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This was very informative. Requesting something similar for Mirakki. or a link if it has already been done. You're beautiful.

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Meraki you mean?

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words, yes.

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I've been toying with a Meraki post, just gotta make it interesting somehow

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click click click done.

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Oh no something broke! call tech support spend the next month fighting tech support. Eventually you figure out a work around and stop calling tech support.

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How can we go about getting a copy (student/lab copy) of junOS?

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I'm pretty sure they have an honor-based system where you can get it for free, but for commercial use, you're supposed to activate/get a support contract

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You can get a trial of vSRX or vMX from Juniper.

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Dude, this couldn't have come at a better time. We just got two QFX 10002 and 5200s.

Got all of the management ports up and running and SSH access.

I just need to figure out all of these port labelings. The .0 part I did not know for the interfaces, that would have saved me time.

One issue I had was disabling the auto-image-upgrade. Once I turned that off (I also had to remove DHCP from the em0 interface) before the commit would take place.

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Great write up. This is solid info and definitely shows Juniper can be just as easy as Cisco.

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Heresy! JunOS in this board! No sir, I won't have it!

Thanks as always /u/the-packet-thrower informative and useful for any mixed shops out there.

Now I have to go take a shower to cleanse myself of this Juniper smell.

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Thanks for taking the time to share!