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Weekly - What Car Should I Buy Megathread

Weekly - What Car Should I Buy Megathread

Any posts pertaining to car buying suggestions or advice go in this weekly Megathread. A fresh thread will be posted every Monday and posts auto sorted by new. A few other subreddits worth checking out that will help your car buying expierance is /r/WhatCarShouldIBuy, /r/UsedCars and /r/AskCarSales. Make/Model specific questions should be asked on Make/Model specific subreddits. Check the AutosNetwork for a complete list of those subreddits. Also check out our community made Ultimate car buying wiki

For those posting,

Please use the following template in your post.

  • Location: (Specify your country or region)

  • Price range: (Minimum-Maximum in your local currency)

  • Lease or Buy:

  • New or used:

  • Type of vehicle: (Truck, Car, Sports Car, Sedan, Crossover, SUV, Racecar, Luxury etc.)

  • Must haves: (4x4, AWD, Fuel efficient, Navigation, Turbo, V8, V6, Trunk space, Smooth ride, Leather etc.)

  • Desired transmission (auto/manual, etc):

  • Intended use: (Daily Driver, Family Car, Weekend Car, Track Toy, Project Car, Work Truck, Off roading etc.)

  • Vehicles you've already considered:

  • Is this your 1st vehicle:

  • Do you need a Warranty:

  • Can you do Minor work on your own vehicle: (fluids, alternator, battery, brake pads etc)

  • Can you do Major work on your own vehicle: (engine and transmission, timing belt/chains, body work, suspension etc )

  • Additional Notes:

For Those Responding and Making Suggestions,

  • Facts: Are ideal in this thread, especially when trying to help out a new car buyer. Don't just blatantly make stuff up. If /r/cars does one thing right as a community, we call people out on b/s. Have the source ready to backup your statement and reasoning for your suggestions. A good percentage of folks here take

For Those Asking,

  • Be sure to thank those who take the time to offer you advice. Especially those that lead you to a purchase. A follow up thank you and letting them know their advice led to a purchase is a very warm fuzzy feeling.

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Congrats to Donut Media for reaching 1M subscribers! Up to Speed is one of my favorite car related shows to watch and if you haven't checked them out, I would highly recommend it!


Saved this 1991 Honda CRX Si from the scrapper today. It’s a copy of my first car ever..

I was passing by a junk yard and saw it on the back of a rollback tow truck. Gate was closed and I couldn’t get in because it was after hours. Moments late, a large forklift lifts the car and puts it on the blocks and workers get ready to start preparing it to be scrapped. I yell over the fence and talk to the owner and offer to purchase the car and he agrees. I don’t know if it runs or anything. It’ll be delivered to me tomorrow morning!

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A beginner's guide to Audi models


T = turbo

TT = twin turbo

d = diesel

Td = turbodiesel

Avant = Wagon bodystyle

Cabrio (Cabriolet) = 2 door convertible bodystyle

Coupe = 2 door hardtop

Sportback = 4 door hatchback (similar to the A7)

Spyder = Convertible (R8)

There will be a note the bottom of the A3, A4, and A6 sections if Avant/Cabrio/Sportback models are available in addition to the sedan/saloon bodystyle.

The Audi Quattro, introduced in 1980, was the first vehicle with Audi’s AWD, quattro system. It is often referred to as the Ur-Quattro (with “Ur” meaning “first” in German)

All subsequent models using the word “quattro” spell it with a lowercase “q” in honor of the Ur-Quattro.


Generation - model years

Model Displacement/ Cylinders/ Horsepower Notes/

Aspiration Configuration (bhp) Years in production


80 B1 - 1973-1979

Fox 1.5 I4 55hp (1973-1979)

Fox 1.6 I4 83hp (1974-1976)

Fox 1.6 I4 78hp (emissions) (1977-1979)

*The Fox was available as a two-door and as a four door*


80 B2 – 1980-1986


4000 1.6 I4 76hp (1980)

4000 1.7 I4 74hp (better tq.) (1981-1987)

4000 5+5 2.1 I5 100hp (1981-1983)

4000S 1.8 I4 102hp (1984-1986)

4000CS quattro 2.2 I5 115hp (1984-1986)

*4wd 80 first available in 1983*

80 B3 - 1988-1992

80 (FWD) 2.0 I4 108hp (1988-1990)

