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yes you can but I don't recommend it, i does cover less of exam topics, with the split version you will get more informations so you will have a better understanding of the exam's topics

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Thanks. I'll try contacting boson to see if they can refund me so I can purchase ICND2.

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The 200-125 Boson ExSim does not seperate the ICND1 and ICND2 topics. You CAN use it to study for the sepearte tests but it is going to be a lot more difucult as you will need to pick out the questions for the seperate tests yourself. Plus the Guarentee will not be honoured unless you take the 200-125 test.

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I wouldn't recommend it. The exams, while similar, are not the same.

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If I take ICND exam, I intend in taking them the same day or at most 2 days apart. So learning the topics separately isn't much of an issue for me. Just wondering if it can still work.