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I’m using Odoms as my main study material. I bought Chris’ bootcamp on Udemy and after each chapter of my odom book I watch the corresponding videos by him. And if further explanation is needed I watch cisco videos on youtube. The wealth of information that is out there and readily available make these certifications so feasible if you’re willing to put in the work.

Congratulations by the way :)

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for my ICND1 I used Odom, PT (Lots of PT) and Chris on Udemy along with random web articles and crap.

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Congratulations !

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Yep, a practice exam is NOT a necessity. You can absolutely pass without one. But it's like building a house without nails - it's possible, but much more difficult.

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Truthfully, I wasn't aware of what boson offered until a couple weeks ago. I'm considering using it for the icnd2 prep.

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Thanks for giving it your consideration. Download a demo and see how it is! :) LMK if you can't find the link and I'll link it up for ya.

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You mind sharing for the rest of us? I'd like to see if it matches my learning style.

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All demos can be found here: http://www.boson.com/download

Demos require a free Boson account.