80 (FWD) 2.3 I5 130hp (1991-1992)

80 quattro 2.3 I5 130hp (1988-1992)

90 2.3 E 2.3 I5 130hp (1988-1989)

90 quattro 20v 2.3 (20v) I5 164hp (1990-1992)

Coupé quattro 2.3 (20v) I5 164hp (1990-1991)

*There was a sport package available for the 80 quattro including sports seats and additional gauges*

80 B4 - 1993-1994

90 2.8 V6 172hp (1993-1994)

*In the United States, only the Audi 90 was sold, whereas in Europe, only the Audi 80 was sold*

C2 100 - 1978-1988

5000 2.1 I5 103hp (1978-1983)

5000 Turbo 2.1T I5 130hp (1980-1983)

5000 2.0d I5 67hp (1980-1983)

5000 2.0Td I5 84hp (1983)

C4 A6(?) - 1994-1997

Audi 100/S4 2.2T I5 227hp

4.2 V8 286hp


TT Mk1 - 1998-2006

TT 1.8T I4 180hp

TT 3.2 V6 250hp

B5 A4 - 1994-2001

A4 1.8T I4 150hp

A4 2.8 V6 190hp

S4 2.7TT V6 261hp

RS4 2.7TT V6 375hp (Europe only)

C5 A6 - 1997-2004

A6 2.8 V6 190hp

A6 2.7TT V6 250hp

A6 4.2 V8 300hp

S6 4.2 V8 335hp

RS6 4.2TT V8 444hp

*The 2002-2003 S6 was also offered as an Avant*

D2 A8 - 1994-2002

A8 2.8 V6 190hp

A8 3.7 V8 230hp

A8 4.2 V8 295hp

S8 4.2 V8 355hp (5 valves per cylinder/40v)

*W12 A8 not yet released in North America*


B6 A4 - 2000-2006

A4 1.8T I4 180hp

A4 3.0 V6 217hp

S4 4.2 V8 340hp

*No RS4 this generation*

*The B6 A4 1.8T, A4 3.0, and S4 were also offered as Avants and Cabrios*


TT Mk2 - 2008-2014

TT 2.0T I4 200hp (2008-2010)

TT 2.0T I4 211hp (2011-2014)

TT 3.2 V6 250hp (2008-2009)

TTS 2.0T I4 265hp (2009-2014)

TT RS 2.5T I5 335hp (2012-2014)

8P A3 - 2005-2012

A3 2.0T I4 200hp

A3 3.2 V6 250hp (2005-2010)

*8P A3 only offered as a Sportback in America*

B7 A4 - 2004-2008

A4 2.0T I4 200hp

A4 DTM 2.0T I4 220hp (2005-2007)

A4 3.2 V6 252hp (2004-2010)

S4 4.2 V8 340hp

RS4 4.2 V8 420hp

*DTM: Special edition made to celebrate Audi winning the DTM championship in 2004…

A4 DTM includes: carbon fiber lip spoiler, unique wheels, front and rear bumper with air intakes and carbon fiber trim, larger exhaust, more power and tighter suspension.

The S4 DTM just had the aesthetic modifications (bumpers, wheels, spoiler)

S4 25quattro: This was a special edition S4 made in 2006 to celebrate quattro’s 25th anniversary. 250 S4 25quattro’s were made. They had similar aesthetic modifications as the DTM A4/S4. They only came with the 6spd transmission and in the Avus Silver color. The S4 25quattro also differed in that its exhaust had custom dual tips instead of quad tips.

*The B7 A4 2.0T and A4 3.2 were also offered as Avants and Cabrios*

*The B7 RS4 and S4 were also offered as Cabrios*

C6 A6 - 2004-2011

A6 3.2 V6 252hp

A6 3.0T V6 296hp (2008-2011)

A6 4.2 V8 330hp (2004-2008, 40v)

A6 4.2 V8 345hp (2009-2011, 32v fsi)

S6 5.2 V10 429hp

RS6 5.0TT V10 571hp (Europe only)

D3 A8 - 2002-2009

A8 4.2 V8 335hp

A8L 6.0 W12 444hp

S8 5.2 V10 444hp

1st gen R8 - 2006-2015

R8 Coupé 4.2 V8 414hp (2006-2012)

