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CCNA R&S Todd Lammle book, Bonus Material nowhere to be found

I have recently purchased CCNA R&S book and have been looking for the promised bonus material (31 PDFs, over 80 labs in 57 Packet Tracer files) but it is nowhere to be found. I signed for account at but in there I only see flashcards and practice questions. I can't find a forum either, following links give 404s: (404) (404)

I emailed as discussed in couple days ago but got no response.

Can somebody provide a download link?

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@emilson420 - my apologies for missing your request. Your email went to Spam. I responded, hope you enjoy the labs!

Original Poster1 point · 9 months ago

Ah sweet, thank you!!!

Did you email him proof of purchase? I'd say give the guy a couple days, he could be on vacation.

Emailing him is the only way to get it

Original Poster1 point · 9 months ago

Yes. I just got my files!

Sweet man! I got mine a while ago and have been using it too solidify most of the information I've been reading absolutely great stuff!

For those interested, we have over 80 Packet Tracer labs and some documentation to help with your studies. Kindly send us a copy of your book receipt (screenshot), we'll get those to you. Send your request to
1 point · 9 months ago

what Bonus Material? i too have his book but i never thought any bonus material. May i know what it is that you are talking about?

Shed some light on me too... :p u/jimatlammle

I thought the same thing. Purchased the CCNA Complete Deluxe Study Guide. The website they give to access the materials has nothing on it. I tried sending an email to Todd on his website but never got a response. Just sent u/jimatlammle a PM, so hopefully I can access these materials.

Glad to help, see my reply above!

Glad to help, see my reply above!

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