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What are some good sources, paid or free, for lab work and assignments?

as per the title. i'm looking for the equivalent of 'homework'? i can read things and understand, but it doesn't stick unless i actually practice and apply the knowledge i've learned. i need labs, actual assignments. free or affordable is fine. i am currently using Chris Bryant videos from Udemy and CCNA book by Todd Lammle.

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Being that you have Todd's book, we have over 80 Packet Tracer labs and other study material if you're interested. Send us a copy of your receipt (screenshot) to, we'll get that to you.

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Yes, plans are underway to update these for the 7.x versions.

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Cisco has some material on their site you can buy

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Keith Gebhardt's ICND1 100-105 Labs course on Udemy is pretty good. He is straight to the point and covers a lot of topics in 10-12 minute chunks.

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CCNA2 points · 8 months ago

I like "101 labs for the Cisco CCNA" by Browning and Tafa. It is split into ICND1 and ICND2 sections. It is also nice b/c it is not the same authors as the other sources you have, so it might emphasize different things.

I used it to pass ICND1 and am using it now for ICND2. Most of the labs work with Packet Tracer.

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