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@emilson420 - my apologies for missing your request. Your email went to Spam. I responded, hope you enjoy the labs!

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Ah sweet, thank you!!!

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Did you email him proof of purchase? I'd say give the guy a couple days, he could be on vacation.

Emailing him is the only way to get it

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Yes. I just got my files!

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Sweet man! I got mine a while ago and have been using it too solidify most of the information I've been reading absolutely great stuff!

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For those interested, we have over 80 Packet Tracer labs and some documentation to help with your studies. Kindly send us a copy of your book receipt (screenshot), we'll get those to you. Send your request to jim@lammle.com

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what Bonus Material? i too have his book but i never thought any bonus material. May i know what it is that you are talking about?

Shed some light on me too... :p u/jimatlammle

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I thought the same thing. Purchased the CCNA Complete Deluxe Study Guide. The website they give to access the materials has nothing on it. I tried sending an email to Todd on his website but never got a response. Just sent u/jimatlammle a PM, so hopefully I can access these materials.

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Glad to help, see my reply above!

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Glad to help, see my reply above!