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Weekly - What Car Should I Buy Megathread

Any posts pertaining to car buying suggestions or advice go in this weekly Megathread. A fresh thread will be posted every Monday and posts auto sorted by new. A few other subreddits worth checking out that will help your car buying expierance is /r/WhatCarShouldIBuy, /r/UsedCars and /r/AskCarSales. Make/Model specific questions should be asked on Make/Model specific subreddits. Check the AutosNetwork for a complete list of those subreddits. Also check out our community made Ultimate car buying wiki

For those posting,

Please use the following template in your post.

  • Location: (Specify your country or region)

  • Price range: (Minimum-Maximum in your local currency)

  • Lease or Buy:

  • New or used:

  • Type of vehicle: (Truck, Car, Sports Car, Sedan, Crossover, SUV, Racecar, Luxury etc.)

  • Must haves: (4x4, AWD, Fuel efficient, Navigation, Turbo, V8, V6, Trunk space, Smooth ride, Leather etc.)

  • Desired transmission (auto/manual, etc):

  • Intended use: (Daily Driver, Family Car, Weekend Car, Track Toy, Project Car, Work Truck, Off roading etc.)

  • Vehicles you've already considered:

  • Is this your 1st vehicle:

  • Do you need a Warranty:

  • Can you do Minor work on your own vehicle: (fluids, alternator, battery, brake pads etc)

  • Can you do Major work on your own vehicle: (engine and transmission, timing belt/chains, body work, suspension etc )

  • Additional Notes:

For Those Responding and Making Suggestions,

  • Facts: Are ideal in this thread, especially when trying to help out a new car buyer. Don't just blatantly make stuff up. If /r/cars does one thing right as a community, we call people out on b/s. Have the source ready to backup your statement and reasoning for your suggestions. A good percentage of folks here take

For Those Asking,

  • Be sure to thank those who take the time to offer you advice. Especially those that lead you to a purchase. A follow up thank you and letting them know their advice led to a purchase is a very warm fuzzy feeling.

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u/JoJoMan18's 1996 Corvette LT4

My favorites of my 1996 Corvette LT4, half taken on the same day because the sunset was so awesome.

Featured Vehicle Submission Thread<<<

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Hey Reddit: Want to write better? Eliminate grammatical mistakes, wipe out wordiness, and let your ideas shine. See for yourself why over 10 million users are hooked on Grammarly's free writing app.

Posted by2001 Honda S20002 hours ago

2001 AP1, 90k miles, previous owner was an old man who babied it. I'm going from a 2003 Nissan Frontier to this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I can not believe my eyes. Geico was charging me $520 a month for my Charger SRT so I switched to progressive and they gave me $225. Not bad! BUT I just got a used M5 and sold the SRT...

My insurance on the M5 you ask? What could a former $110,000 car with 560bhp cost for insurance?

$90. Yep. Ninety dinero. What is life lmao.

Edit: Wow 420 upvotes!? I didn’t realize this was that interesting. Thanks for all the comments guys!


I don't know if you go on Reddit or will ever see this, but you honestly made my lousy night in a pretty good one. When your white S2000 passed the bus I was on. I started cracking up and almost burst out laughing. The other passengers must have thought I was insane or something. Thanks for the laugh dude, you are the real MVP.

Edit: also to clarify it was an Ontario plate.

Crossposted byLS swapped Tesla. JUST KIDDING6 hours ago

In a paywalled article the German business weekly "manager magazin" reports that Porsche wants to go completely electric by 2027. One exception: the 911.

The Macan, Cayenne, Boxster and Panamera will successively switch to pure electric drive trains.

The reason: It's too expensive to develop electric and conventional drive trains in parallel.

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Get your Bob Ross on with the Reddit Gifts Art Supplies exchange! Sing up by October 1st to get matched!

Posted by2018 Mazda 6 GT10 hours ago

Went to my dealership to purchase a 2018 Mazda 6 GT and sales guy showed me their internal documents for some updated 2019 models. Looks like CX-5 will be getting a big upgrade. Still no news on diesel engine though.

