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Posted by21M - Ewing's Sarcoma, Fibrosarcoma 9 months ago
ArchivedStickied postModerator of r/cancer

Hey all, one of the things I've tried to focus on as a mod here has been building the community interaction past just cancer updates and focusing on a little bit more on the fact that we are people as well, not just cancer patients. I'm thinking posts like this where we can suggest music/movies/tv to each other could be really helpful for people. Let me know what you think or if you have suggestions for future threads! Please mark any movies that have to do with cancer/cancer related deaths, thank you!

Posted by21M - Ewing's Sarcoma, Fibrosarcoma 5 months ago
Stickied postModerator of r/cancer

Howdy Hey all, Happy Holidays, at the request of U/Vehemence0 and several other people we now have a Discord server set up to chat in real time! Traditionally Discord has been used to discuss gaming related stuff, and that's what I had originally planned to set up, but I want everyone to feel free to join and talk about whatever. Hopefully this is something a little more casual than the subreddit, something a little more conversational, something a little more fun! Which is something I think we could all use in our lives. Anyway!

It's called R/Cancer if the links expire!


I was diagnosed in November, had a bunch of testing between November and January, had a lateral mastectomy and lymphectomy in January, and started chemotherapy in February. Today was my last round of Chemotherapy! I did it.


At the risk of sounding stupid (I feel stupid) I implore you to get a will for you and your spouse.

My wife died without one. We assumed being in a community property state meant everything just passed to me. Wrong.

We are and were educated people, just not in the law.

In Texas, and probably other community property states, when a spouse dies intestate (without a will), half the estate goes to the spouse and half goes to ALL the children, those from the marriage, those from before the marriage, and THOSE CHILDREN THAT WERE ADOPTED OUT.

If all these people in my life weren’t awesome people, I could have had to sell my business and possibly my home. They all felt this was not equitable and have agreed to gift it all back to me (that’s the way it works).

The estate still must go through probate. Minimum $3,500 for attorney and weeks to finish at least. They shut down all my bank accounts today when they found out she passed. Fixed that but scary and time consuming. With a will they just do what the will says to do.

TL:DR Get a will even if in a community property state.


Mom died.

Actually, more than a year ago. May 4, 2017.

In September 2015, she was diagnosed with Stage IV adenocarcinoma, a 7-centimeter tumor in her left lung and small specks of cancer in her right. She was only given eight months to live.

By God’s grace, genetically she was a candidate for a clinical trial drug called Tarciva that stabilized the cancer for many months. We had all hoped the drug would shrink the tumor, but it only stopped it for a while. “Stable is a positive in our world,” the oncologist had said.

In summer 2016, Tarciva stopped working and she began traditional chemotherapy. We were back on our eight-month timeline. I was at many of her infusions.

But there is no cure for Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. Treatments only give you more time.

Mom had time to go on one last trip with each of her kids. My two sisters went to Mexico with her. My brother to Colorado. And I, at the final hour, in February 2017, went with her to San Francisco and Yosemite.

I was there with mom at the hospital for many of the downturns. When she had her needle biopsy and they staged the cancer and mom found out it was going to kill her. When Tarciva didn’t shrink but only stabilized the tumor. When the oncologist said all the treatment options had failed and the best chance for quality of life in the time she had left was to go home into hospice care and let cancer go.

I asked him how much time she had. He said, “Weeks to months.” If you’re counting, that’s two to eight weeks.

Mom lasted six.

I remember the first day she was home in hospice. One of her girl friends come over to visit. Mom talked with her for an hour, going on about this and that. I sat in a room off to the side listening to her talk, not the words, just the sound of her talking, and it was so pleasant remembering all the times as a kid growing up and listening to her talk on the phone with her friends.

She lost a lot of weight. She made it to her sixtieth birthday. In the end, she was a breathing skeleton. She started hallucinating. And in the last two weeks, she became less and less responsive. She spent her last three days sitting in a padded recliner with her arms folded on a desk in front of her and her head down. I think it was the only position that opened up her chest cavity to allow her to get enough Oxygen.

An hour before her death, her breathing changed to a series of brief sniffs.

A minute before she died, I heard the sniffs catching in the back of her throat, and I knew the air wasn’t getting to her lungs. I told the rest of the family, “This is it.”

The five of us were there. I held her two hands in front. My brother was on her right. My sister was on her left. My dad and my other sister huddled over her further to the left. It was hard to tell when she took her last breath, but at some point, one of my sisters said, “I think she’s gone.”

