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Let me make your life easier, Chris Bryants. That is it! I took the exam, I literally laugh none stop because every question, from the complex to dumb was covered by Chris.

You can buy it, get refunded if his not good for you. Honestly, this guy is the true deal.

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did you use other learning resources beside his video course?

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I read the Odom ICDN1 and ICDN2books.

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From the curriculum I can see that he covers a lot. But I don't know if he presents it well. I would suggest to see CBT Nuggets. But it is a little pricey...

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If they're going to spring for CBT Nuggets, may as well go all in and pay a little more for INE. Much better material

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They are much more expensive than CBT. Here you have a nice middle ground between price and quality. Just my experience.

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i bought his packet tracer lab course and found him being very informative a little quick at some points but very thorough in his explanations. His voice is a bit stale but still he seems to have alot of knowledge. For the Video course material i have been running Chris Bryants series. But what has given me the best results is actually reading Todd Lammle's book.

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I agree, his presentation and assumptions of skill are a bit much at times. With that said, his PT labs force you to learn by trial/error if you don't know it by heart. Of course he has detailed solution vids but it's best to try it on your own.

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Used his course from gns3- I believe it’s the same one on Udemy. Helped me with CCENT for sure. I really liked his notes/ examples and walk throughs. - I used it in a course I took to supplement the course provider’s “video lectures” which were just that. Speaking to a camera , no notes , no key objectives - just a rambling of Odom’s information.

Bombal was easy to listen to , understand and he does reply to questions students ask. For the low amount of money ,$10-30 ( depending on course provider site , day ) it’s a great additional resource for both CCENT and CCNA studies. I’d say go for it.