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CCNA industrial

Hi everyone!

Just want to start off by saying the resources provided here have been very helpful and comforting.

I currently work as a controls engineer and I was wondering if anyone here has the CCNA industrial cert. I'm about a month away from taking my CCENT and my end goal is the CCNA industrial. I would just like to hear any personal experiences from the course and how much it relates to the field of controls engineering.

Thanks in advance everyone!!

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Gonna depend on what SCADA systems you are working with. If I remember correctly the Cisco stuff has a very heavy slant toward AB so if you are working with Siemens or something other than AB its gonna be a bit strange. I got the cert right a couple years ago now and immediately moved out of the controls position in my job so can't say how much it would have applied. There was a lot of really good info in it thou.

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