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My local adult ed is offering a 10-week CCNA course, ans another class with A+. Is this worth it?

I've been looking to get into IT for awhile and this seems like the perfect opportunity. I don't have any prior experince, just what you pick up from using computers everyday, but if this would help me get into a helpdesk position with a good base to move up, I'd be all for it.

From what I understand, at the end of the course, you take the CCENT and that provides you with the opportunity to go for the CCNA. Would I be wasting my money by taking both the A+ and CCNA classes?

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3 points · 6 months ago

The A+ would not be work taking an instructor-lead course for. It is easy enough to get with self-study and is so entry-level that litterally any other certification you get will over-shadow it. It could be useful for you to get it if you have no formal education or prior expierience in IT to get you into a Help Desk but beyond that it is useless.

If the ccna course is in person I’d say go for that. If it’s online , with Ed2go, flee!

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