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Hi Guys,

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For the cake baking and decorating newbies trying to figure out what equipment/necessary essentials they should purchase to get started, I've got your back. Thought I'd put together a list of essential cake baking and decorating tools and equipment every cake artist should own. These items are not only easy to use even for newbies, but have become my own favourites as witnessed in my online video tutorials.

***This list is by no means exhaustive so do feel free to share your ideas too for any newbies***

So grab a paper and pen that is full of ink and take note of all the splendid sales that abound.

1. Stand Mixer

Picture this, have you tried creaming sugar and butter by hand or whisking egg whites to stiff peak by hand and experienced your muscles crying out for help? So without a doubt I love having an electric stand mixer. This also ensures that my cake layers are light and airy and frosting creamy.

Why I recommend having a stand mixer

It’s speedier saving time and minimizes effort.

Can last for years.

Comes with various mixing attachments including a paddle attachment suitable for creaming, a whisk attachment which is suitable for whipping cream or egg whites and a dough hook for kneading heavier dough like bread dough.

So why not treat yourself, your bestie or upgrade.

2. Mixing bowls - Why I recommend you may need some mixing bowls whether glass, metal, porcelain or plastic. However, get ones that are heatproof so that you can put them over a double boiler or microwave if need be.

3. Rotating Cake Turntable -Why I recommend it spins easily, it’s lightweight and durable and easy to clean, it’s also very sturdy.

4. Rolling pin - very fundamental tool to have and absolutely essential with working on fondant or gum paste. If you don’t want to apply a lot of elbow grease, you will need to splash out on a rolling pin. Note that, the wider the pin the quicker you’ll be able to roll something out. Leaves no lines on your fondant

Why I love easier to clean. Doesn’t absorb colour or flavor. It’s non-stick. Great value. For beginners the spacers may help you roll more evenly.

5. Cooling rack - Your cakes should never cool in the pan on the counter. They must cool on racks Why I love. It is large enough to hold two cakes at the same time. Non-stick. It’s strong and sturdy. Plenty of room underneath to allow air to circulate ensuring your cakes cool evenly. Easy to clean.

6. Spatula – Why I love. can withstand heat without the handle getting hot. It’s stain resistant even if you’re colouring icing or cake batter. Great for scooping every amount and I mean E.V.E.R.Y amount of your mix whether cake batter or icing from every corner of the bowl and even the whisk ;) It bends enough to flex around the bowl. It’s heat resistance.

7. Leveler knowing how to level your cakes is an essential skill that every cake decorator needs to hone and the spirit leveler is an essential tool to ensure all your cakes are very level, instead of using your eye to test the levelness, and if you’ve seen our online video tutorial as well, you know that this tool is also handy at every step from levelling the cake, to filling to frosting with buttercream or ganache to stacking. Without this tool you may end up with a wonky cake.

8. Baking tins ensure you get heavy duty and silver coloured tins, like loaf pans, baking sheets

9. Oven there isn’t one perfect choice of an oven as different bakers will have different ovens depending on their individual needs. However you will need to consider the capacity of the oven, the space to accommodate the oven, the budget and after sales services available.

10. Pizza cutter ideal for precise and measured cuts on fondant icing

11. Oven mitts there are two kinds of people, the oven glove people and the baking tin holder people so if you are in the former category having an oven glove will come in handy to protect your hands.

12. Oven thermometer enables you know the actual temperature of your oven especially if your oven’s temperature is inaccurate which can ruin your baked goods.

13. Icecream scoop perfect for scooping cupcake batter into cupcake holders.

14. Palette knife important for smoothing on icing or cake filling.

15. Sieve ideal for sifting dry ingredients such as flour, baking powder and icing sugar as well, to not only aerate the ingredients but also gets rids of any lumps or impurities. It’s sturdy. It’s durable and easy to clean.

16. Weighing scale compared to cup measurements you can’t beat the ease, accuracy and consistency of a scale. AND with a weighing scale you never have to be concerned about whether the 1 cup dried fruits called for in a recipe should be chopped or whole or crammed in a cup or filled loosely to get 1 cup.

Why I love the digital LCD electronic scale

It can weigh up to 7kg.

The tare system allows you to reset to zero and weigh several things in the same bowl at once.

A sturdy platform.

Has a long auto off function, so you can take your time weighing.

It’s lightweight and easy to store.

18. Serrated Knife works best when slicing your cakes into layers


Throwback Challenge

The truth is that ANY great cake decorator started somewhere. No one jumps into cake baking and decorating knowing what they love, knowing their style or having a clear vision of what they want their work to look like. Create your personal 'then and now' to show yourself that regardless of where you are with your cake decorating journey, you have no idea where you'll end up one day. If you're struggling to find your style or you sometimes feel your creative progress is slow or you blame yourself for not being talented or good enough, that's ok! EVERYONE has to figure it out. When you look around and see perfect work, remember that they too had a point where they struggled. Everyone was once a beginner. Every pro was once a novice. After all life is a process – a journey. You must not be impatient; be supportive of yourself. STOP focusing only on how far you still have to go and take a moment to look at where you came from and you might just be surprised by what you find. So I encourage you to create your own then and now. Add on to it every single month and see how much you improve over the months and imagine where you'll end up one day if you keep going. That’s ALL that really matters!