When she died, everyone cried out loud; I remember specifically my dad and my brother, though.

But I didn’t. I went for a walk around the lake and my legs buckled beneath me every few steps.

I loved my mom.

All the people who knew and loved my family, some knew better than others, that there’s a sadness among our family that’s deeper than death and cancer. And the hurt is this: Decades of not-talked-about hurt and coldness and distance and missed conversations and lost time between my dad and mom. Loss of husband-wife warmth and relationship, all lived out under one roof but never reconciled. It was a real tragedy.

I was sitting beside my mom, just us two, when the oncologist told her it was time to go home into hospice. Dad came in and mom told him. I remember he audibly chocked back a sob, then he kissed her on the forehead, chocked back another sob, and kissed her on the forehead again.

After all the years of him keeping his emotions inside a fortress, I was shocked, shocked to see him cry.

I wish none of this had ever happened. I wish mom and dad had loved each other and been truly happy. I wish mom had never gotten cancer. I wish she hadn’t died. It never had to end this way.


10 months ago I sat here, at my parents house when my world hit a stop. It was a beautiful summer day in July. We were outside. My mother had called me here to tell me something important. We waited for my brother to arrive. Then my father told us, that he was terminally ill with Stage 4 colon cancer. He had between a week and a year left to live according to the doctors. It has been a very tough battle, but full of hope, love and encouragement. And now it’s suddenly over. It’s a beautiful summer day. I’m sitting in the exact same chair. Only my dad isn’t sitting next to me this time.

This morning at 3AM he died at the hospital. He was getting better, doing well and the tumor was shrinking. But he died. The cancer took him from me. He didn’t suffer. There was no pain. But it was so sudden, and we weren’t there with him. I wasn’t there with him. I was there a few hours before. I told him about my day, my new job, my new car, made sure he got his food and drinks and agreed with him that I would come the following day. I told him I love him, and then drove home. And now he is gone. I will never talk to him again, hear his voice or see his smile. I miss his jokes, his silly faces and his love.

I was the apple of his eye; everyone keeps telling me how much he loved me. I just want to hold him and tell him, how much I love him. How much I already miss him.

I have never known pain like this. It’s so surreal. It feels as if I am living in a parallel universe and at any moment I should be able to travel back to my own world. A world where he is alive and waiting for me. But I don’t know how to get there. My brain refuses to believe that he is gone. I keep thinking he is the one turning the doorknob or walking up the stairs. Then I hear my mothers crying voice in my head. “Dad is dead”.

I am lost.

I love you so much daddy. So so so much. Please. Dad. Come back to me. Please...


Hello, im 22 years old male, history of breast cancer ( my mother) but nothing else , sorry for my bad english I have GERD and very bad dental hygiene Im 6"2 and 150 lbs

So here's the story :

One day I notice a small bump in my mouth

Went to the ENT and i had a biopsy done 16 days ago

I got the result today but i didn't understand anything !! he just tell me to come in 6 month for a control ...

I manage to get the conclusion : :

The histological examination revealed a squamous mucosa, whose epithelial reverence was focally ulcerated and replaced by a fibrin-leucocyte coating. On the banks of this ulceration, the epithelium is the seat of a discrete cyto-architectural disorganization with mild to moderate atypia prevailing at the level of the basal layer. The under-height chorion is the secret of a discreet inflammatory infiltrate PAS staining does not show pathogen


Mucus ulceration with mild to moderate atypia whose regenerative or dysplastic character is difficult to assert Monitoring is necessary

I just have few questions :

Its a dysplasia or a benign tumor ? Do I will get cancer in the long run ? What's the cause of this ?


Hello all.

My fiancé is a stage IV lymphoma survivor, but was diagnosed with lung cancer (stage 2) about 8 months ago.

Since then, she has gotten skin cancer from radiation treatments, and has also been diagnosed with lung cancer, and just this week was diagnosed with leukemia. All of those are stage one or two.

She's done one round of chemo, and is starting another now. She's also on the max dose of steroids, and dealing with side effects related to that.

I have made peace with the fact I will likely watch her die, but it's one thing to steel yourself for that inevitability - quite another to actually go through it.

I want to understand what to expect coming up. I have not been able to talk with her doctors - she lives in Canada, and I am in the US - and would like to have an understanding of what is likely to come in the near and long term.

If anyone has specific resources for these cancers, and specifically with multiple cancers, I would greatly appreciate it.


