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Who would ever have thought we would see a post with SNMP and fun in the same title.

Dogs living with cats next.

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I love hate prime. It can do so much, but man is it clunky

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lol i hate hate prime. so many better options out there and it seems like an after thought for cisco

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It has been getting a lot better in the most recent versions but they can really clean things up a bit like removing pages that tell you the feature is deprecated so go to another page instead, Prime 3.2 is looking pretty good from what I've seen.

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Nice writeup. I'm very curious what kind of things you can push via SNMP. Add local accounts? Change interface config? Very interesting.

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Prime can push things in two ways, one is that it provides a web interface for configuring a device, for example, here is Prime adding a Loopback interface.

Here is another example of it configuring RIP

It also has a full scripting engine so you can push out more indepth configs, here is an example template that pushes out etherchannel config

#set($valueOfChar= "-")

#if($interfaceName.indexOf($valueOfChar)== -1) 
 interface $interfaceName
 interface range $interfaceName
#if($configureInterfacesAs == "access")
switchport mode access 
switchport access vlan $vlanId
switchport mode trunk

channel-group $channel_group_number mode $mode
no shut

Which gives us a form like this

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For school labs I've used cmd functions from Net-SNMP.

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Thanks for this post. Can you answer some question about SNMP for me?

In the first part when you configure snmpv2c /v3 and then add it to Prime, does that do anything w/o the traps configuration?

What does the traps actually do exactly?

Also can you please explain MIB? And how to configure it. Can you give example of something you can only monitor/see with configuring MIB

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A trap is the device sending unsolicited information to the SNMP server, for example if a interface goes down or a power supply fails then the device can notify Prime immediately rather than wait for Prime to poll the device to find out that info.

MIB was a popular Will Smith movie series based on a comic book series that was similar to Judge Dredd in its satire....oh you mean SNMP MIB, it is a basically an instruction manual for Prime so it knows what SNMP info a device supports. You can also limit MIB access so a particular user/server can only view interface information etc.

Interfaces are typically standard MIBs but something like EIGRP info would be a Cisco specific mib.

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Thanks for the quick response was not expecting that. So if we have a device on our network that CPU is spiking but solar winds does not see it because it's a momentary spike with a 5 minute polling interval TRAPS configured on the switch would make sure solar winds alerts us.. so the switch sends a message "my CPU is high"?

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Yup, you can configure the router to send a trap if the CPU gets to high etc.