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Ask away, Ill give you as much info as I can within the EUA

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Did the OCG cover all the material you needed? Was the list of Exam Topics from Cisco comprehensive for the test? I had some topics on the CICD that weren't covered in the Cisco "Exam Topics". How crucial is it to lab up telepresence and stuff? that stuff is expensive!

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In general Cisco OCG's don't cover half. I had the advantage of knowing everything in 065 for the most part (except a few video bits & pieces) because I was 3/5 for CCNP Voice before they dropped CVOICE. I figured since I would need 095 anyway just to be eligible for CCNP collab, I would knock it out. The OCG, is good enough in the sense that it will tell you about the additional protocols utilized, and give you a basic understanding of the what is what on the video side, however. Using white papers, config & Tshoot guides, and model comparisons is PARAMOUNT. You will not find the aforementioned in any book or video series... at least not at the time that I tested.

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When did you take your CCNA Voice/Collaboration?

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Feb I think, maybe March.

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Thanks for the info. When you say white papers, you mean the Collaboration 10/11.x SRND? Or are there more specific ones for video? Did you get a lot of model comparisons on your exam? Or "which features does the XXXX model phone have"?

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How was it? What were areas of big focus? I'm supposed to take it next month but I don't feel anywhere near prepared for it.

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I felt the test was difficult. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say from the NDA you have to sign. You definitely need to study more than just the OCG. Be resourceful in finding all the things you need to know. Practice Exams. Forum posts. There was one post on Cisco's forum in particular that was very helpful.

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Do you mind sharing that post with us?

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I'm seriously considering doing the 210-060 exam - having recently taken over quite a few clients with Cisco VoIP systems. Do you have any advice, recommendations, etc?

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Do not rely solely on the OCG. It is not comprehensive. Use Practice Exams and Exam Topics from the Cisco website: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/certifications/ccna-collaboration/cicd/exam-topics

And as much as it sucks to admit, taking/failing the exam the first time really helped too. I got super crushed the first time. But it showed me some of the things that I needed to know and what to expect on the next try.

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Congratulations! I've seen quite a few posts mention that OCG and the actual exam don't quite match up... I still bought the OCG library but as long as it is indeed helpful or still provides fundamental ground I feel it is worth the read.

May I ask about how much of the OCG was on the exam? 50%?

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the OCG actually is very helpful and I would recommend it for folks getting into the Unified Communications space. The OCG maybe accounted for 50%-70% of the test material. It's a good book, really. Just not that good if you expect it to prepare you for the exam.

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Thanks for the breakdown.

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This question is more directed at everyone in this thread. How is this certification, and the CCNA/CCNP Collab, perceived in the industry? Is it worth investing time in getting a VoIP certification? Will it give me a competitive advantage? Or, is VoIP something that most network engineers are just expected to know.

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I think you can apply the same logic from the other CCNA certs. Certs with no experience is not super useful. Experience without certs is good. Experience with certs is best.

Cisco just revamped the Voice/Video certification track into Collab without the dependency on CCNA R/S so I think that should indicate how the industry is evolving in a general sense.

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I passed the 210-060 a couple weeks ago as well. Looking at starting for the CIVND. But... what is OCG?

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Official Cert Guide

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Oh. ok. durr. Yeah for the 210-060 the OCG was pretty awful. However to me for learning the actual things you'd want to know for setting up a voice scheme, it was pretty good.