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Word of advice, unless you have a year of experience don't opt for the ccnp. You will be over qualified for entry levels, but not qualified experientially for the ccnp level jobs.

Edit: What you can do is get additional lateral certifications such as CCNA: Security and the like.

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Thanks, I figured I would wait a bit before CCNP, as I've heard others say that as well.

Not sure what to do after CCNA. Was thinking Security or maybe a Juniper cert

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All depends what you wanna do. If I was you I'd start learning to program. Or maybe learn wire shark, or Linux, or or or...

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Do you think that Odom's book lacked some knowledge? Is there anything you would recommend others to take a look at, outside what is covered in the book?

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No, the only question I saw on my exam that I hadn't seen in his book was one about 6to4 tunneling. Other than that, everything was covered. That might have been a beta question anyway.

On my CompTIA exams, there were like five questions per test that seemed to come out of left field while the CCENT was more straightforward

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Congratulations ! Big score too!

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Hey CaiusBard, How many subnetting questions were asked of you? And what do you mean navigate the running config?