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Bitcoin was working great until Blockstream used censorship and lies to hijack the network in order to intentionally break BTC’s functionality. They are now trying to sell us a solution to the problem they intentionally created in the first place! by Egon_1 in btc

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I don’t write C or C++ but I felt like I’ve had enough grasp of the fundamentals to make sense of the situation.

We’re talking about propagating 1 MB of data every 10 minutes vs 2 MB or 8. And we’re not doing this over 56kbps dialup, at least not the parts of the network that matter, but rather 100mbps links.

And we’re talking about storage requirements for these 1 or 2 MB blocks in an age not of floppy disks, but of 8, 10, 12 TB hard drives. Which can also provide huge storage pools because of things like RAID and NAS.

Most $500 desktops have 4-8 cores that can run 2 threads could concurrently, along with 4-8-16GB of RAM

But the core team has decided that this network that could represent billions or trillions of dollars of wealth and commerce has decided to hold back the hardware requirements such that a $5 Pi Zero should be an equal participant on the network.

Because of this the core network is hopelessly backlogged.

If just so happens that a large number of the core developers are all on the payroll of a company which is developing products designed to ease this congestion, for a fee to them of course.

So rather than just fix bitcoin, their strategy has been to ignore the power of technology that’s currently at our disposal and stay the course, even though they don’t even have any products ready for prime time.

All that without reading C++!

Thank you /u/BITCOIN_CASH_FOREVER for tipping thousands in Bitcoin Cash today! by defconoi in btc

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u/tippr $3
If you want you can tip me back gold, thats expiring soon :-D
If not also okay for me :-)

Thank you /u/BITCOIN_CASH_FOREVER for tipping thousands in Bitcoin Cash today! by defconoi in btc

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Imagine my surprise reading rbtc and seeing my name on the front page ;-)

What Is The Lightning Network? by don-wonton in btc

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My newest video produced through my new media company bitTHINK

Check out the other videos and our podcast while you are there ;)

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that allows you to send any amount of money to anyone in the world for less than a penny, and no one can stop you. Or at least that what it's supposed to be.

Facing significant problems with long confirmation times and high fees, the global crypto-currency technology is facing significant issues with scaling to meet the planet's massive demand.

The Lightning Network is a proposed second-layer solution intended to fix these problems. But what is it? How does it operate? And will it truly free us from the banking industry once and for all?

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If 80% of bitcoin core have now been mined, have 80% of BCH max supply also been mined? by restate11 in btc

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BCH is ahead now, but if BTC keeps having a slightly higher blockrate than targeted (as it had most it's history due do ever increasing hashrate), then BTC will actually reach the next halvening faster than BCH which is adjusting to 6 blocks an hour a lot better.

New Tippr stats: $70,069 (50.1 BCH) | 20487 tips / 9813 users by NxtChg in btc

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One of those 1 BCH was given to me, it will not only change my life but also the lives of the people I live with.

Thank you reddit for your generosity, I am proud to be a part of this movement. I have never felt more excited and free. My Christian beliefs and Bitcoin Cash go hand in hand. See Bitcoin Cash is transparanet because of the blockchain being open. It's not very good privacy wise but people are missing something else. Something more important. Because of Bitcoin Cash I can be undercover. Now the bad guys can also be undercover. But when the bad guys already spy on everybody ... and when they set up there spy systems they forgot about somebody like Satoshi inventing something like this. I mean ... when somebody send me 10 000 000 dolllars to my bank account. Somebody in that bank will know that. With Bitcoin Cash they can also know this but only if they are already looking. They need to know where to look. And that is why this Bitcoin CAsh movement will only succeed if people share. That way instead of looking at 10 guys with 80% of all the Bitcoin Cash they will have to look at 80 000 000 people with 80% of all the Bitcoin Cash. This will be a shitload of work for them and I wish em luck with it.

I also advice everybody to become politically active because there will be funding for you. We have a head start but we have work to do. We need to create small local community owned internet connections using things like routers with openwrt and 3 antennas so a wireless mesh network can be formed. Because someday in the future some powerfull bad guys are going to realize that they are loosing control and wealth because of Satoshi's invention. They will crack down on the internet very hard not because they want to but because they feel they have no other options.

So if you understand this you know what you have to do. Little hubs of internet can still get connected to each other once in a while to do the syncing. Layer two can work within these hubs where people have trust because it's local and they know each other.

See I am not Satoshi. We are all Satoshi. That's why those other guys hate Satoshi so much and can't say anything nice about him.

Also if you are a Christian you should read revelation 13:18 and do 1 + 1 = 2. God is going to play the best prank on humanity He has ever done and I am smilling when I think about it. Noah's boat is leaving and they all want in now. Well .... never forget that Bitcoin is the most abstract form of money we have ever created. See humanity worships money as if money is a god that can speak. Now with programmable money (AI) money will start speaking. I do not look forward to this because I only believe in Artificial Stupid. However my savior Jesus Christ has revealed all these things to me and give me a head start. I will become a channel and Jesus will take the riches of the world (houses, boats, cars) and then funnel some of it to me where I will use it for the good of my community. Eventually 1 powerfull guy will have all the crypto for himself but none of the other stuff that really matters (love,friendship, relationship, a house, food, something to drink.) This is the prank that God is going to play on humanity. So never forget that Bitcoin are just a bunch of numbers on your computer. Don't sell you house for Bitcoin, you need a house. Or if you do sell your house for Bitcoin, do it where I live so I have a house to put a bunch of refugees in.

We have been stress testing the BCH infrastructure to prove Bitcoin Cash's ability to scale, it has held up exceptionally well! by BCHStressTest in btc

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Claim one of the addresses from yesterday's "testing", provide a txid, and then provide a signature for the following message:

rubber baby buggy bumpers

The more addresses/txids/signatures you can provide, the better

CoinGeek.com funds Terab project with Lokad and nChain; enabling path to 1 terabyte blocks and 7 million transactions per second for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by RollieMe in btc

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Lokad CEO here.

We are hiring! https://terab.lokad.com/hiring.html

We seriously need backup. Don't hesitate to forward those links. If you are interested you can also PM me directly.

Ps: I came up with this website over the week-end. I am pretty sure it's full of horrid typos. Please give us time to do a proofread.

Bitcoin Cash is far from being "stressed": bch transaction volume exceeded litecoin's today but average fees fall nonetheless by geekmonk in btc

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The funny thing is that the user/users actually bought fees down according to https://fork.lol/tx/fee. (Compare 7d average to 1d average).

This is because he/she/they/ were using 1 sat/byte which is lower than what a lot of the wallet software on the BCH network currently uses.

Oh the irony.

Initiative to get rid of DUST THRESHOLD by 1Hyena in btc

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We can keep the dust threshold, but bring back free transactions based on coin age. That will discourage recent spam attacks.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper is 9 pages. The Lightning network is 59. by ricoaspero in btc

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It's just computer science masturbation that will go nowhere. It's common in 20-30 year old programmers. I used to be that way too.

Sort of code for the point of code. And the more complex it is, the less useful or more difficulty to use, the more bonus points. (Because, you know, that just proves how smart I am and how dumb you are!).

It's stinking thinking. I can't believe I used to do that too. The root of it is insecurity. You can remember 5 years ago being a nub, so you fear your inner nub. You are in conflict with yourself when you do that. Only cure for that is time, I think, and an open mind. I evolved past that, thank God.