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Community college classes

Has anyone taking CCNA classes at a community college? How is it?

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some are good, some are bad. t was great for me. I learned alot and got a ton of hands on experience. It also gave me the means to get a job afterwards through the colleges and professors resources. So it just kinda depends.

I took some at Pasadena City College. It was four 8 week sessions. I got a different professor for each session which sucked. Two of the teachers just read out the slides, the other two were great and shared their work experience and were very hands on. The great thing about it though is that we had a lot of equipment to work with. I'd definitely recommend it. Oh and you get a discount voucher for the exam and PCC gave me a certificate as well.

Original Poster1 point·3 months ago

Im thinking of going to Cerritos College to take some courses. I want the hands on with equipment

Irvine Valley College CCNA courses are great.

JNCIA-Junos | CCENT1 point·3 months ago

This is going to depend entirely on the instructor. They can be good and they can be terrible, it just depends.

CCNP R&S1 point·3 months ago

As said, it can vary alot! Ask the colleges you are considering if you can sit in on one of their classes for a day.

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