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Awesome job! I have a really hard time with reading the books and have found success through CBT Nuggets as well. Congrats!

Seeing other folks make it through with videos and practice is great.

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I’m with you. I find reading material from a text book is great as a reference, but having it “taught” to you makes it more palatable and easier to remember.

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How long did it take you?

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About 1.5 months. It’s only 20 hours of videos total. Watched a few hours a week.

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Isn't CBT nuggets mad expensive

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85 bucks a month. But its actually pretty dope, has quizzes and its not just cisco stuff, you can learn all sorts. Vmware, microsoft, etc.

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I'm not going to link it, but well, there's other methods of getting the videos if you catch my drift...

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Congrats!! I would recommend you use another source for ICND2, which is much trickier.

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Good job man, I am using CBT nuggets for MCSA and I really like how they keep you engaged.

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Two questions:

watching the 78-video series on CBTNuggets for 100-105

Was it free - via Youtube or purchased?

I've been pondering using VIRL ($200/yr), but downloaded Packet Tracer. Seems like it's up the task of all the labs needed? For ICND-2 as well??

Thanks and congrats OP.

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No need to use VIRL. Packet Tracer is more than enough to cover everything you need to know for the CCNA

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CBTNuggets is purchased. The offline videos and Transcender exams were a huge help.

I used Packet Tracer, but I found there were some limitations due to it containing only very old versions of IOS. So far in 200-105, it was recommended to switch to GNS3 (also free) to have more control over the lab sims.

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Most of the text books are very long winded.

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Congrats!! currently using CBT nuggets and packet tracer as well! also putting together a home lab! ill be on my way to CCENT soon.

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Awesome dude. I tried putting together a home lab but ended up just going for be exam before I finished building it. Good luck with yours!

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How long did you studied ? I need CCNA in 4 months