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ICND1 passed with 897

Long time lurker. Mostly posting this for the cat from packet-thrower. I didn't even want to take this test I just wanted a cat cause everyone else was getting one. :D /s Used Odom's book, Danscourses youtube vids and packet tracer labs, as well as some own made up labs, Discord trivia (nice for just relaxing), and Boson practice exam only. It was my resolution to complete this test by March because I was starting to slack and feels good to get it done. Next is onto ICND2 as well as probably brushing up on some weak spots.

100% Network fundamentals

50% LAN Switching Fundamentals

67% Routing Fundamentals

89% Infrastructure Services

100% Infrastructure Maintenance

It's funny cause i had probably opposite scores on Boson exams as far as breakdown. I found the Cisco exam questions to be really weird and hard to understand a lot of the times. Felt like I needed a Cisco to English translator. I think I could have done better in the weak spots if I understood the question/answers more but alas I did what I could. I was scoring 700 on my last two Boson exams. They were a lot of help mostly because they explain why each question is wrong along with other information points about topics which I never saw other test do. This is very helpful in seeing what you suck at. If I had to give any one piece of advice I would say buy the Boson exams. You see it a lot here.

I wouldn't even say one test was harder than the other but that they take different question approaches (though I guess I would say Boson goes into more detail). The most important thing about Boson is though is that it's the only real indicator to where your struggling as far as tests go. I took the Odom exams that come with the book, the free online cisco practice test, and some skillsoft ccent test but nothing held up to the Boson exam as far as helping you improve. Plus they refund if you fail so you don't have much to lose other than investing a bit of money into passing. Just finished the test today so it hasn't been officially verified so hopefully I'll get that cert soon. :) I never asked for much help but I appreciate all the content and time people put into answering questions in this sub and on Discord. It's very useful for the lurkers like me lol

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Original Poster3 points6 months ago

YEAH! :)

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CCNA R&S2 points6 months ago

A pass is a pass! Congrats!

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software2 points6 months ago

Congrats, and thanks for the awesome, glowing recommendation! Glad we could help. :)

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