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You went through 36 chapters in 10 days?? Like...how? Do you take notes or anything or just read it like a book?

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I was wondering the same thing. But seeing how he's been in IT for some years, has A+ and Net+ I bet some chapters were just skimmed through.

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I've been in IT since about 08 with an A+, Sec+ and Net+ and I still feel the need to read every chapter thoroughly, but to each their own. I've been studying since November and have like 5 chapters left still lol

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I can only imagine how long it’s going to take me. I’ve been in IT for about 3 months as an Intern working helpdesk, currently pursuing my associates in CS and studying for the CCENT. Only cert I have is the A+ 😅😅😅

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To be fair I was at a good pace until the holidays. I just aim for 1 chapter a day now. Trust me, if you had 10 years experience in help desk/desktop support it wouldn't be much more helpful. Tackle that sucker head on

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That's a fact. Coming up on ten years in IT, and this stuff isn't something to be taken lightly. When I was younger I might have been able to just learn by rote memorization or even just fluently absorbing it... Nowadays it's just a lot of practice and imagination.

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Accurate. Though I did make sure to give eveything a good once-over even if I recognized it. Devil in the details and all.

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Very few notes... I just practiced as I went through... I like to learn things thoroughly the first time, rather than taking notes for review. Just my learning style. I hate repetition, but I just keep the test and the payday in mind.

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Congrats! Glad we could fill the gaps. :)

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Any advice for the simlet questions? and you don't need to go in-depth about questions but did you get any questions on your exam that weren't in the materials you studied?

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Simlets - Boson is a great prep for those questions, well worth the cost.

Questions not in study material... No. There were definitely some things I wished I had paid attention to more deeply, or explored in further depth, but everything on the test was stuff I should have known.

Don't stress too much. I took practice tests until I was blue in the face and bored with them, and getting maybe 1 question wrong each time. You're there to demonstrate your knowledge, not to outsmart the test.

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Were the Boson exams the only material you used for practice tests?

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I also googled "icnd1 practice test" and found learncisco.net. I did one of those tests at least every day. It's quite mobile friendly.

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Thank you!

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