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I don’t think that’s intentional, nor do I think it effectively accomplished that goal. I know some certified individuals who simply do not handle stress well. In critical situations I’ve had to literally look one in the eye and tell him to listen to me, then talk him down because he was panicking and making some horrible decisions. But that guy does great on tests.

I think the tricky wording is more about trying to make sure people know the information instead of just studying the test.

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That's true. It's defiantly not a surefire thing to test on but I'm still suspect that the weighting has some correlation to what I mentioned.

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Eh it’s more about trying to test your ability to read and interpret questions and making sure you fully understand things which is why they might ask you to pick the things that OSPF doesn’t do etc - it makes sure you are paying attention and it makes sure you can which the logic around....like a networking sobriety test where you have to do the alphabet backwards.

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I don't know how intentional it all is, but all I know is I was convinced that I failed in both ICND1 & 2, then wound up easily passing. It's your mind playing tricks on you or something.

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Some of it is defiantly the weighting though. My ICND2 break down numbers were 81%, 82%, 50%, 63%, and 78% and yet I still got a 904 which would translate to a 90 in the traditional grading system.

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I don't know if it's still this way for the CCNA or any of the other exams but it used to be that you got 300 points just for sitting the exam.

This is why you see percentages in the 80s and overall scores in the 900s.

Take 300 off 900 = 600

Which means you have 700 points that you can actually get, since 300 of the 1000 are already given to you.

600 / 700 = 86%

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According to Odom in OCG, Cisco scores from 300 to 1000 range indeed.

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I’m scheduled to take the ICND2 this month. But I felt he same way when I took the ICDN1, there were probably 6 or 7 questions on the exam that I just didn’t know the answer to, so I guessed the answers to the best of my ability. But there is a certain degree of stress I think that comes with taking test/exams, ICND1 was the biggest exam I took and I paid for it so I was pretty anxious, I thought my heart was gonna hop from my chest. But after I prayed and took a couple of deep breathes I just told myself I know I studied, I put in the work and whatever happens, happens and I ended up passing with an 894 on the ICND1 which isn’t amazing but I expecting to fail, or barley pass.

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i always think of tests like a tunnel of smoke to distract you but u always keep your eye on goal which is the end of the test and seperating the nonsense from the real question their asking.

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Recently took test and can confirm the 300 point thing is true.

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I very much agree. There is no doubt that the first time I took the ICND2, I had studied enough, yet I failed. Throw in a little test anxiety and awfully worded questions, and I failed with 790/810. The 2nd time, I came in with a "fuck it, if I fail again, I'll just take it again" attitude that helped. I also got many of the same questions again. I can only hope that the CCNA Cyber Ops questions are worded better, but I have little faith. I am dreading the CCNP Routing and Switching in the future as well.