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Hey folks,

Lately we've seen an influx of posts from people linking to a website that is selling something, and not admitting that they work for said company or stand to make a profit from it. These sorts of links were something that we would usually delete when we saw them (or if someone reported them), but we didn't have a written rule saying not to do that.

So now we do.

Ok link: "Check out my etsy where I make BSG stuff"

Not OK link: "Check out this etsy that sells cool BSG stuff!" (and then we look at your profile and see you've posted it to /r/starwars and /r/startrek and /r/doctorwho)

Ok link: "Amazon is selling BSG on blu-ray for 80% off! (link gives me a referral bonus)"

Not OK link: "Amazon is selling BSG on blu-ray for 80% off!" (and then we look and see a referrer tag in the link)

Again, it's totally cool to post your stuff, or to make a buck off of related content in this subreddit, but please just be up-front about it.

As always, if you see something, report it. We're pretty quick to respond for such a small sub


Hey guys. I'm hoping to write up info on the 1979-81 Marvel Comics series for the Galactica Wiki). Does anyone know where I can get info on them? I don't recall BattlestarWiki being interested in non-TV universes, and no one on the Marvel Wiki seems to have them.

From what I can find, they weren't allowed to adapt any episodes after "Lost Planet of the Gods", so it goes on another 17 issues pitting the colonials against random monsters that came out of other Marvel comics (and in at least one case, just replacing the protagonist with a cancelled comic with Apollo).


Taken me a few years, but I've finally managed to watch all 4 seasons of the 2004 re-imagined TV show. I was wondering where to go next, I've noticed I've missed the movies which fit in somewhere. What really is the best next part to watch to somehow keep the order?


This community knocked it out of the park when I voiced my first little misunderstanding about a detail in the miniseries, So I thought I'd do it again to answer a question that I've always found odd.

In the miniseries, As Colonial One (soon to be) leaves the Galactica to return to Caprica, it flies past a huge formation of Vipers along with Boomer and Helo's Raptor. The formation is easily over 20 fighters, led by the CAG and representing the cream of Galactica's fighter squadron (Starbuck is off flight status so is not present, an important plot point this episode).

But there is no war yet. Nobody knows what's happened at Armistice Station and the general red alert has not been given. Why is the Galactica sending out such a massive force during peace time, while still in Colonial space?

Is this standard procedure for aircraft carriers, sending out such a massive Recon force to cover more ground and (In this case with the use of a Raptor's on board electronics) effectively double the possible reach of Galactica's radar?

Or is there some other explanation I've missed for why SO MANY fighters were airborne even before the fleetwide red alert was sounded?

I'm really interested in what the community has to say about this!


So, I was wondering if anyone else felt the same about this, I cannot help but think of Daniel Greystone whenever I see Todd, even his voice reminds me of him. Is it just me?


So, I'm doing my first rewatch of the series since 2010, and I just finished Resurrection Ship Part I and now, every time I try to play Part II, I get an error message "We're having trouble loading that content. Please try again later."

At first I thought it was just my crappy wifi, but every other episode loads and plays just fine.

In a lot of ways, it's like watching the show for the first time. I'm remembering certain characters and events, but much of it I'm rediscovering. And if you've seen Resurecction Ship, you know the cliffhanger, and i don't remember how it resolves

I'm all in BSG mode, so I'm debating whether to just skip to the next episode, but I hate to have Part II ruined by the Previously On. If it was just your regular episode, I'd probably just skip it, but I have no idea when part 2 will be working again

This is your classic Adama dilemma. Do I roll a hard 6, or do I grab my gun and bring in the cat? (That didn't sound quite right....)

Anybody else have trouble with that particular episode on their Hulu?

Also, for anybody currently watching on Hulu

"A CATCHPRASE! Did I dooo thaaaaaat? A CATCHPHRASE!! You got it dude! A CATCHPHRASE! Marsha Marsha Marsha"

That constant commercial makes me want to start a rumor that Adama's a Cylon and get myself thrown out of the airlock


There's something that's always bothered me about a line in the miniseries that I hope somebody here can shed some light on.

