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I don't know why you got downvoted by providing THE direct link that answers this question. gotta hate assholes.

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They hate reading.

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Looking through this now. CCNA Wireless looks pretty good, but since we use Aruba wireless at my work, it may not be very pertinent. Maybe Cyber Ops would be more general and give me more useful info.

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I'm currently in the Cyber Ops program and this is how I will be renewing my CCNA R&S

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How is it? Are you taking a class, and is it a lot of work? I’m going to have to do this one on my own since I’m already doing some Pali alto and Cisco classes this year

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Take tests. You could do ccnp route in a year using emulation. Either GNS3 or eve-ng. Personally I prefer eve-ng. But there are a bunch of ccna level tests you can take. I work at an ISP so labbing is easy for me. But you should be able to do everything upto ccnp using emulation software instead of actual hardware.

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I have no experience with eve-ng so I can't speak to that. But can definitely say you can lab pretty much everything you need in GNS3 for CCNP Route test.

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The simple answer is you should either be working in the networking field to keep things current or you continue your networking studies and constantly do things like labs, blog posts, help out here etc to stay active.

Remember saying “I don’t know because the ccna exam was a couple years ago” is not a valid interview answer.

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We use HP/Aruba. So I’m doing networking, just on different equipment. Same concepts, slightly different commands, no proprietary protocols. The protocols are what I worry about losing the most.

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Can you retake icnd2 to renew the CCNA?

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You mean different proprietary protocols :)

Then you’ll need to focus on the other part of my post and make sure you keep fresh with say ACLs and routing if you want to keep your ccna. You can also try out the HPE certs to keep you fresh as well.

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I work with HP/3com/H3C and got my CCNA recently, the differences are minimal. Packet Trace is enough to retake ICND2.

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Why retake ICND2 instead of take another one? Just less work?

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Well, the ICND2 would be the easiest way to renew your CCNA. You could take a higher level exam (ROUTE for example) to renew the CCNA but that would require a longer time to study for and get ready for the exam. It is up to you how you re-certify but the ICND2 would be the easiest route.