Posted by'16 SS 6MT / '10 Colorado V8 Z711 day ago

Today, during the Cadillac Dealer Business Conference in Las Vegas, Executive Vice President and President of GM Global Product Group and Cadillac Mark Reuss introduced the newest member of the brand’s V-Series family: the CT6 V.

“At its introduction at the New York Auto Show last spring, this vehicle was named CT6 V-Sport,” said Reuss. “But when you look at it, when you drive it … there is no equivocation. This is a full-blooded V-Series performer in every way — one that’s worthy of the name.”

Since its inception in 2004, the V-Series sub-brand has offered customers everything they’ve come to expect from a luxury vehicle as well as a high-performance sedan. “Three generations later, V-Series is recognized and coveted by many as a symbol of Cadillac Performance engineering,” added Steve Carlisle, president of Cadillac. “In fact, our V-Series models outperform and often outsell their competitors. As we accelerate Cadillac’s growth around the world, our V-Series will continue to expand the brand, enhance its image and attract new buyers to our showroom.”

Reuss also announced at the conference that the engine for this vehicle will be branded the Blackwing V-8. Blackwing earns its name from the merlette, the black bird that adorns the original coat-of-arms of explorer Antoine Cadillac, founder of Detroit and a hero of Cadillac’s founder Henry M. Leland.

Hand-built and hand-signed by passionate technicians, the Blackwing V-8 is specific to Cadillac. The all-new 4.2 liter twin-turbo V-8 engine develops an estimated 550 horsepower and a class-leading 627 lb-ft of torque. The engine is managed by an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission and chassis enhancements that deliver exceptional ride and handling.

The Blackwing V-8 will also appear in the CT6 Platinum model, in a different tuning, and will emphasize quiet refinement. In the Platinum model, the engine will deliver an estimated 500 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque.

“This is the latest example of exclusive innovation that will consistently appear throughout the Cadillac product portfolio,” Reuss continued. “Cadillac remains the tip of the GM corporate spear when it comes to rolling out that innovation. Many of these technologies, like Super Cruise and V2X, will move us closer to our stated vision for the future of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion. To get us there, Cadillac is going to lead the way.”

Source: GM Socrates


for those of you guys that seen RCR's review of the Centurion vantruck, you'll know what I'm talking about. I was doing some random searching and came across a company called Blackhawk Fiberwerx, and they are still making Vantrucks (not as nice as the centurion tho sadly). From the info I could find, they're vans that were previously box trucks or a similar cab/chassis configuration, and they're turned into pickup trucks to give them a second lease on life (along with the fact used box trucks are pretty cheap compared to a pickup version of the same chassis). was just something cool I felt the need to share.


Hey guys, was wondering if someone could help me out before I go to a mechanic today. I work at a prison and so I have to wake before the sun comes up to be at briefing by 5:45 AM.

The other day, I started up my car and none of the lights came on. The AC/radio, ect. worked fine but all of those lights (and possibly others I didn't check?) would not come on. The little bit of research I've done, it says it's the Lighting Control Module. Is there anything else it could possibly be before I drop the cash on a new LCM?

If not, how hard is it to put in a LCM? Should I attempt to do it even though I'm mechanically illiterate?

Here's the part I am probably going to order;

I appreciate all of your guy's help.

I seen online that it's common for the 03, 04, and 05 to have LCM failures but I can't find anything on an 01. I can't even find a video of how to replace the LCM in an 01.


Hey guys, first time poster in this sub. I just got a 5-speed manual 530i with 130k miles for $2500 which I consider a decent steal. I've never owned a German car so I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for a first time owner. I'm pretty handy and do all my own maintenance on my current car (a Honda). Mostly curious about any particular problems this car typically has (esp. at 130k miles) and any good sources for parts/how to videos. Thanks!


For me, the abundance of side vents on vehicles that was on everything from Jaguars to the Ford Focus of the late 2000’s has always killed me. It’s also taken (a very small) amount of my love for the new Kia Stinger and Genesis G70. Which designs and eras do you hate?

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