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Sanity chick: Anybody printed the SRNDs?

I was considering printing the Collab SRND to use for studying/note taking. Am I nuts? Has anybody else done this, and was it worth it? The cost would be around $65 and it could be one doc or broken up into 3-4 sections.

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Nobody can tell you how you learn best. If doing that works for you, then do it, regardless of the expense. No CCIE track is cheap; you have to pay to play in some form or another.

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I thought about that when I was studying but was too much information. I printed out the CCIE Collaboration quick reference book though. I split it up by chapters and just attacked each chapter weekly. Considering you say CCIE collaboration you probably don't have much time since it's changing. So read all you can. My only recommendation is the quick reference guide.

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I think I found an alternative. There's some dude calling himself 'Cisco Voice Guy' on YouTube actually reading the SRND. I spend a few hours a day in the car, so I'm going to give that a try and skim through the PDF as I go.

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I did this when I was studying for written. Breaking it down into 4 sections is what I did, make sure you get a vinyl front/back and use the spiral binding if you're doing it at like kinkos.

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can't unsee this

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