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Our subreddit has many ways to keep in touch with one another. Whether it be on the sub itself or in our others areas to interact. We're here for world domination. It's like back in the old aim, msn, yahoo days but more gooder. Live chat rooms for even more instant access to have a casual conversation.

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Want a one stop shop for voice and text chat? We have it all! Voice chat! Text chat! A community for all! Do you want to listen to music with friends? Hang out in our music voice chat! Want to make friends or just have a nice conversation? Talk in our text channels.

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With over 250~ members, we are activly one of the most popular channels on snoonet.

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Community Conversation: Blue

Hey and welcome back to our 17th community thread! Every week, we'll have a new topic.


  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Thoughts on the I'm Blue song? Thoughts on The Blue Man Group?
  • What color of blue do you like - give me a hex color code?
  • Ever eat le cordon bleu, what'd you think about it?
  • What does the color blue mean to you?

Anyone else have long conversations with people in their head?

I imagine myself having long, drawn out conversations with people I know. This usually goes on for hours at a time. I'll talk to them and they'll say something, and it just goes back and forth. The thing is, though, that whenever I come back and I try to continue the conversation, I can't. It's like waking up from a dream and trying to go back to sleep to finish it. So I sometimes subconsciously start a new conversation with a new person, and just talk with them.

I usually talk about my life and they'll tell me theirs and I'll imagine myself giving tea and what not. I talk about music and stuff like that. It happens a lot. Anyone have any similar experiences? Thoughts on this?

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I think it is odd that people take things that they do not own.

I was just thinking the other day how we have to lock our bikes to things so that somebody will not take them. If I see an unlocked bike my first thought is not to take it. Same goes for anything really. I just don't understand the type of person that will take something if it isn't bolted to the ground.

EDIT: I never thought that this topic would gain so much interest. I am enjoying reading everyone's thoughts on this.


I’ve been described as boring one too many times.

Why does the fact that I’ve never smoked and don’t drink make me boring? Why does the fact that I stick to the speed limit make me boring?

When I was a child I was always complimented (by adults) as being mature and responsible. Now, I’m boring.

I wish I could be normal and do these things to fit in with people my age but I just can’t bring myself to...

My ex-bf spent many years telling me how boring I am. I really don’t have a high opinion of myself - I feel I’ve got nothing to offer anyone in the way of friendship because I’m no fun.

Sorry it’s a negative post...I haven’t got much to be positive about...


I went "WHEEEEEEEEE" while driving downhill yesterday

I am 22 years old. I was alone in the car.

I saw a rather steep(but safe) decline and an empty stretch ahead of me, lifted my foot off of the brake and let the gravity and momentum do what they do best.

It was a wonderful and freeing moment. I recently realized I had forced myself to be as "mature" as possible all my life and it made me miserable. I made active efforts to change that.

And you know what? Life may throw itself off-course over and over again but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be express joy over fleeting moments inbetween of perfect contentment.

For me, that was a perfect moment. So I actively decided to express myself however I wanted to like at the time.

Edit: I ate some words


I still love America

All politics aside. I love my country. The USA, in spite of its warts, is still an incredible place filled with incredible and diverse people.

I love that in spite of our current challenge, in a couple years we will all go to the polls and make the country look different. Whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican or another party. Everything will change.

I love that in our country we can argue, protest, speak out against the president, or our local officials and not have to hide for fear of our lives.

I love that I know my state representative personally, even though we don’t agree politically, we can still laugh at stupid things.

What makes me sad is when we awfulize the situation and say it can’t change, or that it’s the end. We speak with such strong hyperbole and forget that we have made it through so many challenges and we will make it through this.

I don’t care about your political viewpoint. I love you. We are USA. We’re stronger than this.

God bless America.

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I Had A Wholesome Interaction with A Spider This Morning!

So I was walking to work this morning and I saw a spider with this pretty fantastic web in my next-door neighbour's front yard. I was admiring it when this giant ass leaf came out of nowhere and got stuck right in the centre of the web.

I reached out to remove the leaf and, upon inspection of my hand, found the little guy chilling on me. I reached back up to his web and let him climb back on and get back to waiting for his breakfast and went on my way.

I was a few minutes late to work, but I'd like to think it's worth it.

Did anything interesting or wholesome happen to you this morning/evening?


I’m about to get my wisdom teeth out and I’m scared

I’ve never had surgery before but I’m really nervous I know they put you to sleep but is the pain after bad or do you get really hungry

I’ve been nervous about this ever since the surgeon listed all the things that could go wrong but they say are unlikely to.


