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Posted byMeow 馃悎馃悎Meow 馃惐馃惐 Meow Meow馃嵑馃悎馃惐Meow A+!7 months ago

Talking with a LISP - A LISP Post

Hi all,

It's been awhile since I did a proper post on reddit and with the xmas break I finally managed to finish one! So if anyone wants to read about LISP and such then you can do so at my blog here.

Since I'm lazy over the holidays I won't convert this one over to reddit so if you don't want to click then enjoy this holday CAT!!!

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Yes it is making a huge come back. Great write up! Thank you.

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What program do you use to make diagrams? Love them

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Meow 馃悎馃悎Meow 馃惐馃惐 Meow Meow馃嵑馃悎馃惐Meow A+!Original Poster1 point7 months ago

Visio :)

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where do i find those saucy stencils in visio?!

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Meow 馃悎馃悎Meow 馃惐馃惐 Meow Meow馃嵑馃悎馃惐Meow A+!Original Poster1 point7 months ago

My coworker made the stencils awhile ago and I've been added it as needed.

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And where exactly have you shared these stencils with the rest of the world? ;)

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I'd upvote for the cat gif alone, but nice blog post.

One thing I will note (unrelated to your blog post) is that I realized recently (as in yesterday) that even though I can configure LISP I did not understand the terminology properly. More specifically I was confusing ETR and ITR--because of course you usually implement them as an xTR.

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