For reference: this is NOT a "do I have cancer"/"please armchair diagnose me" post. I have very capable doctors and live in a country with free health care. I've done all I can on my end, I'm just waiting on referrals and testing to begin. I'm new to this sub, so mods please delete if not allowed. I thought it was better suited here than the cfs or chronic pain subs.

So it turns out I may have breast cancer. I'm waiting on GP referrals but been told cause I'm under 30 I can't be put in as a priority so it may be a few weeks before I find out what's going on. Forgive me if this post seems a little preemptive, but I want to get ahead of this. I don't want to be sideswiped or be pressured while vulnerable later.

My main worry right now is managing my M.E/CFS. It fluctuates from moderate to severe already and I'm just left wondering, if it turns out I do have breast cancer, is there any point going for treatment? Even if my odds against the cancer itself are good?

I'm umming and arring over quality of life and all that. I'm already so exhausted. My immune system is already f*cked. But at the same time I'm only 21? I certainly don't want to die. I started my dream uni course last year things are going well with SO. itd be a shame to throw that all away.

I'm wondering if any of you kind souls have any experience managing both chronic illness and cancer? Or have any advice for someone in my position?

Also, those of you who've chosen to stop or not do treatment, how did you get your family and friends onboard? I can see that being one giant guilt trip bonanza.

I hope you're all having your best day. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.


On 5th April I was taken into hospital suffering from intense abdominal pain; 27 hours later I was having a 15cm cyst removed from my right ovary. The cyst was twisted 4 times which was causing the severe pain, and there was 1L of free fluid in my abdomen. At my follow up appointment 4 weeks later I was told that the cyst contained stage 1 cancer and I was sent for a CT scan. The CT has shown that a new 7cm cyst has already reformed so the recommended treatment is removal of both of my ovaries. I have requested a complete hysterectomy as there’s no point in leaving my womb in there now. They will be checking my abdomen to make sure nothing has been missed so will be cutting me open from the diaphragm down.

I'm finding it all very overwhelming at the moment - I'm more fucked off than I am anything else. I'm fucked off that I've got to start menopause at 32, I'm fucked off that I've got to be off work for another 2-3 months, I'm fucked off that I now can't go on holiday next month, and I'm fucked off about how it's going to ruin my body. I've really struggled to deal with just the lower abdomen swelling over the past 6 weeks; having my entire abdomen swollen along with a massive fuck off scar down the middle and separated muscles is going to mess me up a lot. The effect this is going to have on my body is literally the only thing I've shed a tear over.

I've never wanted to children so that isn't much of an issue to me but it still sucks that the choice has been taken away from me.

I feel like I'm going to be ruined by this - I've realised that to my ability to reproduce and choose not to is what makes me feel like a woman; now I'm not going to have that.

I hate this


Tonight, I am sitting at her side, holding her hand, as she’s being taken away from me.

She’s ready to go. We’ve planned for this for years. But none of us are ready. I had to watch my 4 year old nephew say goodbye to his Grandma, for what he doesn’t understand is the last time. My dad is on her other side, holding her other hand, while her other 2 children, her niece, her brother, and 2 sisters watch her struggle to breath... Just waiting for the last one.

We arrived here today thinking, she had an ulcer, at 9am. It’s now 2am. If she makes it to the morning we are going ahead with assisted suicide, and all I want is for her to go on her own before we need to go that route.

I love you, Mom. I’ll always be your boob.

Fuck cancer.

Edit: She’s gone. She’s gone and now I have to continue my life. Somehow.


Tell me a funny story. Literally about anything if possible something that has to do with someone battling the disease. Raunchier the better. Need to laugh today. My dad gave me his dark inappropriate sense of humor so I’ll tell you mine first.

My funny story: it was the day my dad passed in February “luckily in his sleep”. After the coroner shows up he obviously starts asking questions, but since my dad was stage four and got out of the hospital the night before we knew it was natural causes that took him. I start to play dumb with the coroner, ask him what his job is. He explains that he is there to investigate, treat every death as a murder until proven otherwise.

The room goes silent... perfect timing for me to blurt out “guess I probably shouldn’t tell you about mom and dads fight last night then”

Everyone loses it. My Uncle goes looks at me and says “at least his humor didn’t die with him”


So I fought a little over a year ago, and after hearing all the reasons for and against chemo/radiation, I still opted for their use based on the statistical evidence and information discovered in advance of my decision.

