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As /u/madmike78 said, OSPF is not in the ICND1 (100-105) curriculum. It is, however, in the ICND2 (200-105) and CCNA (200-125).

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ICND1 covers RIP ICND2 includes EIGRP, OSPF and introductory BGP.

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Looks like the correct answers have already been given. :)

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Keep in mind that while OSPF config/troubleshoot is not on CCENT, you will need to know admin distances for OSPF, EIGRP, etc. for CCENT. So don't think there is nothing on CCENT regarding OSPF, there's just nothing as far as config/troubleshoot.

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OSPF does not appear to be an exam topic for ICND1 .... ICND2 does have OSPF topics

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oh wow...I should have signed up for the composite exam lol

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composite tends to be more demanding the splitting the test .... when getting study materials, it is good to err on the side of being more difficult .... but for actually scheduling the exams, aim for the easier ones.

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thanks mike

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sure thing -- any time :)

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you haven't read the exam objectives... why the hell not?

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I did, just didn't correlate for some reason...OSPF seems like atleast generically(beyond AD) be on there