Here's a rough illustration of how the build looks from different angles, if that helps any.

My guess is it's a ton of 54200 elements (1x1x2/3 30deg slope) in two differing colors with the high side of their slopes set back to back. So when you are 30deg perpendicular from one side you see the color face of the slope of one, but as you move to 30deg perp from the other side you transition to seeing the slope face of the differently-colored element.
I could go up to the studio to lay out an example, but don't have time at the moment.

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204 points·5 days ago

Couldn't have made this gif like two seconds longer?

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14 points·5 days ago

And maybe 3 more jpeg.

10/10 for the title. Nice work OP.

I was expecting it to transition to a stark of Winterfell.... /facepalm

Title is as good as the art

I was hoping for Ned Stark

now that you say it...

Ok what? How tf

Lego cheese slopes. Picture a an equilateral triangle. Now split it in half - you have two slope pieces. By placing them back to back next to each other, you can view one color looking in one direction, and the other color in the other direction.

From there, it's just a matter of breaking your two images down into pixelaleted form. Working with Lego tiles is like using Paint zoomed in to 800%.

You can zoom out?! I've been making 4-pixel pictures in Paint for years! I thought that was how it worked

Holy shit, that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen made out of LEGOs.

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I read this as "Shrek" and was a little confused

2 points·5 days ago

Yay I'm not the only one. That would've been cool.

It’s “Iron”ic

It's like rain on your wedding day

7 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

It's like free advice, but you've already paid.

Free ride, but you've already paid

Good advice that you just didn't take

Yeah that, you know what I mean, whatever.

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I have no idea why but I was expecting Ned Stark on the other side of iron man.

mr stark i dont feel so good

I can't even hang posters on my wall straight, but people can do this. Incredible.

I want a tutorial so I can make this...

"Okay, how do I get to the front page? Classic billboard trick, that'll do it... but what of? Lego, people love that! What else? Marvel, that's pretty relevant right now. I'll also make it a gif to show it in action. Reddit loves gifs."

Lenticular LEGO


I want one

That must have taken a while.

3 points·5 days ago

Man, I see things like this and just get mad at how talented people are.... how are we all humans but people have the imagination to do things like that???? I just feel like a half baked potato

Absolutely awesome! Makes you wonder where they actually start when doing something like this.

How is this even possible? So confused

Lego cheese slope pieces. Picture an equilateral triangle. Now split it in half - you have two slope pieces. By placing them back to back next to each other, you can view one color looking in one direction, and the other color in the other direction.

From there, it's just a matter of breaking your two images down into pixelaleted form. Working with Lego tiles is like using Paint zoomed in to 800%.

This is so easy.. you just use legos with different colors on their opposing sides. /s

Woah. wtf i thought seeing great art on r/all was a myth


Fucking dedication

In case anyone is interested in making their own, I made a (much, much) smaller version using Mario and Luigi that LEGO liked!

In action:


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I was hoping it would be John Snow.

I don't feel so good

I want the color map to this to make my own

Damn, my Lego skills seem so weak now



I saw the Terminator in the middle.

Grade A content with a grade A title. Good job OP!

Wow, these black magicians really upping their level of fuckery. Paint illusions like these used to be amazing af back in 2010, but now that the world's evolved, they are doing it with fucking LEGOs? What's up next in 2025? LEGO painting illusion on the screen of a cleaning robot recreated in Minecraft 2 in a super virtual clouding computer?

Idk how but i read Stark as Shrek, now im kinda dissapointed :(

Fun fact, the whole scene was constructed with legos

Totally read contest and thought "man that's going to win for sure". Now I want it to win a contest cause that's pretty damn good

I thought about meking something similar to this when I was in the mall today.

Fucking hell

Fuckjng mind blown!

Very nice

Am I the first to say, "I see what you did there"?

Too wonderful piece of art!

Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good.

Marvel should buy this as a prop for Tony Stark whose character probably collects artwork anyways. Assuming he survives the war.

I'm always amazed at how talented some people are

How in da hell...


My initial response: “Oh fuck off!”

GIF finishes: “Oh shit, with fucking legos?!”

This guy Legos

Howwwww maaach??

That’s fucking impressive.

Damn, that is impressive

H O W ?

Yeah you really don’t want to know.... Heading to therapist now......

I would pay good money for this

Cen I buy it?

Excellent. So well done. 🙌


Intentional pun at its finest

"Share this with friends, Upvote this post, and give this man a gold!"

That is art.

Fucking epic...

Yet all my attention is on the knight on the bottom right. Why is he facing the wall? Why is he holding two swords above his head as X in such position? Did he lose a fight? Was he time-out? How long does it take to build HIM instead? Etc I demand answers as the suspense is killing me!

Am i the only one who read “Shrek” contrast??

Oh, You think this is fascinating? Apparently you must not have seen my 1 story perfectly square, multicolor house, with no door!

All right. That's pretty good

Jeeeezas, that is fucking insane lego skill.

Pretty cool

Take my upvote purely for the pun. Well done

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