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Yay! Good job!

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Great job! That's also great that you stayed persistent and did not give up.

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Good for you for sticking with it

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Good shit man :)

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Congrats! Glad we could help. :)

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congrats OP. is the course you linked by Neil Anderson useful for someone looking to get their feet wet? noticed it was on sale and as I'm trying to figure out where to start I wonder whether this course might be a good place before I start investing real money into CCNA certification.

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Yes I do recommend his course for those on a budget. Note however that everything on Udemy is always on sale, it's just how they get people to buy more courses, much like many retail and online stores. I also enjoyed and used Chris Bryant's course, and his CCNP content is good, too.

He includes many premade Packet Tracer and GNS3 lab files that are super helpful. The only thing I don't think he covered nearly as well as he could have was SNMP v3 and SPAN, but both of those are easy to look up how to use anyway.

Personally though, I'd recommend starting on CBTNugget's course to start, just because of how interesting they make everything sound as well as how easy they make even the complicated subjects sound. Unfortunately, their weakness is they don't go nearly in depth into topics as they could.

When you feel ready for your ICND1 exam, memorize a subnetting chart that you can quickly and easily write down at the start of your exam, you'll need it. Boson is also great for gauging whether you're ready since it's harder than the real thing.