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I live for your puns.

Keep them coming is what I am trying to say,I want to be alive.

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No worries there, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP!

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The exam doesn't support pipes.

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And? Yes yes I heard you the first time! :)

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Seriously? That's a bit ridiculous.

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Keep in mind that sims are pretty much just flash animations that only support enough commands to get the simulation done.

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Some exams do allow the ? command however.

Most don't do tab completion either, bummer

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Thanks! its been hard to really see how useful the pipe command is for me since I have, up to this point, relied on Packet Tracer and it does not support many of the pipe options. bookmarking this.

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Honestly it usually takes me about 15 seconds to get frustrated when I open PT to help someone with a lab or such since these 3 posts are very much built into my workflow. I usually start with trying to do a show run interface which fails in PT so then I do a show run | section on reflex which also fails...then PT usually gets closed and I leave it to /u/CBRJack :)

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I didn't know about the redirect capability, that's pretty awesome ! That'll definitely be used in future labs I do, thanks for sharing.

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This is a great post! Thanks for doing these.

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also, show run partition - neat stuff:

AA-RTR#show run partition ?
  access-list       All access-list configurations
  class-map         All class-map configurations
  common            All remaining unregistered configurations
  global-cdp        All global cdp configurations
  interface         Each Interface specific Configurations
  ip-as-path        All IP as-path configurations
  ip-community      All IP community list configurations
  ip-domain-list    All ip domain list configurations
  ip-prefix-list    All ip prefix-list configurations
  ip-static-routes  All IP static configurations
  line              All line mode configurations
  policy-map        All policy-map configurations
  route-map         All route-map configurations
  router            All routing configurations
  snmp              All SNMP configurations
  tacacs            All TACACS configurations

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Yup covered that in the other post