Your cake decorating journey is about experimenting, testing, trying, practicing until YOU are happy with the result. The only cake decorator you should compare yourself to is the one you were yesterday.


We cake bakers and decorators are a sweet lot, after all we’re surrounded by sugar, spice, sparkles and all things nice ;) but there are just some things that can get on our nerves and make us want to hurl our decorating tools at someone. Anyone.

And while clients may have no idea about any of these things, as a professional cake decorator, you will need to learn patience to “educate” them.

So without further ado and in honor cake decorators everywhere, I present you things that get me quite irritated and that I love to hate.

  1. “It’s just a cake!” NO it isn’t. It is the science, the art, the application and practice of creating a vision and lasting memories.
  2. “It shouldn’t take that much time?” The misconception is that people think we just mix, bake and add icing and boom we are done. Far from it, while creating a custom cake does take time, it has different sets of requirements and the timeline can vary from one cake to another depending heavily on the size, complexity of design and number of other orders in line.
  3. “It’s simple- How hard can it be?” – cake baking and decorating is one of those things that people who are great at it make it seem easy, but when you try it yourself you start out totally overwhelmed by the processes, let alone the fact that you need to master running a business. To sum it up, it’s hardly simple and requires learning, practice, and years of effort to properly master.
  4. “How much is a wedding cake?” Well, this is like asking a realtor. “how much is a house?” or a car dealer, “how much is a car?” Without the specification, it can be hard to give a price estimate. Things like flavor, size, design, venue etc are all determinants of the price that would enable us give you a quotation.

5.\**” As your friend/family can I get a discount?”**\** you see when you start a business (even as a pro with years in the industry) the number of people that come out of the woodwork wanting friends and family discount is astounding. While some people feel entitled to get discounts because of the relationship they have with a cake decorator, it’s important that as a cake-preneur we set boundaries from the onset and treat everyone as a client to avoid blurred lines and confusion. However, this is a tough balancing act and different cake decorators, have their own friend and family policies but I recommend that you don’t screw yourself over in trying to be a people pleaser by offering discounts and freebies without taking into account the expenses and how it actually costs real money to run a business.

The bottomline is this is a business and it’s crucial to remember that revenue is the bloodline of the success of the business and add to the fact that costs are involved too.

  1. “Can you do this EXACT cake?” If it’s custom made and not produced by a machine it’s going to be difficult to produce a duplicate of another cake decorators work let alone even a creation we did previously. But if you allow us to have creative control and use our skills to create a cake with your unique and personal vision, you may be pleasantly surprised.

  2. “Hi, we’re hosting an event and while we do not have the budget to pay for a custom cake, we were wondering if you could do the cake for free or at a great discount. The exposure/credit and mention you will get at the event will be good for your business and you will have the opportunity to meet with some influential people.” Hooray, to working for free for exposure said no bills ever ;) NO. Just NO! While I always appreciate being considered for such opportunities and the possible exposure that could come from the event, and wish I had the resources and time, however I cannot give up my time and costs on speculation.

Now that said, I do support certain causes and projects I participate in directly or have a pre-existing relationship with the people involved in the efforts concerned,

  1. “It’s a rip off to charge that much for a cake?” “Did you accidentally add a zero?” “Why are you more expensive than . . .?” “I can get (insert friend/aunt/neighbor here) to do it for me. It’s not like it’s that expensive!” Well aside from the fact that there is no one standard rate for cake decorators, the price is a mixture of total costs, art, knowledge, artistic skill and service. Instead ask, “Why is the other cake decorator cheap?” Could it be that they are cutting corners? Or is their work of low quality?

Now on the other hand, while you may want to charge more, as a cake decorator you also have to present a quality cake that not only looks solid but tastes great. Clients know when they see high end quality work and they know it’s worth the price. However not all clients will appreciate the value as they are not in the industry the way we are and do not understand what is involved behind the scenes so you may need to educate them the best you can but if they still do not appreciate it, just let them go.

  1. In a party invitation, when a friend says “Can you bring a cake to the party?” Just know that is essentially a code for “I want a cake but don’t want to pay for one” And don’t be surprised if they get annoyed that you showed up without a cake and a masterpiece for that.

  2. “It’s just cake, how do you make a living from it?” Uhhhm . . . sometimes I too wonder. Well this is a business and not a hobby and to pay the bills I need to earn money. **Straight up, no sugar coating.**You need to be great at cake decorating and great at business as well. You need to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace, and figure out how to stand out from the crowd. You need to solve the problem of seasonality, and set prices smartly to turn a profit. You need to keep your costs low, but your customer experience world class.

