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Awesome, sounds a lot like my experience yesterday.

Have a cat.


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Thanks! Glad it's over. Sweet cat!

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How long/how much did you study for this exam?

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I can't say I studied very long, but maybe a good month (since icnd1, which I studied for about 2 weeks). Since I work in that field, I didn't need to lab very much, so saved some time. Was mostly reading, re-reading, testing, and re-re-reading vague concepts. Daily, I'd put in 2-3 hours, and weekends, maybe double that. The last week before exam, I tried to spend at least 8 hours/day. Problem is, not sure I could've studied any longer for a better grade. It's just the nature of the exam. You could say the same about icnd1. You can study 3 years, and never get 100%. All I can really say is make sure you know major topics very well (LAN switching, Routing Technologies) and look at Cisco white papers for smaller topics like WAN and infrastructure. Understand Control Plane/Data plane, QoS, pppoe...

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I passed ICND1 a month ago with plans to continue on to ICND2 but just couldn’t swallow it. Too boring. I’m currently in the Cyber Ops program instead.

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Let's us know how that works out. I wouldn't mind continuing down that path as well!

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Congrats! Glad we could help. :)

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Thanks... again!!