R8 Spyder 4.2 V8 428hp (2011-2012)

R8 Coupé 5.2 V10 525hp (2009-2012)

R8 Spyder 5.2 V10 525hp (2010-2012)

R8 V10 Plus 5.2 V10 542hp (2012-2014)

R8 GT 5.2 V10 552hp (2010-2013)

R8 GT Spyder 5.2 V10 552hp (2010-2013)

R8 LMX 5.2 V10 562hp (2014)


**The 3.0T engine in the following cars is supercharged even though it has a T**

B8 A4 - 2008-2016

A4 2.0T I4 208hp (2008-2012)

A4 2.0T I4 222hp (2013-2016)

S4 3.0T V6 329hp

RS4 Avant 4.2 V8 450hp (Europe only)

*The 2008-2012 A4 was also offered as an Avant *

B8 A5 - 2007-2016

A5 Coupe 2.0T I4 208hp

A5 Cabrio 2.0T I4 208hp

A5 Coupe 3.2 V6 261hp

S5 Cabrio 3.0T V6 329hp

S5 Coupe 4.2 V8 349hp

RS5 Coupe 4.2 V8 450hp

C7 A6 - 2011-Present

A6 2.0T I4 208hp

A6 3.0T V6 306hp

S6 4.0TT V8 414hp

S6 4.0TT V8 450hp (later model?)

RS6 Avant 4.0TT V8 552hp (Europe only)

RS6 Performance 4.0TT V8 597hp (Europe only)

C7 A7 - 2011-Present

A7 3.0T V6 306hp

S7 4.0TT V8 420hp

S7 4.0TT V8 450hp

RS7 4.0TT V8 560hp

RS7 Performance 4.0TT V8 605hp

D4 A8 - 2010-2017

A8 L 4.2 V8 367hp (2010-2012)

A8 L 4.0TT V8 429hp (2012-Present)

A8 L 6.3 W12 493hp (2010-2016)

S8 4.0TT V8 512hp (2012-2015)

S8 Plus 4.0TT V8 605hp (2016-Present)


TT Mk3 - 2014-Present

TT 2.0T I4 220hp*

TTS 2.0T I4 292hp*

TT RS 2.5T I5 400hp

*The TT and TTS have 230hp and 310hp (respectively) in Europe*

8V A3 - 2012-Present

A3 1.8T I4 170hp

A3 2.0T I4 186hp

A3 e-tron 1.4T hybrid I4 204hp (combined) (2014-Present)

A3 2.0T I4 220hp

S3 2.0T I4 300hp

RS3 2.5T I5 400hp

*The A3 is also available as a Cabrio*

*The A3 e-tron is only available as a Sportback*

**The 3.0T engine in the following cars is now turbocharged, it is no longer supercharged**

B9 A4 - 2016-Present

A4 2.0T I4 252hp

S4 3.0T V6 354hp

RS4 Avant 2.9TT V6 450hp (Europe only)

B9 A5 - 2016-Present

A5 Coupe/Cabrio 2.0T I4 252hp

A5 Sportback 2.0T I4 252hp

S5 Coupe/Cabrio 3.0T V6 354hp

S5 Sportback 3.0T V6 354hp

RS5 Sportback 2.9TT V6 450hp

2nd gen R8 - 2015-Present

R8 Coupé e-tron Li-ion Battery 456hp (future)

R8 base 3.0TT V6 450hp (future)

R8 V10 5.2 V10 540hp

R8 V10 Spyder 5.2 V10 540hp

R8 V10 RWS 5.2 V10 540hp (RWD)

R8 V10 Plus 5.2 V10 610hp


Over the past few months I made this list for fun to show some of my family how Audi (as with most other automobile companies) share engines between models. I also wanted to show that just because two engines may look similar, doesn’t mean they are, they can have drastically different specifications. For instance, the 4.2 V8 in the B7 S4 is similar to the 4.2 in the C6 A6 (albeit tuned differently); however the 4.2 in the B7 RS4 is a whole ’nother animal.

The list started with the B7 A4, S4, and RS4 and I got a bit carried away!

**Some notes**

I’m know the list probably isn't perfect, but this more so just for fun and for having a list right in front of you where it is easy to compare details. Most of the data in here is from the top of my head (ha, I wish), from years of reading about cars in magazines, forums, websites, etc. and of course, I had a bit of help Wikipedia.

