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Yea yeaa!! I gotta hop on the "padased" train as well haha. Good job!

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hhhh this what happens when you use Reddit on phone

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Grats! I just passed mine a couple hours ago with a pretty high score. It feels good :D

I used:

  • Official ICND1 Cert Book
  • Stormwind Studios - ICND1 by Desiree Lindfield
  • Sunset Learning Institute - CCNAX Course
  • Boson Netsim for labs

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thanks you

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IN the simulation sections, do you have to set up any thing?

Like DHCP for example or Ntp or create an ACL?

is it a case of a network is already setup and you just use the show commands to figure out whats wrong?

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it was a couple of scenarios when you just use show command to figure whats wrong or to answer a question like why NTP not working, PC1 not pinging

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Great score! Way to go!

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Congrats !!!

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How long did you study for? Did you have past experience?

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Yes, I had studied 2 years network at college. for preparing ICND1 I studied 22 days with official cert book 1 week for CCNA 2 ( at Netacad ) 4 day for final preparation