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Posted byModerator - Bitcoin is Freedom16 days ago
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Mods here shouldn't have to make posts like this but there are times when the attacks are heightened that we feel we need to make a post and warn the casual reader here. Most regulars already know this, but for those who don't, please note:

Since this sub was rebooted after the 2015 purge of /r/bitcoin and massive censorship in that sub to stop anyone from discussing opinions that the mods didn't agree with, this sub has been targeted by bad actors. They attack us because we are a free speech sub. We hold true to Satoshi's vision of Bitcoin, a censorship resistent global p2p decentralized electronic cash system.

The attacks here have come in many forms. From comment manipulation, hacks, malware, scams, vote cheating, Sybil attacks, abuse, spam/floods, brigading (hate mobs), hiring trolls to disrupt, misinformation, and more. Here are just a few examples, in the order I found them.

Over the past three years there have been many more examples. This is is just what I found when searching for ~10 minutes. I'm sure I missed some but you get the idea. This sub is always under attack in different ways. So thinking critically means not taking anything on surface value, but using different resources to evaluate each claim independently for yourself: DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

In this sub mods do our best to foster free speech, not censor, and at the same time have a community that is welcoming. At times this can be tough and often is a balancing act, but we try to apply any moderation we do have fairly across the board. Remember, we are human and not perfect and make mistakes. If something doesn't sit right with you, let us know through mod mail or a public post to the sub.

We don't have many sub rules, but the ones we do have we do enforce, which are listed in the sidebar for anyone to read. We also have public moderator logs, which anyone can view and see for themselves what the mods here are doing, as opposed to other subs that don't have public mod logs and then try to come here and point their finger at us as if we're the censors. To them, I say open your modlogs or don't come here making accusations until you do.

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I'm looking for a few people to run a few test transactions before it goes live. Starbucks drinkers (US only for now), pm me to try it out.


Hello, Bitcoin Cash community!

A few days back we met Roger Ver (@MemoryDealers) on the cruise. It was a great experience talking to him about the future of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

We're going live next month:

"If you want to buy travel stuff with your Bitcoin Cash, please visit," - Roger Ver, circa Sept 2018 (somewhere in the middle of the ocean)

Thank you, Roger :)

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The Chinese are still hungry for bitcoin. Will they break the bank all over again?

Posted byRedditor for less than 60 days8 hours ago

This post relates to the recently discovered and fixed Bitcoin Core vulnerability.

Anyone who receives funds via a Lightning Network channel, must watch or have someone else watch the blockchain for attempts by the other node (on the other side of the channel) attempting to steal from them by broadcasting an outdated commitment transaction.

That might seem complicated. A simpler way of putting it is: if you use Lightning to receive money, then you must watch the BTC blockchain at all times to make sure that money you have received isn't stolen from you.

Lightning Network node software often either requires Bitcoin Core or can use Bitcoin Core.

  • In the case of eclair there is an explicit requirement for Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 or higher. So exclair would in-fact only work with a version of Bitcoin Core vulnerable to the crash bug.
  • LND can use Bitcoin Core. I expect many users do this.
  • c-lightning installation instructions state that "You will also need a version of bitcoind with segregated witness and estimatesmartfee economical node, such as the 0.15 or above." So it's likely that most c-lightning users were using a vulnerable version of Bitcoin Core. Perhaps all of them.

So an attacker that discovered and wanted to exploit this bug could do the following:

  1. Buy goods or services from businesses using Lightning. They would have to ensure that all payments made go over channels with an acceptable lifetime.
  2. Wait until they receive all of those goods and services. Depending on what they're buying, this could be near instant (e.g. in the case of using a currency exchange).
  3. Mine an attack block which exploits this vulnerability in Bitcoin Core software.
  4. Use a specially crafted, well-connected attack node to submit the attack block to the Bitcoin Core software hooked up to the Lightning Network nodes they transacted with. This would crash their Bitcoin Core software.
  5. Broadcast an outdated commitment transaction to reclaim the funds they had previously sent to businesses to pay for those goods and services. Ensure the outdated commitment transaction reaches miners to maximize the chance that it will be included in the new chain.

Any businesses that fail to restart their bitcoin core software fast enough that their Lightning Network node software can spot the theft attempt, will be successfully defrauded.

Note: this is just one scenario that could have potentially occurred if an attacker had discovered this serious vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core software before the Bitcoin Core developers were made aware of it and could patch it.

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