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Don't be nervous, every exam is different. When you start, your exam is download from Cisco and you get popped a window saying you need X Points to pass. You get points based in a value of how hard the question is, there are no standards so don't be nervous.

Don't focus too much on the exam, be sure to know everything there is to the 210-060 topics in the Cisco website. Create a checklist and value yourself on each topic one by one. Also the casual advises are, try chill the day before, eat well, sleep well and be there 30m earlier.

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Yeah sunday i'm going to relax, maybe take 1 or 2 practice tests and just chill. This cert has such a small window for failure, is this normal with all CCNA certs? (i.e., can miss 3 questions total...)

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The biggest thing to watch out that can make you fail is hitting Next on a simulation without answering all the questions inside it, so watch that out.

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Whelp. Took the test, failed it. Realized very early that the stuff in the CiscoPress book w/ the tests barely applied to most of the test. The practice tests especially. Even the Boson exams i been taking the last 3 days had nothing on the questions i was actually asked. Really disappointed, but a learning experience.

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I feel your disappointment. I recently did exactly the same. CiscoPress book, Boson practice exam. Failed. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I need to know, instead of "Describe CUCM components and their functions", which I feel is quite open-ended.