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If none of the commands for your solution took then I would be inclined to suggest you attempted the wrong solution or perhaps had some typos etc since autocomplete doesn't always work in exams (by design), or you missed a command like telephony-service

Of course if you think it is a bug then definitely report it, it would just be a massive bug if your correct.

Yeah as for the study material it is a well established fact that you should study using the exam topics for all exams, especially the more senior ones like non-R&S tracks.

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We shall see what Cisco says. There is only one command that I may have missed that would be so painfully obvious but kind of unexpected in the context of what they were asking.

I'm going to hit up the old book and CCNP level voice books to see.

This exam's got me like:


Definitely a crazy dose of reality. It was really strange seeing a third or so of the questions I've never seen before. I thought for sure that I'd be going into this thing with no surprises.

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Can I ask you what type of scores you were getting on the Boson ExSim before testing?

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Roughly 88-94%. Boson was a great help compared to the official cert guide but it didn't cover specific troubleshooting topics, CME commands, or go in depth outside of the expected scope of the exam. Basically, the exam blue print is full of it on Cisco's website and don't think you'll get it all by Boson, The OCG, and admin guides.

I've done further research on the topics that I had no idea about and apparently they're in the video book and SRND docs, plus assorted reference documents that Cisco lists under study materials for CICD.

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I am due to take this exam in a couple days. I have heard nothing but bad things about it. If you were me how could you have prepared better in the days leading up to the exam. What material seem to cover the majority of the exam?

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In addition to everything I've put in my initial post, this:


Also, I'd roll through all of the CME cli stuff not in the book.

This exam is the worst. Good luck sir. I'm going to reattempt in January.

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Also it looks like another person further up in posts also failed with an 806 that manages enterprise clusters. Really kinda feels like this was a money grab on Cisco's part or they were crazy when they came up with this one.

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Thanks, the material seems like it is incredibly broad. I have had a difficult time getting my head around everything and often find myself going outside the scope of the "exam topics" in order to get clarification. I have read the Cisco press book. Built a CUCM, CUC, and IMP servers and have watched the INE course for CCNA Voice and plan on reviewing some of the other materials you have mentioned and hopefully that will be enough to get by.

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Yeah, it's the broadness of materials that's the killer. The OCG and CBT Nuggets videos are really the tip of the iceberg here - I felt that they were a good "primer" but nowhere near what you need. The exam blue print is a bit misleading by it's simplicity too. Like really, that stuff was maybe 40-50% of the exam, and that's being generous.

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    I had access to basically all the applications that were covered on the test. A lot of the stuff I had familiarity since I also work in the UC domain.

    I also read the book and the SRNDs. I had a lab of routers/switches/phones that I picked up to learn about CME. I'm lucky because I'm very curious by nature and end up reading/learning about many things that just happened to be covered in the exam blueprint.

    Honestly after all that, the most useful thing that helped me pass the test was failing on the first try. After the first try I knew more of what types of questions would be asked and what I needed to study. It was a humbling experience failing on the first try given that I have years of experience with Cisco UC.

    Just remember that whether you pass or fail, it is not a measure of your worth. It's only a measure of whether or not you can answer enough of the 60 or so questions correctly.