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Bellman-Ford has to do with distance-vector protocols while Djikstra has to do with link-state protocols.

Which protocols are distance-vectors :

  • RIP
  • IGRP

Which protocols are link-state :

  • OSPF
  • IS-IS

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Thanks! :) EDIT: I think there was a question mentioning Djikstra, too. And I had no idea who he is. Thanks a lot!

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From Wikipedia:

"A distributed variant of the Bellman–Ford algorithm is used in distance-vector routing protocols, for example the Routing Information Protocol (RIP). "

So its possible that any answers on your exam for this question that had to do with distance-vector protocols would have been correct.

Was IGRP an option to choose?

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I wasn't sure. It was 2 weeks ago. But yea IGRP or EIGRP might be the 2nd answer together with RIP.