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PASSED ICND1 913/832

holy shit I PASSED.

My splits were pretty strong 88/90/93 for Networking, Switching, Routing fundemtnals, and about 50% on Maintenance/Services. That makes sort of sense because I focused on those three while studying.

6 months ago, I only knew Wifi was the magical shit that gave me twitter without wires.

I sort of went overkill and spent about $500 between the books, switches, routers and video series BUT IT WORKED!

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4 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago


Senior Content Developer, Boson Software3 points·3 months ago


Original Poster4 points·3 months ago

You should know the Boson software is programmed so much better than the Pearson/Cisco version.

I was sorta surprised Cisco lets there name be put on a product that was tbh, so bland and somewhat buggy!

I was afraid the software was gonna crap out on me.

The Pearson version has worked well on multiple computers for me, but I haven't really gotten into studying deeply enough to know any better.

Can you expand on how the Boson software is better?

Original Poster3 points·3 months ago

It worked fine, but it was just slow and sorta buggy.

It entirely could have been the computer I was on, but still. I was more impressed with the visuals of Boson.

Boson imo, was harder than the actual test too.

IF you get it, save one of the FOUR tests boson gives you until you're ready for the actual exam. Then, take that one and for EVERY question you get wrong, read all the answers as to why they were wrong. Hell, I read every question, for all four tests and the explanations as to why they were wrong.

Senior Content Developer, Boson Software2 points·3 months ago

Yep, this is exactly the way it should be done - save one exam for your final assessment to see if you're ready, and read EVERY explanation, even for the questions you can answer correctly.

CCENT1 point·3 months ago

Congrats, what were you scoring on the boson exams? :)

Original Poster1 point·3 months ago

Constantly FAILING but right around 81%

CCENT1 point·3 months ago

Ah nice, 81% is still pretty good for boson xD

Senior Content Developer, Boson Software2 points·3 months ago

Thanks for the praise, and I'm glad we could help. :)

Original Poster2 points·3 months ago

I'm going the full KIT route for ICND2, fyi!

Great product, very reliable.

Senior Content Developer, Boson Software2 points·3 months ago

Awesome, thanks!

CCNA R&S3 points·3 months ago

Congrats! Are you going for ICND2?

Original Poster8 points·3 months ago


Probably do that, and then do CCNA Security.

hardcore bro

There's no such thing as overkill, but over prepare. I bet the same equipment will help you for the ICND2 and possibly CCNP. Good investment.


So youre saying boson is totally worth it?

Original Poster2 points·3 months ago


how much hex was involved in icnd1?

Original Poster2 points·3 months ago

I'm not comfortable answering SPECIFIC questions about the test. Sorry!

Just, study what is on the guide and you''ll be good.

Lol, I meant like should I learn to do complex maths on it or should I just get comfortable with translating from one base to another

Original Poster1 point·3 months ago

Oh sorry, but yeah, just get comfy with it.

At most 2 digits, tbh.

Ah, thanks!

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