The data in this list represents the American versions of these models; however, I included some notable models from the European market, just to compare them (or because I’m envious we didn’t get them in the United States…yes you, C6 RS6). I’d happily add more from other markets later.

For some models I have a side note saying Europe only, I know these models may have also been available in parts of Asia, Latin America, or other countries/continents; I mean no disrespect, I’m just not as knowledgeable about the availability of models in those other countries; but as I learn more, I’ll happily go more in depth about specific markets and which models are offered there.

Also, I didn’t include diesel engines; I plan on adding them at some point.

The horsepower is in brake horsepower, I know that isn’t the only thing that matters, but it’s what I have so far. Initially I was just going to put the engine configuration and displacement but I wanted to add the hp ratings to show that just because it’s the same engine configuration/size doesn’t mean it’s the same power. If anybody has dyno results or wheel horsepower numbers for any of these models that they would like to share, feel free to let me know and I’ll start making a list to add them in the future.

I am aware that my generations (B6, B7, C6, etc.) aren’t perfect and may not match up exactly. This started just as a list for the A/S/RS4 models, then I added the A/S/RS6, and then I figured I’d add pretty much everything else. I tried to fit the generations for different models/chassis’ into a similar time frame when they were using the same engines across different models.

Also I know the T and TT may not match the badging on the car (for instance the I put 4.0TT for the C7 S6 even though the badge on the fender says 4.0T). I’d rather show if it is a single turbo engine vs. a twin/bi-turbo engine than match the badging. However, I kept the T for the supercharged 3.0 V6 engine. I considered writing it as 3.0S or 3.0S/C but I figured that would just make it more confusing, especially mixed in with the S4, too many S’s. However, doing this may have made it more confusing, so I might change it to S/C down the line.

Eventually I’ll add more to this list, make it look a bit nicer, and touch up my grammar (I fall victim to run-on sentences)... I’ll update along the way!

I plan on adding more vehicles, such as Allroad models, SUVs and crossovers. I would also like to add older vehicles, such as the 4000, 5000, and Quattro. On top of that I think it would be fun to include some rally cars, but the engines and power seemed to fluctuate so much race-to-race, so we’ll see. Either way it’d be awesome to compare Audi’s production engines to engines like the crazy inline-5 in the Group-B Quattro that Walter Röhrl drove at Pikes Peak.

I also would like to add more details on the cars/engines later, such as lb-ft torque, whp, quarter mile times, 0-60 times, weight, drivetrain (for the few FWD cars and the RWD R8 V10 RWS), top speed (restricted and unrestricted), differentiate more on body styles (Avant, Cabrio, coupe, saloon/sedan, etc.), and mention if it was produced at quattro GmbH / Audi Sport Gmbh.

At some point I might color code the engines or something along those lines... I mean the initial reason I made this list was to show how different models share engines (although with slightly different tunes/internals) so it would be helpful to have the similar engines to stand out.

Finally, I am not perfect, and I whipped this together pretty quickly last night. I know I can clean it up a bit, and there may be some mistakes, feel free to let me know as I am open to constructive criticism.

Thanks and enjoy! ☺


Do you love your car?

I love my Toyota 86. It got me invested. I love to drive it, I love to hear it, I love to look at it. I've heard loud and clear the 'it's not powerful enough' message coming from car enthusiasts, but I love to drive it ten tenths, and it's faster than every other car I've owned. It's light, it's loud, and it feels great to drive. It's as basic and analogue a car you could buy brand new.

What really shocked me though, was when I realized just how much I loved it.

After hearing this no-power chant coming out (Why isn't the MY17 getting more power? Sti version anyone?) It put some doubt in my mind. After three years of ownership, I decided to look for a new car. Something more powerful. I'd gotten a few raises, and I could afford a 'nice' car.

I tried: A Golf GTI (Manual), it felt slower, heavier, less communicative, and because it didn't rev out as highly or as loudly, it just didn't give me the same feeling while driving. The ride was comfortable, but compared to my 86 I felt numb. It must be something you get used to, and why people immediately don't like the ride of the 86.

