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Career progression. Will CCENT be enough?

Hello everyone,

I will try to keep this post short. I have Bachelors of Science in IT. Worked as a Web developer but didn't like it and change career.

Passed A+ and currently working as a "1st Line Support" but my job varies quiet a bit every day.

My job consist of answering phone calls from users, helping them with software and hardware issues over the phone including remote access to their machine. Use of ticket system. Configure new computers/build computers to specification, IP address configuration, adding them to a domain. AD / Exchange basic administration - create/delete users, mail filtering. Hardware repairs. On site visits - machine installations, server checkups - repair RAID arrays.

Here is where it gets interesting:

Did cable patching for one of the office rooms.

I have build servers from scratch on a hardware level and on a software level to an extend. Installing ESXi, using VMware create/setup virtual servers.

Sometimes I need to log in to a openSuSe Linux servers to create users/shares.

I have no professional knowledge about networking but was tasked on numerous occasions to setup VPN, NAT, VLAN on live systems for users.

After few google searches everything was setup correctly.

I want to progress my career and eventually work as a system admin. I am thinking of getting more certifications as I currently have (ComptiA A+). Thinking to get a network cert.

I know CCNA is more respected than N+ but I don't really want to work as Network Engineer. Do you think CCENT is sufficient enough for me to be a System Admin in the future?

Other areas where I have experience/worked with are: HTML, CSS. I have worked as a web developer before and have knowledge programming - HTML, CSS, basic PHP, SQL.

I need your advice.

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CCNA R&S, Juniper-JUNOS2 points · 6 months ago

If you aren't looking to get a CCNA, I would recommend the network+ cert from compTIA. I would think network+ > CCENT since you would get a more of an over view then just a cisco very basic entry level cert

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I would get your CCNA.. I imagine being a system admin takes a lot of experience if you want to win a resume/interview amongst other candidates. I’m just 24 and working towards a CCNA, but imagine if I applied for the same job with a CCNA and a IT degree. I would probably get it over you right?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Yes, you are right but going too deep in CCNA is not a priority for me and for the job I am aiming. If I was to apply for network related position, then yes you are right.

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I think you might be overlooking the current and more importantly, future job description of a systems admin. I think it would be very beneficial to get a CCNA, it is only a mid range cert. but let’s look at job applications to see what systems admin might require for the geo-location your looking to get a job?

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You're going to need alot more than a CCNA to become a sysadmin.

skip the N+ and work towards your CCNA, also either start to learn powershell / batch scripting, along with a programming language like python.

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no, get a ccnp if you want to be a network engineer. Otherwise it will take at least 5 years experience and multiple references.

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Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

I don't want to be Network Engineer. That's why I want to take the CCENT only.

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CCNP R&S3 points · 6 months ago

Yes, CCENT is sufficient for a sysadmin, you'll be a leg up on many of them who can't do subnetting. : )

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My two cents - find out what your goals are and drive it with certs.

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you have a degree, use it for like supervisor/mgmt level positions. i know someone who was in your position, meaning they had a degree but wanted more networking knowledge but i never understood why because im in networking and him having a degree was a way to make way more money...ultimately he struggled with networking and chose mgmt due to the degree and now makes about $40k more then me yearly.

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Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

The issue is I do not live in USA. I am based in Europe. In my country, the job listings for system admins require you to know networking as well. Not to have a very deep and detailed knowledge, but still to know a thing or two.

I will take a look what you have suggested though.

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if its not a major struggle for you then validate your networking skillset with the ccna, because it encompasses basic networking knowledge (icnd1) and also cisco networking (icnd2)...especially if you may have already got the ccent (icnd1).

Or just get the Comptia Network+, if you want basic vendor neutral networking skillset.

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