I never grew out of being a night owl.

I hated going to bed as a kid. The night was when I had the most energy.

Went to college. Took early classes to help break the habit, but it didn’t help. I did my best and most creative work at night.

Now I’m an adult with an 8-5 job and I still struggle with it. I once looked into a night job so I could stay up, but I really don’t qualify for them.

I’ve come to realize my life will never fit into being a night owl. But it almost makes me sad.

I absolutely love doing work, and then taking a break to watch the sunrise.

Do others feel the same? How can I break this habit to have a normal life?

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Starting my official last class of college (#190)

Since I messed up in my last semester of undergrad, I have to take one final class to fulfill my credits to receive my bachelors degree. It sucks, but luckily my college's tuition is cheap enough that this wont ruin me. I decided to take an online literature class on murder stories. The class started today and ends a month from now.


So far today all I did was introduce myself and take the syllabus quiz. The quiz had an issue where no matter how I worded the days the final paper and research project were due (the answers to two of the questions on the quiz) they system marked me as wrong. I brought this to the attention of the professor and he corrected the issue.


Everything in the class looks relatively simple and fun. We're going to be reading a few stories from Edgar Allen Poe first, then Medea by Euripides, then Antigone by Sophocles, then The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, and lastly The road by Cormac McCarthy. We'll also be watching The Shining at somepoint, which is cool cause I've seen and read that before. I read The Big Sleep before for a different online literature class and I didn't like it, but at least now I wont be in "suspense" the whole time and I can read it faster. I also have been wanting to read The Road for a while now so I'm excited for that.


This should be a nice class to end my college career on. And to anyone confused because I posted back in May that I graduated here's the scoop: At my college you can walk at graduation even if you still have 6 or less credits to complete to get your degree. And since it wasn't official that I was missing those credits until after the graduation ceremony, I was still able to walk with my friends.

What are your thoughts on online classes?

Do you enjoy murder mystery stories?

When you were in school, did you prefer reading intensive classes or writing intensive classes when it came to non-STEM subjects?

This is post #190 out of 365 300something with my goal to have a conversation on here every day of 2018. Feel free to comment on anything I said, answer my questions, or just talk freely about yourself even if it doesn't relate to the post. I'm here to chitchat.

It's been [9] days since I last missed a post


The basement of ny parents house has flooded.

My family owns a flower farm for weddings and stuff and we live on the farm for the spring and summer months. Their "main house" therefore is largely unoccupied during those months. Recently we stopped by to grab a few things and my mom had a little sibling water the flowers on the porch. After they were done they set the hose down near our egress window, but forgot to shut off the hose. My mom was stopping by today to check on the house and came to find that the basement was quite wet from about a week or so of the water running from the hose, through the edges of the window and into our basement. We are heading back now with a pump, but are unsure of how bad it is as my mom was quite flustered on the phone. We have insurance and stuff so we should be alright we think, but it's gonna be a huge hassle. The only things I think I lost we're my ukulele a pretty nice Ibanez one with a built in preamp and stuff, and I may have lost some photos. Anywho, I'd love to chat with you guys and give you updates as the night goes on. I'll try to send some photos once we get there.

Edit 1: We're here now, and I have some photos. Not as bad as I thought, but still not good obviously. Here they are.

Edit 2: most of the stuff is fine. Including my ukulele and Roland Micro Cube amp. The ukulele was on the floor and leaning up against the wall so it didn't get much water. Here it is! not sure if the pre and is ok, but I'll let it sit and give the water a chance to evaporate before I try that.

Edit 3: (Final) we got most of the furniture propped up and at least a little farther away from the water. Here are the photos.

TL;DR Our basement flooded due to a grdenhose that wasn't shut off for about a week or so, and now I'm trying to figure out if I will still be able to play "hey soul sister" on my ukulele by the end of the night.


Anyone else having mid-twenties anxiety?

I am almost 25 and I have been feeling a lot of anxiety lately.

I'm one of those people that hasn't really "done much" since high school. I'm doing well enough, I have a decent job, my own place and a pet cat. I spend the best part of my time minding my own business and being relatively drama-free. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing at all, but it is getting a bit stale if I'm honest.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I'm really beginning to feel the passing of time. I've finally met someone who I think might have a chance at becoming a long term partner. It feels weird in a way. I've been doing the same exact thing for like 5 years and the thought of it changing puts me in a funny mood. Not good, not bad, just weird.

Anyone else feeling the same way?

It's one thing to wish for x, y and z but when it actually starts happening, it' a whole different story.