I tried a Hyundai i30N (Manual). Its marketed as a racier version of the GTI - much less money here, and more powerful. This felt quicker than my 86, it torque steered a little (not used to) which was different for me, it popped and banged, all of which were positives, but it was still quieter than my piped-in engine noise, which I actually like. It was heavier, a bit more numb. The look, while I could appreciate it in white with the black headlights, just wasn't as pretty as my 86. It was quicker, but to change cars from my 86 for just this power felt like it wasn't worth it at all. If I had 45k to buy a new car, and hadn't driven my 86, I'd have bought this over a GTI every day of the week.

I even tried a Focus RS (Manual), which is going to get some flak here. It was quick, very quick, it was large and practical, I didn't find it uncomfortable in sport mode at all (track is actually for tracks so I don't think it should be called uncomfortable for that). The only real complaint I had against it was: The seats were uncomfortable as hell, and the driving position was up there (comparatively) and pretty much that's it. Its a $60k AUD car, twice as much as the 30k I paid for my 86, which is slower, more basic, louder (only on the inside) and less practical. But, the things the price added, I didn't want or need: A better interior, more space, more power, higher running costs, a car loan. It wasn't worth the jump. I took a friend in it for the drive, he has a brz, and he agreed, it's fast and brilliant as a car, but he wouldn't get rid of his brz for it. It was great fun to blast it and let it pop-pop-pop down the road though.

In the end I settled putting on unequal length headers, and getting a canned tune for $1000 total.

I'm not trying to convert anyone to driving or liking my car. It's my car. I don't think I could ever get rid of it, and every other car I drive is lacking some aspect of it that I love. It's ruined me. I daily it, I highway drive it, I track it. I love being sat in it, driving it wherever. It's just a Toyota, I don't have to worry about it starting in the morning, or where I park it. I take my dog to the park it in. It's got some dents and scratches, I know which autocross cones the streaks come from, and it's been in a few small scrapes. But that, and the subtle modifications I've chosen to make, make it mine. I didn't think I'd ever feel this way about a car. It's really a great feeling to just appreciate it every time I get in.

What car do you love? Do you drive it every day? What is it, and why do you love it?


People who have driven many many thousands of miles, just how common are punctures?

I haven't had a single one in my life so far, but I am definitely not the most experienced. I am wondering just how often is that something you have to deal with?

I don't think I have ever even seen anyone changing a tire by the road.


Why do people drive horribly in the rain?

People seem to lose all driving sense in the rain. The logical assumption for worse conditions is that you drive more cautiously, but many drivers seem to become more erratic than if it was normal conditions.


NEW Koenigsegg Regera FIRST DRIVE In The £1.5M Hypercar!


This bugatti has run a 2000 kms in one journey with hot and humid climate.

This bugatti has crossed more than 2,000km along Vietnam. It participates in a journey named: The journey from the heart host by Trung Nguyen Coffee. Viet Nam has a hot and humid climate so i think this jouney is incredible. Actually, this bugatti had to be maintained after the journey. What do you think about this distance?

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Mini Catches fire minutes after full service

I am uploading this to show what happened to a family member's Mini yesterday. This relative had the car serviced and then drove straight to work. Minutes after parking it, the car erupted into flames. How this occurred is under investigation. Will update as more details are revealed following the inspection.


CARROLL SHELBY - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

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Why do most autos short shift first gear?

eg: only revs to 6k in first then almost 7k later gears. I've noticed this on a lot of cars.


Guy's rebuttal to Doug Demuro LS400 review


Fiat Multipla Review - With Richard Hammond (2000)

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Idea for a car enthusiast app.

So, I had an idea for an app the other day which I thought would be useful for car enthusiasts to help each other out.

All of us accumulate parts that we will huck on our shelves, never to be seen again, thinking, "that might be useful someday."

With this app, everytime you added something to your parts stock, you'd add a little entry on your private profile.

Then, if you needed something you could search for it, and it could tell you, "Someone within X miles of you has this part, would you like to contact them?" It would be done semi anonymously so that no one can just get your location/info without you giving it to them etc.


1985 Volvo DL wagon (MotorWeek)

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How would you define a "muscle car" from a "sports car"?

As for me, I'd define a muscle car as a sports car which makes aerodynamics sacrifices for more engine power (large grilles for larger radiators, giant blowers, large size to fit bigger engines, etc.)

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