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Pass ICND2 946/811

LAN Switching Technologies: 100%
Routing Technologies: 94%
WAN Technologies: 50%
Infrastructure Services: 75%
Infrastructure Maintenance: 89%

So that was a thing. I don't know how my score is so high given two rather low sections, but whatever I'll take it. I didn't get the feeling I was going to fail that some recent passing posts have mentioned, but I was expecting a much lower score.

Overall the exam was quite a bit trickier than ICND1, and I definitely experienced some of the rather poorly worded questions that seem to get mentioned often, which wasn't the case for me on ICND1. A lot of the questions that weren't related directly to R&S seemed to be scraping at the very edges of the technologies for trivia rather than focusing on knowledge necessary to actually work with them, but whatevs. Some of that trivia included stuff I don't think I saw in any of my study resources. Also there were definitely questions that were out of scope of the official exam topics, though they could have been the extra trial questions they throw in.

My study materials include everything listed in my ICND1 post plus a few extra things, almost all of them on Safari Books Online which is bloody amazing:

  • Some of Kevin Wallace's videos on Safari Books for specific topics.

  • Rick Graziani's IPv6 Fundamentals book.

  • The first (largely conceptual) section of End-to-End QoS by Hattingh and Szigeti.

  • 31 Days Before Your CCNA R&S Exam by Johnson.

  • Bits of Doyle's Routing TCP/IP books.

  • Official Cisco documentation for a number of technologies.

Special shoutout goes to Boson, who definitely included a lot of information that was useful on the exam that I either hadn't seen before or that was presented with a different perspective. I'd probably have passed without the exams, but definitely not with the same score, and definitely without the same confidence going into the exam.

Fuzzy animals please? As before, puppies, hedgehogs, otters, and buns preferred!

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Can you just confirm for me, the Boson practice exams for ICND2 is this?

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software1 point · 6 months ago


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Thank you- I'll be picking these up tonight.

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How much IPV6 did you see on the exam?

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CCNA R&SOriginal Poster2 points · 6 months ago

The IPv6 protocol itself is part of the ICND1 exam and not really part of the ICND2 exam (the same goes for IPv4), but you should definitely be able to work with IPv6 routing protocols at the same level as IPv6 routing protocols, and understand the routing process for both.

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and congrats

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Any OSPF ?

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software1 point · 6 months ago

Congrats! And thanks for the shoutout. :) So glad we could help.

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