In the miniseries, Col. Tighe mentions in a comment that it's been about 22 years since the last Colonial ship actually attempted an FTL jump. We see, up to this point, other FTL capable ships (like the Galactica, and Colonial One) travelling between colonies at sublight speeds.

Later, when we see the war from the perspective of the Pegasus, we see that Admiral Cain didn't hesitate before ordering the Pegasus to jump from the Scorpio Shipyards. This, I guess you could put down to her command style, taking aggressively out of the box courses of action to keep her people alive, or simply because the writer's forgot this throaway comment by Tighe in the miniseries.

However, in the opening scene of the miniseries, when Adama is reciting his decommissioning speech, Lt. Gaeta passes along to him an alert from Fleet Headquarters, that the delegation to Armistice Station hasn't reported in yet, and they're doing a spot check on all FTL capable ships "in case someone has to jump out there".

Why would the Fleet require FTL capable ships, when an FTL jump hasn't even been attempted in over two decades?!

What exactly is the history of Colonial Faster-Than-Light travel in the 20 years leading up to the Second Cylon War? How do the contradictions get explained away?!


Hey fans. I and my girlfriend watched the rebooted Battlestar Galactica during the winter. I was wondering that after a while we would need to get some more BSG fix so when we decide to delve back into Galactica universe should we start with the original series (+ Galactica 1980 even though I heard it's bad), Caprica or Chrome and Blood?

Eventually we plan to watch all of those and we love 70/80s science fiction such as Doctor Who from that era (5 to 7 are my personal favorite Classic Doctor Whos, girlfriend prefers 4/6/7). Old special effects are not problem for me and I've already seen the V mini series from 80s (+ Star Wars, Terminator and other classics)

In many ways the BSG reboot reminded me how I just love the idea of slaves uprising their owners/creators. It is a focus on most things I like such as Planet of the Apes, Doctor Who (at times with Daleks/Cybermen/Quarks), Bionicle, Westworld and Mass Effect. And when it is an advanced AI there is just something fascinating about it.

I look forward to your comments and thoughts. Being a massive Mass Effect fan this rebooted series hit just the right spots. Even though I am not usually that much of a fan of the militaristic stuff.


The time has finally come. I'm gonna' rewatch the series when I get back from my summer holidays, and I am so stupidly excited I'm starting to realise just how much of a tragic nerd I am.

But it's going to be great. This is my favourite show, and I can't wait to see it again (for what will be the fourth time all the way through).

Anything I should look out for that I may not have noticed in my previous viewings? :D


Is it ever explained what the little piece is on their pistols, beneath the barrel (that looks kinda like a second barrel)? Sorry, don't know how to post photos on here, but I'm sure you all know exactly what I'm referring to.

Or, is it just something with no real point to it, just to make it look different and "futuristic", kinda like cutting the four corners off of anything that should just be rectangular (papers, folders, and official documents, format of the frames on cameras, TV, and film), unless they have some explanation for that, with an irregular octagon having some religious or numerical significance?


Rewatching because lack of anything that compares and thinking about how the cyclones are basically highly advanced robots that have the technology to pretty much make humans so why only 12 models? Is this explained somewhere that I've missed?


Hello all, Did anyone notice that the numbers of survivors correlate to book, chapter, and verse of the Bible that describes the show.

I’m rewatching the show with my wife seeing it for the first time, and I noticed often the numbers of survivors in the beginning of the show describe the show. An episode we just watched started in season 3, episode 2 or 3 where they are leaving New Caprica in search of earth and the survivors were 41,435. Which I have checked on numerous episodes before where book 41 (Mark, I was using the KJV) chapter 4, verse 35.

Verse 35 And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side.

Verse 36 And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships.

It’s too uncanny, even the use of the word ship.

I apologize if this has been brought up before but I couldn’t find it on a quick search of this sub and multiple fan sites online.

So say we all.

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