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This is awesome! I've been using Expect scripts to accomplish similar things, but I have a feeling that this might be more elegant and powerful.

Can't wait to try it.

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    Someone read ahead of the class :)

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      I did a coupe of his courses, good stuff

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      Love it! Thanks u/the-packet-thrower

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      Cool beans

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      Great Post! I'd love to see more SDN-related posts in the future (even if just at a high-level without being language-specific).

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      Going to try this tomorrow! Do you have any VIRL examples with physical L2 support or Wan connectivity support out there? I'm having trouble with VIRL talking to my home lab.

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      Su instead of sudo? Running as root?! Blasphemy! /nerd jokes

      In all seriousness, this post is awesome. If CCNA/certs in general weren't such resume boosters I'd probably be studying stuff Cumulus and other SDN stuff, polishing up on my Linux and Python skills, and trying to write posts like this ;-). I for one wouldn't mind seeing more like this in the future.

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      Real men run as root everywhere!