  3. “What oven do you recommend?” Well there’s hundreds of brands available in the market and I haven’t had the opportunity to try even 1/16th of them in my entire career. So what would my recommendation be based on?

Well, now it’s your turn. Did I miss something in my list? What drives you crazy as a cake decorator? Share in the comment section below. Feel free to contribute your own thoughts and encouragements, they will be much appreciated.


Can anyone help recommend a quality airbrush kit for cakes? My wife is the cake maker and I’d really like to buy her one, but I know nothing about them and most reviews are from people using it once. I need one that’s going to last a while. Thanks in advance.


Japanese cheesecake in Dubai has become the talk of the town ever since the top player or best cake shop in Dubai have entered in UAE market. Since there are myriad cheesecake shop in Dubai let’s find out the best one by reviewing the top five cheesecake places in Dubai.

  1. Clinton St Baking Co

Located at Emirates mall, Clinton Street Baking Company offer some of the most top-notch American cuisine and of course the Japanese cheesecake in Dubai. Cheesecake at Clinton St Baking is Smooth, soul-satisfyingly thick and dangerous enough to spoil yourself thanks to the classic cheesecake recipe and professional chefs.

  1. Prime 68

Prime 68 has become the best place for cake lovers whether its morning, noon, evening or night. There is always cheesecake for each time of day and mood of the person. Located at in the JW Marriott Marquis, Prime 68 may be known as one of the best cake shop in Dubai but expensive at the same time. It cost AED 185 per person at a time.

  1. Gaucho

Gaucho is above average and pocket friendly bakery in Dubai which is specialized in salted Dulce de leche and hazelnut cheesecake comes with indulgent coconut Italian meringue, salted Dulce, marbled chocolate shard and milk chocolate ganache and will cost your pocket a sugary AED 50.

  1. The Cheesecake Factory

As the name state ‘The cheesecake factory’, this cake shop in Dubai has number of branches across the Dubai. They have wide range of cakes for every occasion and individuals that includes cheesecakes and cream cheese pie at significant lower price starting from AED 25.

  1. Uncle Fluffy

The main reason to put the Uncle fluffy on the top of the list is their one-product approach. Uncle Fluffy currently only offers the Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai in four different sizes. Their USPs are the ancient Japanese cheesecake recipe, well trained and experienced staff, enticing packaging, order cheesecake online and cheesecake delivery in Dubai. Since they are focused on the single product – Japanese cheesecake the ability of this elite bakery in Dubai is incredible. Not only they make the cake but also take order for various events and provides services such as cheesecake delivery in Dubai, birthday cake delivery and ordering cheesecake online. Their cheesecake is almost worth getting diabetes for! OK, we don't really mean that last bit but they are ultimately best cake shop in Dubai.


Ever since Uncle Fluffy entered the UAE market in 2016, and the Japanese cheesecakes in Dubai became popular and talk of the town not only on the tongues of the locals but also foreigners have started speaking about the Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai by Uncle Fluffy. The popularity of the Japanese cake and Uncle Fluffy’s reputation as best cake shop in Dubai keep growing with the time and today Uncle fluffy has earned the label Japanese cheesecake legend in Dubai. All credit goes to decades-old Japanese cheesecake recipe, our professional team of chefs, precise mixing, and baking, finishing and packaging.

Moreover, once we started taking orders for various events such as birthday cakes in Dubai, valentine cake, wedding cake and so on, we have started to have customers queueing for hours for their turn to test perfect blend of smoothness and sweetness. It has become totally impossible to catch up with the demand of our customer but we have somehow managed to bless each and every customer with fluffiness and sweetness of Japanese fluffy cake. Japanese cheesecake in Dubai is not just cake but it is feeling that every soul is craving for and uncle fluffy has made it sure to pour the sweetness of Japanese cheesecake in everyone’s’ lives. Because the cheesecakes are so popular and ever-increasing demand of cheesecakes we have to made it limited to one per buyer so everyone can get a chance to test the culinary masterpiece created at the best cake shop in Dubai. Keeping the popularity aside, maintaining the same quality, softness and smoothness of the cake with such a high demand is something we have accomplished leaving the other cake shop in Dubai behind. During the time of festivals we sometimes ever run out of the oven capacity and this makes the line shorter to catch up with the quality.

Currently, we offer Japanese fluffy cake in four different sizes depending on your mood or the occasion. we have created best birthday cakes in Dubai, made the business parties successful, created perfect valentine gift, angelic wedding cakes, and what not. Apart from creating some of the best Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai, we have also started offering service like order cake online, online cake delivery in Dubai and custom design cakes. You can visit Uncle Fluffy at Ibn Battuta Mall if you have any custom requirement for birthday cakes in Dubai and we will leave no stone unturned to make it the best birthday cake of your life.

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