I feel like a punching bag for the eastern medicine holistic community. I'm not trying to castigate or come down on the whole approach to medicine. I acknowledge how ignorant that is, and I also acknowledge the rich and productive history of medicine coming out of the Ayurvedic (and plenty of other holistic) communities, but it kills me how often I hear people tell me, "Oh, you did chemo? Oh, man. You should never have done chemo, especially radiation." Then they talk about some anecdotal thing they know, maybe some webpages and documentaries they viewed, usually tacked on with some reprimand for western science. I always want to say, "go fuck yourself" and that if eastern medicine were what they say it is, it would just be called medicine (and likely is in use as medicine in the western venue without the special title). Some comic said that, but I feel like it's also right.

To me, I don't give a fuck if you think mindfulness alone would have saved my life. That, manifesting some great willpower or harmony between my body and spirit are the keys to unlocking a way to beating cancer and then not show me the extraordinary evidence for those extraordinary claims. Because I can show you the correlations between ABVD and Hodgkins Lymphoma. Do I think chemo/rads are the end-all/be-all? Fuck no! No question they'll be replaced with some new placebo controlled-double blind peer-reviewed treatment that shows a stronger correlation in recovery than a previously known medicine--this is how science is supposed to work. But the onus is on being as unbiased as possible and having reproducible results.

And I know chemo kills people. I know how weak it makes us. But for fuck sake, for many of us fighting, chemo and rads are the best empirical approach in extending our lives or curing us. And I fully know that eastern medicine (as pejorative as that is to write in this tone) has had successes too. My doubt comes down to reproducibility and showing me using controlled techniques, and whenever I mention this, all I get is, "Statistics can be manipulated. The science is flawed, if not inadequate." I don't give a damn where the medicine comes from; whether some of us label it as eastern, alternative, western, whatever, I want facts. I don't want to be told that for some psychosomatic reason the medicine didn't take because I didn't harness enough internal will for it to work, or consume enough supplements, unless, indeed you show me this with scientific prudence.

How do we know what traditional eastern medicines are successful using the "western" scientific method? Is this an active leg in the oncology community, digging through centuries of techniques and approaches claimed by a different schools of thought? How are these two schools of medicine coming together?


Hi everyone! I posted on here not too long ago about my mom. This weekend she was sent to the ER due to a high white blood cell count and high calcium levels. We were told that the cancer has spread to her brain, liver, spine, bones, absolutely everywhere. It’s already in her back, hip, and lungs. Due to the cancer her spine is fractured along with her hip. We have discontinued treatment and she only has a couple weeks left in this life. Hospice is coming to the house today. It doesn’t feel like this is happening to MY mom. It feels like it’s another family member or a friend. I want to tell my mom about this person too but this person is my mom. I love her so much. I don’t mean to sound morbid but I’m glad she only has a couple weeks instead of months so she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. My heart is constantly racing. I feel like I’m drowning all the time. My family isn’t handling this well either. I just want this pain to be over for her, my family, and myself.

Posted by33M | Stage IV Carcinoid (w/Syndrome)1 day ago

I was told today by my doctors that in all likelihood, my life is going to be lived in 3-month intervals for the foreseeable future.

-- Get a full scan run.

-- See how the cancer is growing (or not).

-- Decide to continue with current treatment or try a new treatment based on that information.

-- Wait 3 more months for another scan run.

-- Repeat.

I have already been going through this so far this year (since my diagnosis at the end of last year), and I thought there might be an end in sight, but I was mistaken. I am trying to go to school, trying to work, but have been very limited with regards to both, and don't even get me started on trying to date.

There is no cure currently, so treatments are mostly palliative or delay tactics, hoping for advancements in the future. And because its stage IV and my liver area is heavily involved, I am already committed to symptom medications consistently which cause their own side effects but at least prevents life-threatening symptoms from popping up. Treatments will likely consist of trying various drugs, chemo, and a liver transplant as a last resort (although that's just an endgame delay tactic and comes with its own risks). There may also be continued surgeries in certain areas, again, as a delay tactic.


HOW do I live my life 3 months at a time endlessly waiting for the next scan run. It feels like I cant plan for anything because I never know if in 3 months the scans will result in a drastic change, or medication that has serious side effects, or surgery. I cant commit to any type of schedule as it pertains to life (work, school, romantic) that's longer than 2-3 months. I feel stuck.

So I am asking here, anyone who has had to live their life in a similar way, a few months at a time, how do I wrap my head around it and how do I make it work? Because I am struggling to find a direction here.


Has anyone else had this experience?

