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by far the most hipster routing protocol ;)

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That would probably be ODR at this point :)

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Thanks for creating this overview (and the others you've created as well). This is a nice review for the CCIE level, but I wonder how many people in /r/ccna are going "Whoah!!!!" LOL :-)

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I'm sure a fair amount of them might not be aware of the protocol but I do like posting about the obscure and interesting

Maybe I'll do ODR next :)

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I <3 ISIS. It's like ospf with areas, but no area 0 requirements.

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Dear General Public Readers of this fine post:

Do you use OTV or FabricPath? You should probably know ISIS as it is what's under the hood. Read what /u/the-packet-thrower has to say.


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Sure do, in fact I have a fabric path post in my blog.

Are you implying I don't know what IS-IS is in a post where I demonstrate IS-IS? :)

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No. The "you" in this case was for the general public. If they use OTV or FabricPath, they should know ISIS (in part by reading this) and know what is under the hood. I haven't gotten to fully read through your post yet, but I'll preemptively say nice work for posting it (and probably for the content as well).

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Ah gotcha, I figured that's what you meant.