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Yes. Very possible. The field of IT is very open to those that have the knowledge relating to the job rather than a degree that says you’re good at sitting in classes.

Since you don’t have the IT background you will want to certify, certify, and certify. Maybe look for a Help Desk position while you pursue your certifications. Now keep in mind most of those entry level help desk positions will ask you qualifying questions in relations to typical tier 1 troubleshooting, so knocking out your A+ or at least watching Professor Messer’s courses on youtube would help you (but the A+ won’t do you much good in the field of Networking, but it’s a good baseline of knowledge)

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Thanks for the heads up! Yeah, I was thinking that too. Before I start tinkering with networking and stuff! I should probably feed myself some Computer Knowledge.

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A CCNA is designed to be aimed at those who maybe don't want to get a degree either. You should be sure that you are interested in computer hardware and networking first, and I would probably think about doing some base knowledge in computing first.

If you can afford to do so, I would suggest doing CompTIA A+ first, followed by either Network+ or CCNA.

Cisco's courses are nice, and relevant since they still hold a large portion of the networking marketshare.

Network+ would be less biased towards Cisco-specific hardware and technology

The baseline networking stuff is going to be the same though (subnetting, network techlolgies, routing, switching etc) so I probably wouldn't do both Network+ and CCNA

Good luck to you!

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Thanks a Lot for clearing the Network+ and CCNA Part!

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I had No prior knowledge and started a Ccna routing and switching program in my college in Antwerp. So far it’s been not easy. I had to study hard. But if I look at What i’ve learnd so far it’s Amazing !!! Really !!! Passed ccna1, ccna2 and working on my ccna3 at the moment (we have 4 modules) and I’m almost 40 ;) I would say, if iT interests you, go for iT. What have you got to lose?

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Passing the classes aren’t hard, the certification exams are though.

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This. I have completed the CCNA modules in an Academy, but still bought some other materials to help me re-touch on everything and cram for the exams. Lab work is invaluable though.

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No Matter What it takes, I am going for it!

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As long as you find the right materials to read and study them closely you should be able to pass it.

It's boring, but it's worth it in the end, I'm sure.

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Yeap, I believe it is worth it! and Do you have anything in mind in regards to resources to study? I have got myself Chris Bryant Course from Udemy! But I also believe I need some books to study! Anyone care to share any resources?

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You are in a good country to get an IT job for sure and I am sure a CCNA without a University degree will be fine where you live.

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where are you from?

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Not everyone in the world has a bachelor's degree. I for one am doing just fine without one.

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Yeah! I am telling this to myself my entire life. I was a student of Medicine, After 3 years of completing out of 4 I did not just find it interesting anymore. So I quit! I wish I was computer Science back then!