For those of you that were teens in the mid 2000s, whats was it like?

Im 18 and sometimes wish i was born a decade earlier. Back then it seemed like peoples eyes weren’t always glued to a smartphone. I also cant stand the trends of my era. Vapes? Fidget spinners? Snapchat streaks? All are incredibly lame to me.

What were the trends in the years of 2004-2008? What types of cellphones did your peers have at the time? How would you say your time period was different than the time period of teens now?


Ahoy! Vandebron geeft een avontuurlijke, duurzame ontdekkingsreis naar Chili 🇨🇱 weg! Hierbij stapt de winnaar (+1) aan boord bij de Sailors for Sustainability. De Sailors ⛵ zeilen de hele wereld over op zoek naar duurzame oplossingen voor klimaatverandering. Met wie wil jij dit avontuur beleven?


I like pineapple and chicken on my pizza.

I go to a "build your own pizza" joint, and I always order the pineapple and chicken combo over all other choices. Can anyone vouch for me or am I alone?

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What have you been doing for your mental health recently?

It's important for everyone to be taking care of themselves! You are so important and special and lovely and unique. I've been going to the psychologist of late, which I can recommend to basically every person on Earth as a useful thing to do.

I'm making my way through this wonderful book my psychologist recommended me called Rewiring Your Anxious Brain, which is really helping me understand my social anxiety and start to work on it (though thinking about this so intently sure as heck makes it flare up!). I've also been trying to be more open and honest in my social interactions, and though that's scary I think it helps my health.

I'm also spending this last week I have before university starts at home doing relaxing things, such as catching up on tons of reading and music practice I've been meaning to do, after a pretty busy break. I'm going to be all nice and refreshed for the new term!

How about you?


I think I need to let go a bit easier

I commented on a CNN post last night. Obviously got attacked, because Facebook is toxic. But one comment really got to me. In one sentence, he blew over 25 of my life experience and chalked it up to "victim culture"

This guy lives across the country and I don't know him. But I feel it's representative of what a lot of people feel. That my people and myself and others who grew up in fear of getting harassed for who they are, how they were born, and how they look are just circlejerking a "victim culture." Like, my dad's hometown a few miles from mine had a family's mailbox bombed because their skin color was different than the rest of the city. But they think I have no right to be upset, to want change. They think they have it just as hard and that we need to shut up.

Even if this man was just a troll, I'm sure he still believes it. I'm sure there are millions in the us, and billions in the world that have similar. Even many people reading this. But I've been fuming. I've been upset at a man who doesn't care about me. I've been upset at a man who didn't ask to be born with the privilege that makes it hard to see my view.

But I'm still mad. And I can't tell myself to not be. That usually is the advice I see, can't think of a better way. It's always been an issue and I thought I was better at "not caring"

Edit: added a bit more for conversation


Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened!

I don't even know whose is this quote but it's so damn true: around two months ago I met someone amazing and spent a little yet intense, amazing time with him but just a month later it was over. Sad, yup, but still I'm very happy just because it happened and, although it feels bad at times, I think that my life would have been kinda emptier without such an experience. Does anyone else can relate with such a bittersweet sensation?


Basing our grades on likes in Facebook is the dumbest idea my school had ever thought of.

So I just need to vent a little this happened months ago but I'm still aggravated to this kind of grading system so hear me out.

So I am at my senior high and I've been having fun, though the academics are the ones making it stressful, the synergy and the smiles we have on class is just so infectious to one another. But until now there is this one project that is just so dumb and you guys might think its dumb as well, so we have this project when I was Grade 9 to make a short story literally about anything, it can either be fan fiction, romance, adventure, fantasy, whatever floats your boat but the twist is, it needs to be posted in Facebook and garner as many likes as you can get, more likes means better grades, less likes means low grades you get the gist, but that's what my whole section is complaining about, the like system, because first off, why the heck are you basing our grades on people who just liked the page but never even reads it, l like that's what all of us did, we did a message saying "Hey like this page for our grade!" and send it to hundreds of people, and the majority of the people who liked it just goes down to the bottom of the page and likes the post, the only problem there is you're basically grading something that the hard work you did is just shit and the popularity you have in Facebook depends on what grade you'll have, like come on, I know we are in the technological age where we are able to spread anything we want to express, but using it as a dumb way to grade someone's work is just pitiful. So do you guys have any experiences like this?


Whats being an only child like?

