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I personally have been using Cisco Networking Academy, Lammle's book, and an eBook from Cisco Press that includes practice exams through Pearson.

This is the link to the eBook and practice exams:

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Thanks! Would that ebook still work for the newer test, 100-105? or should I get an updated version?

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I am using the cisco cert guide and network simulator. The simulator is really great for getting practice. Work paid for it in my case though, it is expensive.

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what would you suggest for a beginner with little to no experience with networking?

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I would do a read through todd lammle’s book. Then read cisco’s complete cert guide and use network simulator to study and included practice exams. That should be enough to prepare you for the exam.

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I studied and passed with the official Cisco books, a home lab, and GNS3. The first time was Lamales book and a home lab.

The home network lab was probably overkill for the cert, but it was a great learning device for real world to be able to actually put cables in, watch it fire up, see traffic move in real time, lock out of telnet, fall back to the console port, and work with equipment that is not simulation perfect.

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I have no professional work or background in IT or networking (I was a humanities major), and will be taking the ICND1 tomorrow. Been scoring 800-900 on practice exams (Boson's included). I used Lammle's book, ICND1 CBT nuggets videos, and practice tests from multiple sources. It's taken me about 8 weeks at ~3 hours per day.

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Thanks! Good Luck on the exam, you got it! Update us on how you do.

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Passed! 865/832. Not the prettiest score, but I'm happy.

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Congrats! Do you mind sending me your study material? I just started yesterday

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Boson is very protective of their exams, and can't be shared. But I highly suggest paying the $100 for ExSim-Max exams.

CBT nuggets videos are available for purchase on their website. I'm sure they could be found illegally too.

And I still need my copy of Lammle's book to study for ICND2!

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My bad, should’ve been more clear. I just meant sending links to the material, not actually getting yours lol