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in practice sims, I do not see any references to ACS server. I do however see plenty of references to ISE.

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What about the exam subjects make you think you need to know such a thing?

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Probably section 2.2

2.2 AAA concepts

2.2.a Describe RADIUS and TACACS+ technologies
2.2.b Configure administrative access on a Cisco router using TACACS+
2.2.c Verify connectivity on a Cisco router to a TACACS+ server
2.2.d Explain the integration of Active Directory with AAA
2.2.e Describe authentication and authorization using ACS and ISE

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I was reading him as asking about full on server config, rather than enabling of AAA on such a server. Perhaps my contextual vocab is still too high level and needs to drill down into Cisco land for that concept.

For OP, I did find this: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/security-vpn/terminal-access-controller-access-control-system-tacacs-/10384-security.html

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I also read it as a misunderstanding between configureing AAA on a network device and configuring an ACS server.

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it seems to me you could google alot of how-to videos and watch people do alot of this stuff for configure/verify...describe/explain seems like book knowledge and our interpretation.