I grew up with many siblings, I'm 19 and have a 27 year old brother, 22 year old sister, 17 year old sister, 15 year old sister and 12 year old twin brothers. I can't imagine what it's like to be an only child I can't even fathom how one would pass time. Did you grow closer with parents or spend all your time at a friends house? Or did you grow to enjoy being alone? Do you feel you were more spoiled than your friends, or on the flip side did you feel more pressure because if you let down your parents you're all they had? I have a friend who has one other sibling and I know their father would go get them take out dinner almost everynight, obviously when there 7 of us that didn't really happen. My favorite thing growing up was arguing, but there was also always someone there for me if I needed it. Give me some stories of what its like to be a only child!


Im thinking about joining cross country this year. Any advice?

It starts in about 2 months and I have had no previous experience running whatsoever, but I wanna do something I can be proud of. How can I prepare?


love my coworkers :)

They're great people. I'm the youngest person by at least 6 years (I'm 20 years old) working at an office as a summer student. Basically I direct clients to desks, stock materials, answer phone calls and clean up. Except for myself and 4 other people, everyone is in their mid 40s-late 50s. In total there are probably 2 dozen employees.

Everyone is so kind. I've been told I remind people of their daughter/niece/etc.. and the whole office is always rooting for me. They're all excited for me to start school in the fall and a few have helped me look over my university website. They've told me what weekends I need to come in to bring snacks in September. I've never known such patience and good humour from strangers before. I'm there for 3 months to earn minimum wage and make their lives a little easier during the busy season, and they seem to really appreciate it. I don't mind doing grunt work or getting messy. It's what I was hired to do. And it seems we've come to a really great dynamic that way.

There is always someone to ask me if I need a sweater, to explain computer problems to me, to joke around with, or to give an encouraging thumbs up.

Basically I wanted to gush. I'm so happy to know such nice people. Because of them I look forward to everyday at the office. Is there something at work you look forward to, even if its just your lunch?


How do you grasp at something that is at the tip of your consciousness?

I've just experienced something so marvellously ubiquitous in my life, something that I'm sure everyone has experienced at some point or another.

It is something along the lines of a bibliographical passage or phrase being at the 'tip of your tongue', but much more potent in its implications: it's an entire way of thinking that is behind a veil that doesn't want to be disturbed.

It is a piece of the imagination that refuses to be explored with words or analyses, it is the idea that leaves smoke bombs of brain fog to escape capture.

Perhaps it is best described by the term 'presque vu', which is something of a cousin to 'deja vu'.

In a state of deja vu you feel as if you've reached a familiar location or situation and yet you cannot ascertain precisely what is bringing up that feeling.

Alternatively, presque vu is something of having a vague sense of an unfamiliar thought and yet feeling that it is part of your common experience or that you're about to make strides in your understanding because something is telling you that it all is in line with your present knowledge.

It's like a low hanging fruit that is just a bit too high when you reach for it.

I'm feeling this right now and I just want to see if there is anyone else out there who can relate. It's really weird, and I'd say it belongs here because it's something organic and spontaneous that I've had to experience for some years now.

I'm trying to catch Batman right now essentially. It's not easy.


Does anyone else miss the early days of PCs?

Floppy disks, typing in command lines to start your favorite game, multiple disks to install the larger programs and the “insert next disk” at the end of each one, the sound of your hard drive running so you knew it was actually doing something and hasn’t frozen, the sound of your dialup modem connecting. My printer had those strips with the holes on the sides that you had to carefully tear off.

Technology back then seemed so exciting to me. And it wasn’t so wide spread so if you knew even the basics many people considered you and expert and would ask you for help.


Anybody ever started a sub reddit?

I was thinking about creating one dedicated to something im interested in because theres not one atm. But i didnt know all the hoops you had to jump through. Like how do you get the word out about it to get people to come there? I feel like if i advertised it on other subs or something id be breaking some kinda rules. I dont know if im going to do it or not but i was just curious if anybody had tried this.


Does anyone else do this when they’re sad/need a hug?

I was just noticing today that when I’m feeling sad or have that “I really need a hug but have no one to hug right now” feeling, I often end up wrapping a blanket around myself super tightly and just holding it there, and the pressure is sort of similar to a hug. This particular time it was actually a towel, as I’d been swimming, but I began thinking back and realized that this is a thing I often do.

I couldn’t help but wonder, does anyone else do this or something similar? Or am I even weirder than I thought? Haha.


Under 200 pounds today for the first time in TWENTY YEARS!

Omg! What a struggle this has been! After a TWO MONTH stall of not losing one damn pound last month i started losing again. And today AFTER A LIFETIME OF BEING OBESE I am finally under 200 pounds! I am so happy I could cry!

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