I have a team of two radiation oncologists, both treating my Stage 3B cervical cancer. At this point it has become a pattern that one of them (let's call her Good Cop) always emphasizes what's going well with my treatment, to the point of leaving the rest out. She did it at the start: Reassuring me that no, this wasn't cancer, and then, don't worry, you'll only need a hysterectomy, and so on. Last week after my brachytherapy, she happily announced that the tumor had really shrunk, "We almost can't see it on the MRI!"

This week, I met with my second oncologist (I won't call her Bad Cop, but rather Frank Cop), who told me that yes, the tumor is definitely reducing: from 4 cm to less than 1 cm. However, the inflamed lymph node that we've been monitoring — the pelvic lymph node that pushes me up into Stage 3, which is the reason I'm having a full course of chemo & radiation, the lymph node that makes everything scary because it means my cancer has metastasized — has not stopped growing.

While I appreciate that Good Cop wants me to be optimistic and hopeful, I don't appreciate being misled, and that's what it feels like. I would have preferred to hear no update, rather than getting my hopes up for a week, only to get the full picture later. Now it's really hard to not interpret this as a step backward, even though my rational mind knows that it isn't.

At this point, I've decided to discreetly ask Frank Cop if she can be the primary communicator for any updates and progress reports. I'm sure this isn't universal, because we all respond to and need different things when we're in these vulnerable states. But for me, I don't want an oncologist that is focussed on protecting me from the reality of my health — I want one that I can trust.


My 23 yr old cousin has Stage 4 bone cancer (osteosarcoma, very rare and very low survival rate). Her chemo is absolutely ravaging her body. Suggestions for specific strains/products that help cancer patients with pain? Specifically: loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, nausea. She can't inhale anything so would also appreciate suggestions on oils, edibles, etc. Need at least 2:1 ratio, THC really messes with her anxiety which is already at an all-time high. TIA.

(xposted with r/CBD)


So.... I’ve been “sick” for the past couple weeks and I finally dragged myself to the student health center and now they’re testing for like, more general stuff but they also want test to see if my cancer has returned.

And I really do appreciate their thoroughness, but my scans arent officially for another month (at a different medical center) and so I’m having unexpected scanxiety. I really don’t want to have cancer again (Obviously!)

I also feel very...outside myself. Like I am calm and fine but also freaked out, but not showing that. It doesn’t help that I’ve been having a difficult week in general, and now I have to deal with a suprise spike in cancer/ death fears. :/


My husband was diagnosed with stage IV Adenocarcinoma (lung cancer). He’s early in chemo. We decided to treat him with CBD as well since we have a friend that went into remission from his liver cancer by using CBD alone. We only bought a couple of doses of it to get started and called a 2nd supplier to see their prices and whatnot. She seemed more concerned about helping and informed about his cancer than actual money. She also said it’s THC he’s needing not just the CBD alone. Marijuana is legal in our state and he already was a smoker anyways so we don’t care either way. We just want to be doing all we can. I’m reading stuff and confused as I go. Has any of you gotten a better grasp on what we should be doing?


I found out yesterday my mom has cancer. I have gone through what feels like an infinite amount of emotions. I had a complete break down at work and trying to process all of this is overwhelming. I keep being hit with these constant feelings of pain and sadness. I feel like I can't breath, I am so afraid of losing my mom. How do I cope with this? How did you all deal with this at first? This has sucked the life from me and I don't know what to do. I am so scared.


I had a thin amelanotic melanoma removed from my cheek in 2016 and another primary melanoma removed from my arm in February this year. I've had swollen salivary glands since January. Non tender and hard, some pain upon swallowing, 2 rounds of antibiotics with no change. I had my ENT appointment last Thursday and he sent me for a CT same day. It's now Tuesday and I still haven't heard anything. I hate waiting. The chances of it having spread are low as I was only stage t1b, but it's not impossible. I'm just writing about it so that maybe I can actually focus on work again. I've been useless since the scan.

Edit: I realize I've had it easy this far with only excisional/reconstructive surgery. I know you stage III and IV patients have had a much tougher fight.


Hello hopefully kind internet strangers,

My mother was diagnosed with lungcancer which has spread to her lymfe glands and her brain membrane. She has had some radiation therapy, however, chemo is no option at this moment. She is physically and emotionally too weak according to the docter and I actually kind of agree with him. My mother at this moment can not walk more then about 20 feet on her own. Has minor seizures and can not reccolect half of her day at the end of the day. Next to this she has severe headache attacks where she screams violently.

