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Congrats! Glad we could help with The Mother. :)

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Congrats! How many hours a day would you say you studied for?

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And thanks btw!

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I studied at least 2 hours a day during the week and I studied at least 4 hours in the weekends

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I see alot of people recommending Boson. I'm going to pick it up for my ICND2

However, would you say that Odom, CBT Nuggets and labbing in PT would have been enough to pass the exam without Boson?

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I think it would have been enough to pass. However, the Boson practice exams almost gave me a true assessment of my knowledge. It’s very similar to the format of the real exam. PLUS the explanations for every question are very thorough.

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Would you say the boson exams are harder than the real exam and if so, how much harder?

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If I were to put Boson exams on a scale as a 10, the real exam would be at a 6 or 7. It really comes down to your preparation. Gain deep knowledge for every concept and you’ll do well!

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Thanks for the insight. Looking to use Bosco for practice exams and labs for the CCent. Anyone use Bosco for the labs?