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The CCNA book description says it prepares you for ICND1 100-101, so a bit outdated. All of those other books seem good in general though :)

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The "cisco networking essential" book is horrible.

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From what I understand most of the tests these books are for are on their way out and about to replaced. Still, good resources to have though.

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The CCNA essentials is a primer for people with 0 networking knowledge before they tackle the the actual exam prep books. I'm sure most of the books will still be useful.

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Those books are for 2012R2, which is based on Windows 8/8.1. It is not from 2012 but the end of 2013. It is the second newest server OS and 2016 was just released not long ago, most people are running 2008R2 or this. Definitely what is currently in use in enterprises now.

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Got it. Thanks for posting! Also, today and tomorrow they have a free game (Homefront) for Steam.