My mothers boyfriend thinks she is ready to go home (She is in the hospital at this time) and get help from a homecare service and himself. I dont think this is a good idea seeing the seizures, the headache attacks and not knowing what she did for half of her day. On top of this my mum has incest past with her father sexually and physically hurting her over a decade, the pain meds bring on hallucinations to her past, so she isn't very friendly to male nurses. Whom unintentionally scare her.

I am trying to discuss options for treatment and care with my mother and her boyfriend however, my mother can not talk about it ( it takes to much energie and she has told me she does not know whatbis best at this moment im time) and he has such a different view then I do.

I'm at my wits end and starting to fall apart myself as well. I do not want to completely take over from my mom and her boyfriend but she is really hurting right now and I believe she needs medical help and rest and not a loving boyfriend and her daughter running out of energie and messing up her health.

Has anyone here not seen eye to eye with another person about a loved ones care? Does anyone have input about what a person in my mothers situation might be feeling, thinking but not saying as not to hurt her loved ones.

Sorry: English is not my native language. Also Sorry if this is the wrong sub for my post but I just cant anymore, I've been crying my eyes out for 3 days.


And it sucks. I had hysterectomy last Monday. I have not seen oncologist yet. I’m freaking out and really have no idea what to think, say or do. The gynecologist who did my surgery was zero help. Literally told me I’d have to see the oncologist for all the info. I don’t even know why I’m posting. I’m just a mess.


Hi everyone! TL;DR at the bottom :)

My dad is currently undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkins MCL (he came out of remission in 2015), and I was hoping some of you might have some suggestions as to what I could give him for father's day. He's... a unique individual, and he sometimes thinks he knows better than his doctors and doesn't always follow instructions. He doesn't give me too many details about how treatments are going or what drugs he's on... or much of anything really. I find it really hard to get him anything as gifts because he doesn't seem to want much. He does things the way he wants to do things even if it's harder on him, so often gifts I've gotten to help him don't get used or get used in weird ways.

Right now he's on at least one medication, not sure what, and he's experiencing water retention (feet/calves especially, but also face), what I think might be ecchymosis on his arms (internal bleeding, looks like deep red bruises), and pretty severe fatigue. His oncologist said his blood counts are all fine, but he insists they're doing blood draws at the wrong time. He has had anemia before, but the doctors said they don't see signs of it, though they did say the ecchymosis was probably due to low blood counts? I don't know. He just doesn't tell me much of anything. I'm going on the assumption that his counts are in fact low since he has bruising and fatigue.

So I was thinking I'd get him some foods that could help with his low blood counts. He lives one state over and he's alone in his apartment, so he's had to do all his shopping and cooking himself. Which is obviously a problem when you're just too weak sometimes. The internet says foods high in iron, B12, folic acid, vitamin A, and copper can help with low blood counts. So I was wondering if any of you know of easy-to-make meals that have higher levels of those. Even microwaveable meals; he loves those because they're so easy and usually they're just the right portions. Last I heard, he's been eating a lot of ramen, frozen foods, and probably microwaveable Indian food, which isn't exactly the best for his situation. But I know it's just what's easiest. I'm a very picky eater myself so I don't know what all is out there.

TL;DR: looking for low-effort food ideas that will help with my dad's low blood counts/water retention from his treatments; microwaveable or very easy prep is best. Or anything easy and healthy that he can eat that you have found helps you. Or just general father's day gift suggestions! He loves NYT crossword puzzles, watching the same movies and tv shows on Netflix, and apparently getting banned from astronomy forums for having his own crazy ideas about galaxies and being an old man on the internet.



I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer November 2017. Two months later, my husband left. I was curious if anyone else may be going through a similar experience, or how common it is for loved ones to leave after a diagnosis.


Tldr at the end. I am an 18 year old male that was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma September 11 2016. I was considered no evidence of disease on May 17 2017. Just under 1 year later they found another cancerous nodule on my lung. The decision to continue treatment or stop has been eating away at me from the day they told me it was back. Last week I had the nodule on my lung removed, and today I had a port placed. The first treatment killed me mentally. I can't sleep and my anxiety has been eating away at me since my first diagnosis. Mentally I can't handle this fight again. I was on the verge of ending my own life during the first fight and now it's just gotten worse. It's come to a point where I am resorting to reddit for help. I currently have no tumors, but they want to treat. I can choose to not treat and the long term survival rate is 12% or I can choose to treat and that has a long term survival rate of only 20%. I just want other people's opinion on what they would do.

Tl;dr 18 male relapsed ewings sarcoma asking what I should do treatment wise. With the best treatment so far it's a 20% survival rate. Without it's 12%.

Please I just need some help

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